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Found 17 results

  1. Friedebrecht

    The Game doenst start

    Hi Guys and sorry that i need to open a new topic but i tried everything in the "Tech-Supp" Threat but nothing works. I installed the game. with the updater together in one and the same Folder.. I start the Updater... the Updater starts. Then i click on "Play" and then nothing happens just one systemsound from Windows.. and i completly don't know why... PLEASE help me :-(
  2. Kocass1988

    Launcher.exe missing

    I downloaded all necessary files but Launcher.exe is missing. Any suggestions or can someone send my that file.
  3. ROFLcaptain

    Change music

    Hello, I always played frost decks in the past, and the most important reason for that is that i just love the frost OST, and hate the other 3 elements' music. Is there a way i can change the other 3 color to play the frost ost? I know could just play the ost from youtube but i d like some other way.
  4. TastieToasty

    Help me please!

    After i started the Launcher and press Play this error occurres! It says in german: "The System cant find the file"
  5. ivpeykov

    Looking for mates to play with!

    Hi guys, it seems that everybody here has the game from like 3 weeks or so. I have forgotten alot of stuff from back in the day and I have a bad deck in the moment. So I'm searching for someone who could like carry me lol.. just someone who doesn't mind helping, you know untill I get a decent deck. I can't really get in any battlegrounds because I don't have a good deck and nobody wants to play with a noob, I get it lol. So yeah my nickname is: vanko1_60 . Feel free to add me or comment on this post so I can add you. Have a nice day yall
  6. Hello everyone! I just wanted to post some random things that I discovered and thought would be helpful to share. I hope something in here helps you! If you are getting an error when launching the game that you are missing libssl-1_1-x64.dll, follow this link to get both the libssl and libcrypto files:Then follow this link to get Updater v0.4 if you have an older version: Screenshots can be taken with Ctrl-O, and they are saved in "C:\Users\...\Documents\BattleForge\screenshots". Also in the same BattleForge folder, you can find your config and keybinding files. The config file has extra settings that are not available in game. I wouldn't suggest changing these unless you know what you are doing! If you are getting black horizontal lines or black flickering when you move the screen (different from screen tearing), try turning off SSAO. If you are on a 4k or high resolution display, and notice that your mouse location and mouse input are offset (ex. your mouse is registering as being more toward the bottom right of the screen), it may be a high DPI scaling problem. To fix it, right click on the BattleForge.exe and select Properties, then select Compatibility, and then check the box next to "Override high DPI scaling behavior." And have the scaling be performed by "Application". This fix also works with other .exe's, such as other games or programs. Here are a few hidden controls I found: Shift+Right Click - Multi move. Ctrl+Right Click - Multi move / attack. Alt+Right Click - Patrol. (troops will move back and forth between points, but will walk slowly) There are probably a bunch of other hidden commands in the game, but I have not been able to find any information about them. If you have found any sites, you can link them in the comments. Here is a fix I found for having an extremely small mouse pointer on a 4k screen. Sadly it requires changing your resolution to 1080p. First, change your ingame resolution to 1920x1080, and then go to Windows Settings > System > Display and change your resolution to 1920x1080. Your mouse should now be normal sized in the game! Just don't forget to change back to 4k after you quit the game so you can enjoy your high res display. Alt-tabbing from full screen mode sometimes perma-freezes the game -> play in windowed mode with as high resolution as you want. Force DirectX version 9 if you have trouble with textures, units, etc. If you have frequent random crashes and popups during regular actions in forge or game, you might want to re-download the game and extract it with exactly WinRAR. (7Zip, Daemon Tools, etc. are known to corrupt the game archive files) #7, 8, and 9 are from fiki574, thank you! I hope something here helped you! Let me know in the comments! And feel free to add more helpful information in the comments! Thanks.
  7. devorns

    I click play but nothing happens.

    I've tried unchecking the battleforge document but it wont let me on top of that the game just won't start so idk what to do.
  8. andre98king

    login issue

    from one day to another my brother can not connect to both the game and the forum the password and the email have not been changed could you help me thank you
  9. Hey guys, played BF years ago (as we all did) and started the game yesterday again. At this point and first of all ty to the Skylords-Team for this miracle In the past i played nature/frost mainly, but wanna try something new. Since i started yesterday all i draw yet is the 3 "welcome-back-boosterpacks". Maybe you guys have some recommendations, wombo-combos (tactics) or powercreep-units for red/green decks, so i could try to trade a beginning-stock. Ty in advance Ps. sry for poor english, it's not my native language.
  10. Hello I have gone through all of the steps for troubleshooting for the common fixes. I'm still having an issue with frequent crashing with no error message at all. Sometimes up to 6 crashes in a row without being able to play a match. There is nothing specific in game that is causing it the screen just freezes for a few seconds and closes and takes me back to desktop. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  11. idolavi169

    help failed to download.

    hello i just tried to download the game and ran into some probems. now i managed to fix some of them, so what i have now, is the game downloaded plus the "updater.zip". i also downloaded winrar inorder to extract the "updater.zip" and so i got a few files, as well as the "SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe", i placed it in the "battleforge" file that i downloaded and is on my desktop, but whenever i try to run it, nothing happens. please contant me and help<3 idolavi169@gmail.com thanks in advance, yours truely: Acccesory
  12. Hello i played battleforge for 2 weeks now all everything was fine and the game wokred all in all perfect but since yestersday i cant play it anymore. I try to log in into the game it says "Success" then wait a minute and it says "login failed please wait 10 secs to log in again" and "the client has lost the connection to the server" and i dont know what to do anymore PLS HELP ME am i banned or what i did nothing wrong my friends can still play the game and im not pls help me ... what should i do ?? i also uninstalled and fresh reinstalled and restarted the wifi nothign is wokring https://gyazo.com/e2a3105270d7519b3d3ff49cf383b840 thats how it looks like after waiting

    Help Game won't pass success need help

    I've played the game for a whole week and everything was fine and two days ago I tried to start the game and didn't work, I assumed it was a bug with the server and yesterday I tried to log in and didn't work again , the bug is this: I put my email and password it writes success and freezes for 1 min and then writes this I tried redownload the game tried deleting files and rextract I tried the ducoments thing and i tried in options playing on the lowest setting did anyone had this problem and fixed it pls tell me how I can do it thnx for the help
  14. after i double click the launcher it says it stops working instantly
  15. Slotix

    Can't even start the game now!

    Hello guys, Here's another bug/gamemistake from me that i don't know how to fix :/ Everytime when i want to start the launcher and after i pressed the "Play" button, there Comes a Little window with the text "TNF: ErrorIntalizingDirectXFallback". I tried to update DirectX and my GPU but both weren't successfull, so i hope you community can help me. Thank you!
  16. Hello everyone. Problem is that after lunching Skylordsupdater.exe and clicking play button something is killing BF process. No error message literally nothing. I readed few topics with same problem but i find no answer. So here I m searching for help. I want to play so badly this the game of my childhood and i loved it back then please help me. Things I Tried: -Starting as administrator (UAC,SLU,BF) -Downloading gamefiles from both sources even from my friend(its working for him) -Offing both windows defender and firewall before extracting files -Whitelisting all the files (26 off them including folder) -Starting Skylordsupdater before extracting game files and do it again after extracting game files in to the folder -Starting UAC before extracting game files and after -Updating my direct X12 and downloading previous version 10,9 -Force my game into direct 9 mode -Deleting BattleForge folder in my documents section -change resolution of the game and lot more in config.xml -deleting my antivirus ( Im using antimalwarebytes) -Whitelistingin my antivirus -Tring all shit in properties on both BF.exe and SLU.exe -Tring same with UAC -Starting the game by BF.exe -Starting Luncher.exe -Downloading Visual C++ -Checking my card drivers Things that bother me: 1.) After starting UAC.exe cmd is showing for 1-2s and nothing happens. (Sould it works this way ?) 2.) Luncher.exe is only showing whitewindow and nothing happens. (same ^) 3.) After extracting files and update by SLU.exe there are 28 files and 4 folders in my Skylords Folder (same for everyone?) 4.) Im using win10 64 pro and all files in my documents section are read only my friend said that this is normal for win 10 and i can freely edit all the files. To be sure i asked him if we can change it and he did some magic in cmd saying it should solve the problem but files are still read only i cant change it in properties. Stupid Question anserws: -Yes. both Luncher and game files are same folder -Yes. I m starting the game with SkylordsReborn.exe -Yes. My windows defender and firewall are still offed and everysingle file is whitelisted My PC: System: Windows 10 64 pro Motherboard: msi 370 craitgaming Graphic card: msi gtx 1080 Procesor: i7 8700k coffelake ram: 8GB ddr4 from godram memory: ssd godram IRDM pro 240GB SOLUTION (at least for me) Game wasn't starting because of daemon lite tools or lack of space on my "C". I prepared some space and extracted files with winrar and it is working now. I was instaling the game on D partition because my C partition is mainly for system purposes and because winrar was forcing game files on to C partition i was using daemon lite tools.
  17. Hello! I have the following problem - After I unpacked the game and copied the updater with both my firewall and antivirus off, I launched SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe. After it finished, I clicked play. Instead of launching, Battleforge.exe launches as a background task in the task manager for 2-3 seconds and then closes itself. The game doesnt start at all and no visual screen comes up at any point. I tried all of the methods that were described in the troubleshooting guide. I am running Windows 10 x64 bit, GTX 860m, 16gb of ram, latest GeForce drivers (as of 14-sept-2018). I ran everything as admin and tried in compatibility mode. Also tried deleting the Battleforge folder in Documents, as well as disabling the readonly flag for it. Both antivirus and firewall are disabled during the whole process. Help will be much appreciated, I tried everything. All of the signs point to either a block by the antivirus or the firewall, but I can confirm that that is not the case. I assume regular updates of the game are rolling out, so this issue persists today aswell, 14 sept. Thanks in advance, Skylords! Konstantin

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