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  1. hello i got 2 questions, one: "battleforge" ran into a problem that there were missing players (not enough players in the server). now since "skylords reborn" is new, there are still not alot of players.. so i wondering to myself.. are you guys planning on publishing the game or something? just out of curiosity. two: will the game gonna be refreshed and the accounts will have to redo all the work and to get all the cards again? or everything will continue to go as regular (later when the open beta be over)
  2. where do i need to take them to? and where can i find those files? its workingggggg
  3. there you go, once i press it, nothing happens. i believe i'm missing a few files but i have no idea how to get them...
  4. hello i just tried to download the game and ran into some probems. now i managed to fix some of them, so what i have now, is the game downloaded plus the "updater.zip". i also downloaded winrar inorder to extract the "updater.zip" and so i got a few files, as well as the "SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe", i placed it in the "battleforge" file that i downloaded and is on my desktop, but whenever i try to run it, nothing happens. please contant me and help<3 idolavi169@gmail.com thanks in advance, yours truely: Acccesory
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