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3 - Crash while Trading

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NAME: Crash while Trading
REPRODUCIBILITY: Crashing the Game while trading with another player / Crashing while dragging a card into the trading interface. I couldn't reproduce it because I wasn't able to crash in the trading interface or durring the card drag afterwards.
DESCRIPTION: When I traded with another player the game froze, apparently as a response to me dragging my crad into the trading interface. Afterwards, when trading with said player we would both get the message "Player is already in a trade, please try again later!", but could trade with other players. Relog of both parties did not fix this. I also tried giving the card to my roomate and let him trade it to the player, which also resulted in the same message.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: For questions Discordname: ZombieSchnitzel

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Ill add this one as another trade bug. Trading was not possible.

Sadly i forgot to make a screenshot of the error message.
I dragged the card into the trading window, the card dissapeared from the window and a couple of seconds later i either closed the trading window or an error message appeared. But it wasnt "Player is already in a trade, please try again later!"

The Screenshot is from afterwards, Grimvine IMG disapeared from the cards Tab.


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Dunno about the two above, but I do know this kind of error. I am not sure when it occurs. For me, it does not come instantly when trying to trade. Either it is time dependent (most likely) or related to the amount of cards I/we want to trade.

When dragging a card into the trade screen, you'll see what CreedDiskent shows in that picture. If I remember correctly, the card does not show up in the interface of the trading screen. Anyhow, when trying to "Accept Trade", there are two messages. The later one is something like trde error or unknown error. It does not come with a popup, but with a stripe, like the "you are given your dayly goal"-messages.

After this attempt to trade, I have to re-log into the game. Otherwise that "Player is allready in trade, please try again later" message shows up.

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As long as I play, you never could drag a starting card into the starting screen. But if you have another copy of a starter card, then you can drag that card to the trading screen.

Assumption: So, if each card has an unique ID and you mark the starter card for trade (and not the backup card, visible behind the starter card) then it would explain this error.

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