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How does a beginner get a Shaman?


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Hi everyone.  I loved BF many years ago and love Skylords reborn! I am an avid PvE player and enjoy playing nature. For the life of me I cannot get a shaman into my deck. What maps at beginner would maybe give a shaman? Anyone want to trade for a shaman or 2? Thanks in advance! 


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The way to get cards in this game is to do your two quests every day, play for at least 45m, and buy your discounted booster for 350. Then sell this booster for 420. Don't open boosters yet. Pick a deck or style that you like and buy every card you want for it from the AH until you have a deck/s that can complete everything in the game and easily farm rpve9. 

Message me in game (Laertes) or in discord (laertes) and I will give you a shaman to help you get started. Good luck!

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