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Global Rules (May Apply In-Game!)


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Welcome to Skylords Reborn!

Remember that these rules apply to our entire domain, including Discord and the game itself, and are subject to change at ANY time.
Modifications made to the rules may be applied to ALL posts, including posts pre-dating the change.


This is a summary of the rules in Skylords Reborn. More information about each rule can be found after the summary.


1. No Inappropriate Content
No offensive, vulgar, disrespectful, threatening or insulting content.

1.1. Language
Speak English only on the Forums and Discord Server. You can speak any language in-game. 

1.2. Keeping it Legal
Do not post cheats, hacks or other piracy means.

2. Spamming or Unconstructive Behaviour
Avoid posting repetitive, non-constructive, or disruptive content in forums and in-game messages.

3. Unsportsmanlike Behaviour
Refrain from engaging in disrespectful, disruptive, or intentionally uncooperative actions in communication and in-game interactions.

4. No Multi-Accounting
Do not make more than one account on these Forums or in-game.

5. Impersonation
Do not under any means impersonate another player or staff member.

6. Making Up Dev Statements
Do not make up fake announcements or spread false information about Skylords Reborn.

7. Trade Rules
Do not beg or scam other players. No transfers or suggestions or mention of transfers involving any real-life currency. Trade strictly through in-game currency and/or cards on both ends of a deal.

8. Avoiding Penalties
Do not avoid any warnings or bans given to yourself, it will only make it worse.

9. Being a robot
Do not use any kind of bots on our Forums or in-game.

10. Responding to Rule Violation / Reporting Content
Do not denounce someone publicly for breaking rules, report the person and leave it to Moderation staff members.

11. Respect the Staff and their Decisions
Treat staff and their decisions with respect! If you have issues with a member of staff speak to the Lead Moderator!

11.1 Respect warnings and the privacy thereof
Received a warning? Please keep the information to yourself.

12. Content Uploading Policy
You can stream and make YouTube videos of the game.

13. Game client and bug abuse
Do not abuse the game client or any bugs you find, report them instead.

14. Cheating
Do not use cheats or hacks in our game to keep it fair for all!


15. Posting Behavior
Do not spam, thread boost, necro-post, harass or insult others on these Forums.

16. Profile Restrictions
Do not use any form of animated images, should abide rule 1 and do not exceed the size of 600x150px for imagery.

17. Reputation/Like System
Do not beg or farm for Reputation/Likes. Max of 5 Reputation can be given each day.


The rules are what is expected from all community members. Please keep in mind that Moderators and Administrators have full discretion to address any behavior, topic or event that they deem inappropriate or fail to accord to our code of conduct. All staff reserve the right to suspend or even deny your access to these Forums and game at any time for reasons that include, but are not limited to, failing to conform to these guidelines. Warnings are usually non-negotiable, but users reserve the right to ask for clarification, whilst being aware that this will in no way ensure a response to said warning and will in no way ensure a change of result. Repetitive violation of the rules may result in permanent banishment from these Forums and therefore the game. Note that these rules are not language-restrictive; they apply globally. Staff reserve the right to take preventative or retroactive measures against known threats to our domain, including but not limited to spambots, known toxicity, and otherwise known people that may disrespect or have disrespected our policy. If these cases require discussion or you would like to appeal, please use the contact form or contact Global Moderators on any platform.


1. No Inappropriate Content

The Forums and game are to be kept clean, safe and friendly to users of all ages, beliefs, moralities, ethnicities, and situations. We therefore do not allow obscene content or content with a (high) risk of offending users. This includes posts, links, images, videos, and any other direct medium. This category includes, but is not limited to, content which refers to or in itself is:

  • Vulgar, pornographic/mature or graphic
  • Of religious nature
  • Disrespectful
  • Offensive in any way (Racial/Ethnic/Country-based)
  • Promoting (symbols of) nationalistic/patriotic hatred
  • Obscene
  • Irrelevantly (ergo: not focused around SR) advertising any product, including self-promotion without permission)
  • Sexually oriented
  • Insulting, threatening, provoking or calling out another member (Cynicism may also be seen as insulting)
  • Relating to drugs or activities involving them
  • Invasion or distributing any other's information that could be private, without their consent or approval
  • Harassing or defamatory (This includes things like "kys" or other "popular memes" that are currently going on)
  • Publicly denouncing a person (Defamation of character or wild accusations of scamming)
  • Linked to or by itself harmful and malicious software, such as viruses, Trojans, etc.

Examples of any of the above (but not limited thereto) within your post will result in your post being deleted and a warning being issued. Multiple warnings may result in account suspension or restriction of indeterminate length.

Important notice: saying "kappa" or using the "kappa" or "troll" emote is by absolutely no means an excuse to act vulgarly or break the forum rules in any way. Not even as a joke. Same goes for any form of indicating sarcasm, such as "/s"

1.1. Language
These Forums and our Discord server are made for a global community. We assume English (UK/US) to be our global language and thereby it is required that every user posts their content within the English language. Additionally, inappropriate or vulgar language (cursing, swearing, etc.) is not permitted. In-game you are allowed to write in any language and do not require translations.

Posts outside of the English (UK/US) language will result in a request for translation, which, if not obeyed, will result in post deletion and a warning being issued. Multiple warnings may result in account suspension or restriction of indeterminate length.

1.2. Keeping it Legal
We kindly ask you to not bring seriously illegal topics onto these Forums, Discord or into the game. Whereas sometimes these topics are allowed to be used in a discussion or post, please try to set boundaries and ensure that topics will not rise to a criminal level. Refrain from expressing specific methods of piracy or committing crimes. Though unlikely to appear, refrain from posting cheats or hacks for the game, even if this is to point out they exist. If you are thus far urged to report such an activity, contact a staff member or use the Forums or in-game report tool.

2. Spamming or Unconstructive Behaviour

Spamming and unconstructive behaviour is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Excessively communicating the same phrase, similar phrases, gibberish, or any repetitive posts of the same content
  • Creating threads or in-game messages for the sole purpose of causing unrest and disturbance within the community
  • Making non-constructive comments
  • Clustering spoiler boxes (aka a spoiler in a spoiler in a spoiler in a spoiler etc.)
  • Making senseless or other rule 2-infringing posts to increase rank
  • "Adding fuel to the fire" or ensure the continuation or lengthening of fights, harassment, insults, and flame wars
  • Abusing the Report tool (false alarms, nonsensical messages, insults)
  • Posts marking a thread numbered, IBTL, TL;DR, or any other mocking statements
  • Creating duplicate accounts for whatever reason

Mind that these rules apply as much to the Off-Topic board as to any other forum board, as well as in-game where applicable. Examples of any of the above will be deleted at sight. Depending on re-occurrence  or the severity of the violation, this may result in warnings or direct account suspension or restriction for an indeterminate time.

3. Unsportsmanlike Behaviour

Unsportsmanlike behaviour is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Causing disturbances in forum threads or in-game, such as picking fights, making severely off-topic posts that may ruin the thread, and insulting others
  • In-game: Griefing or purposely hindering allied players including abusing Shadow's self-damage skills
  • In-game: Being AFK/Away or being purposely inactive (letting the others do the work for you without consent)
  • In-game: Deliberately losing PvP matches to exploit reward or ELO systems. Examples of this behaviour include, but are not limited to trading ELO with another player or helping other players with ranked PvP achievements.

4. No Multi-Accounting
Making duplicate accounts to circumvent bans, to circumvent daily reward or ELO systems, or for literally any other reason, is strictly forbidden, both on the Forums as well as in-game. We do not condone making additional accounts to speed up progression, get more points, to hide your identity, or for any other reason whatsoever. Routine and automatic multi-accounting detection has been applied to prevent multi-accounting, and accounts with IP matches may be suspended. Shared or public computers are taken into account, and if you accidentally get caught by our system while you are not intending to multi-account (e.g. have siblings/roommates/friends on the same IP or network, public PC, shared PC), feel free to contact staff in any other way. If sufficient proof is given, we can revert your penalties. Any registrations that closely resemble multi-accounting may have all their accounts banned immediately and without warning.

5. Impersonation
Impersonating a Skylords Reborn staff member or forum user to do harm, create fake posts or announcements in order to make others believe they originate from the impersonated person, or unjustly cause confusion among other users will result in immediate account suspension for an indeterminate duration without warning.

6. Making Up Dev Statements
Making up dev statements, especially feature dates is strictly forbidden. Do not assume you know more than Forums, streams or official social media tell, and never make up any release dates or fake information, not even as a joke.

7. Trade Rules

  • No begging
  • No scamming
  • No public reports/blaming of the above
  • Avoid imbalanced trades. Additionally, do not transfer all valuable items to another account when leaving the game to prevent exploiting the reward system or appearing to engage in multi-accounting, which may result in potential risks to your account.*
  • No forum or in-game account selling
  • No transfers or suggestions or mention of transfers, transactions, or trades involving any real-life currency, including online measures such as Paypal. Trade strictly through in-game currency and/or cards on both ends of a deal.

Failing to follow the last two rules of this section will result in a permanent ban without warning or negotiation. Any violation of the other rules may result in a warning. Consecutive warnings may result in account suspension or restriction of indeterminate length. 

* If you receive large, unexpected donations from an unknown account, please do not hesitate to contact the moderators to ensure fair play and to prevent any potential rule violations

8. Avoiding Penalties

Do not break the rules and do not avoid penalties thereof. This includes making duplicate accounts, as well as making others post on your behalf. Duplicate accounts for any purpose whatsoever are considered to be an infringement of the rules. Attempting to avoid penalties will result in an extension of said penalty, possibly to the extent of lengthy suspensions, permanent banishment or account deletion.

9. Being a robot

Spam-bots or suspected spam-bots will be deleted at sight. If staff has accidentally mistaken you for a spam-bot, try to contact Skylords Reborn staff in another way, such as private messaging on the Forums, or use the #contact-staff on our Discord Server.

10. Responding to Rule Violation / Reporting Content

If a user does not follow these rules, it is strictly forbidden to publicly denounce or point out to this user that they are breaking the rules. This counts as public denouncement/insulting and is not tolerated. If you wish to inform someone of their rule violation, do so in a private, kind, supportive and structured way whilst following Rule 1. If you wish for SR staff to act, rather than sending a private message to them, click the report button under the infringing post. Provide a reason and staff will get behind this whenever they can or see fit. Abusing the report button will result in immediate warnings which may lead to account suspension or restriction of indeterminate length. 

Similarly, you can report other players in-game by right clicking on the players and clicking "Report". Again, it is important to know that forum and in-game reports must abide by rules 1 and 2. Failure to abide by this may result in receiving penalties yourself.

11. Respect the Staff and their Decisions

We try our utmost best to do our job of managing these Forums, the game and the community to our own ability. We try to do our jobs at a pace we see fit, please have patience. We apply lenience of rule enforcement to our own standards. Any threads or posts mocking staff decisions may be removed at sight and consequences may apply as would be taken to act against public denouncement. If you have a problem with the actions of a staff member, discussing it privately, preferably with that staff member, is the only right way to approach it such a situation. No reporting, no public denouncement. Rudeness towards staff may be penalized as staff sees fit. Criticizing development speed may be penalized as staff sees fit. Severe problems with Moderators that you feel should be anonymous for whatever reason must be sent to an Administrator and by absolutely no means anybody else. 

11.1 Respect warnings and the privacy thereof

If you end up receiving a warning, we expect you to keep this information private, as is already described in the rules above. Publicly talking about, discussing or criticizing warnings of any form, or action taken against you or another forum member, is subject to possibly increasing your warning's value or duration and is in violation with rule 9. Please do keep this information private and if you feel like discussing this with other members feel free to do so in PM or outside of the Discord Server, Forum threads or status updates. If the discussion remains to be public, please beware of the risks this may bring within our domain. The Skylords Reborn Team reserves the right to take preventative measures within their domain.

12. Content Uploading Policy
You are allowed to make Youtube videos, streams, write blogs and posts etc. about Skylords Reborn.

Additionally, the SR team reserves the right to intervene with content distribution if they deem this necessary. If they see the need to shut certain community content uploading down they may do so without reasoning or warning. However, if any content will be a victim to this, these will most likely be provided anyway.

13. Game client and bug abuse
The usage of any bugs within any in-game content to any unintended benefit to any user in the game is forbidden and will result in bans. This includes breaking the game, manipulating the client or server in any way, using bugs to your or anyone else's advantage, generating any currency, value or account data outside of their intended purposes, and generally doing anything to the game (local or global) that you should not be doing. This does not include using design flaws on maps to get a more efficient clear time, but does include pretty much any other illegal action, such as cheating, data manipulation, or bug abuse. Currency or other data involved will not be refunded.

14. Cheating

In addition to the rules above it's important to emphasize that the usage of any tools, trainers, software or other methods of affecting the game in order to cheat, gain advantages, or for any other purpose whatsoever, is strictly forbidden. These programs or forms of abuse provide us with enough reason to act immediately. Having such tools linked to the game or affecting it in any way, even when unaware thereof or when they aren't used at all, is considered in conflict with our code of conduct. Only using them in single player, only using them for yourself, or assuming other players are not affected are invalid excuses and such reasoning will be directly ignored, as will subsequent ban appeal(s) and their reasoning. Affected networks or other accounts will not be taken into consideration when cheating players are banned, and we hold the infringing player accountable for any such results affecting those around them. We consider this to be common sense.


15. Posting Behaviour
There are a number of rules every user should stick to whilst they create a thread or response to an existing thread or chat:

  • No thread-bumping within 24 hours of a thread's last post
  • Necroposting outside of Off-Topic boards is not recommended (Applies to threads of which the last post is older than 30 days)
  • No threads that already exist or questions that are already answered in the FAQ (Use the Search Function!)
  • No IMspeak/netspeak/txtspeak, please take your time to create an understandable reply or topic
  • No double-posting. Or triple-posting. Or quadraposting. Or pentaposting... No consecutive similar posts. This applies to both threads and replies and is accepted as spam
  • No more than 2 animated pictures (.GIF) per post
  • No public blaming, no matter how right or wrong both you and the subject matter are
  • No insulting. Cynicism may count as insulting
  • No public reporting or "member-ating" (acting like a moderator i.e. (strictly) pointing someone at the rules) The report button is there for a reason!
  • Similarly, staff behavior and rule enforcing leniency should preferably be discussed privately and should be respected.
  • No begging for reputation
  • No begging for admin/dev/mod approval or response. We'll find your thread ourselves
  • Post your topics within the appropriate forum. (If not, Moderators will move your topic, but if this happens too much, appropriate measures will be taken, e.g. warnings/suspensions)
  • Use descriptive thread titles outside of Off-Topic boards. Not only will threads with titles like "Hi", "Help", "Plz", "Error", etc. repel users, but they are also vague and unhelpful.
  • No lying or awakening false hopes through made-up dev statements. You can help people out by explaining Developer statements, but don't assume you know what you do not know, as this is punishable

Failure to abide by these rules may result in edits and/or warnings. Consecutive warnings will result in account suspension or restriction for indeterminate length.

16. Profile Restrictions
Although most restrictions to accounts are automatically implemented, we want to make you aware of some points and rules regarding your user profile.

Avatars/Profile Photos

  • Must abide by at the very least the entirety of Rule 1
  • Must not be animated


  • Can't be longer than 255 characters
  • Have a total restriction in size of 600x150px for imagery. The total signature height should not exceed 150px (that includes both images and text together)
  • Animated GIFs are not permitted
  • Embedded content, such as YouTube videos and widgets, is not permitted
  • Should not contain overly large text
  • Must abide by at the very least the entirety of Rule 1
  • Should not contain referral/affiliate links

Cover Photos

  • Should not be animated
  • Should abide by at the very least the entirety of Rule 1

About Me

  • Animated GIFs are not permitted
  • Should abide by at the very least the entirety of Rule 1


  • Should not contain links
  • Should abide by at the very least the entirety of Rule 1

Other profile fields

  • Should abide by at the very least the entirety of Rule 1

Any violation of these rules may result in editing or a warning. Consecutive warnings may result in account suspension or restriction of indeterminate length.

17. Reputation/Like System

The reputation system (rep system) is there for the community to give value to posts other users make ("likes"). When using the rep system, take a few things in mind:

  • The rep system is NOT a user-group improving system. Having a lot of reputation makes you look trustworthy, but makes you no more or less of a user than everyone else.
  • Do not beg for likes. This will result in warnings, edits, and may even result in penalties if re-occurring.
  • Rep of any form creates no exceptions to forum rules whatsoever; rep itself should abide by the forum rules and having any value of rep does not make one an exception to the rules either.
  • Spamming rep in any form is not allowed. Said user may be reported validly.

Reputation should never be used to enforce an argument. Sure, likes reserve the right to show you like or are in agreement with a post, but not to establish or force groups of people to support your standpoint, especially not if the argument or discussion caused is against the rules in the first place.

17.1 Reputation System Enforcement

We do not tolerate the incentive of abusing reputation in any of the above ways. Therefore, if staff considers your reputation to be in any way spamming, invalid or used in a way it should not be used, staff undeniably reserve the right to act and penalize users for said behavior. We will always give warning(s) in advance for this. Failure to adapt results in rep changes being nullified and penalties applying. This means staff can judge the intentions of your reputation points as they see fit. Feel free to contact the Moderators if you have issues with this, but they  reserve the right to refer to this rule and close the case that way. Therefore, use reputation at your own risk. Rule 9.1 may apply undeniably with no discussion possible.

NOTE: Replies have been disabled. Should you have any remaining burning questions about this thread, feel free to contact the Skylords Reborn Moderation Team [HERE]

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