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Elemental Mastery Suggestions - Megathread


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Elemental Mastery Suggestion - Megathread

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Our intention as a team is to create a new category of mini-achievements specific to each faction called elemental masteries. These masteries will be split into two categories:

  1. Individual - these will track specific card actions, such as the number of spawns erupted to death.
  2. General - these will will track player progress with the overall faction, such as how many maps a player has completed with Pure Fire.

Each category will reward minor rewards along the way, mostly in the form of faction-specific cosmetics. Our goal is for this topic to function as a brainstorming area for which masteries we want to track.

The goal is for each faction to track 5 interactions per tier, as well as 5-10 general faction progress trackers. We are interested in the community's ideas for what types of card actions they would like to track, with focus on things which are commonly repeatable. Focus can be either PvP or PvE, though the final choices will be a mix of both.

Examples of Trackable Actions
Due to recent advancements in our understanding of the game, we can track most internal and external card interactions. Below are a list of some of these trackable events, all of which have been taken from Fire cards.  

  • Number of units charged by Enforcer
  • Enemy spawn buildings erupted to death
  • Buildings suppressed (Sunstriders + Suppression)
  • Enemies knocked back with Lava Field
  • Total time Batariel has spent in his stage 3 burning phase
  • Total damage dealt by Fire Dragons
  • Void returned with Shrine of War

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Further Discussion

Brainstorming is also taking place in our official discord dedicated to discussion of card balancing in Skylords Reborn. Please join us there if you would like to see more elemental mastery suggestions or if you would like to participate in discussions relating to proposed changes to the game before they happen.

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  • WindHunter pinned and featured this topic

- Amount of direct damage dealt with fire spells

- Amount of HP healed with nature spells

- Amount of units frozen with frost spells

- Amount of HP worth of shields granted

- Amount of own units sacrificed with shadow spells

- Amount of corpse HP collected

- Amount of HP restored with bandit lifestealer

- Amount of damage mitigated with Stonekin passive

- Amount of transformations done with Twilight

- Amount of revenants created

- Amount of seconds of CC avoided with Amii passive

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- Amount of Units desintegrated with shadow (Shadow worm, wrathgazer, church of negation)

- Amount of frenzied units especially nightcrawlers died (through regular nightcrawlers, infect, cultist master)

- Damage dealt with necrofury's special ability

- Enemies killed while suffering from fallen skyelfs ability (maybe even just once, but it has to  be a boss)

- Health restored with Bloodhealing (Spell and Overlords ability)

- Exploded own units (nasty or shadow mage)

- Amount of Units created from spells, buldings or abilites (shadow)

- Killed enemy units with mutating frenzies while deathwish was active with 3 stacks

- Health lost due to own units effects (shadow)



- Siege damage dealt with units that have the benefit of siege (moloch, firedancer, spitfire, firestalker etc...)

- Units healed through ravage and blood healing

- Comet catcher damage

- Juggernaut stampede used for destroying gates/walls

- Damage dealt with emberstrike summons



- Damage absorbed from avatar of frost shields

- Homesoil damage

- Amount of building damage repaired through frost cards (skyelf templar, engineer...)

- Amount of "full" damage dealt to frozen units (so stuff like dreadnought, tempest, core dredge)

- Total duration of speedy battleships when using shields



- Amount of enemies units rooted (nature)

- Amount of root networks created (at least with 4 entities, but I'm unsure how you would prevent cheese by just uprooting and rooting again and again, maybe only get 1 progress per mission)

- Amount of damage through poison (Nature)

- Unit prizes reduced through effects (breeding grounds, forest elder)

- Enemies paralyzed


Just some ideas that came to my head, not sure how realistic some of these are :S

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for each faction: Void returned from color specific shrines


units taken over (Nightguard)

Shadow pheonix revived

units teleported



indeed disenchant something (Disenchant, Gladiatrix Ability) .



flying units binded to the ground (Stormsinger, Gravity Surge, Sleet Storm)

faster builded buildings (construction hut, Kobold Inc.)



Units taken over

Energy drained from wells with Energy Parasites

Wells/Orbs destroed with Hurricane

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