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BEWARE: Multiaccounting Can Cause Permabans!

This announcement is no longer active


Please do be reminded that as per our Registration Terms & Rules, as well as rule 3.1 of the Global Forum Rules (Which also apply in-game), making duplicate accounts to circumvent bans, to circumvent daily reward or ELO systems, or for literally any other reason, is strictly forbidden, both on the forums as well as in-game! This applies to the creation of two accounts, not the access to two accounts. If for any reason you lose access to an account, it is imperative that you contact and inform staffTo clarify: Any additional accounts will get banned and your main account wiped on first offense. Second offenders will be permanently suspended.

Roommates/Siblings/Shared PCs should remain unaffected. There is no need to contact staff for sharing a network, having the same IP or using the same device within the same household. Please only contact staff for people being banned in this situation.

If you get banned by our system, feel free to use the Ban Appeals forum to appeal for reversion. If you can't reach this forum, ask a friend to appeal for you or contact staff through Discord ModMail.

Thanks for your understanding,
The Skylords Reborn Team

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