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  1. SOLVED: Problem occurred because of a corrupted game. I think it was because I extracted the files with daemon-tools instead of winrar. Works fine now. Thanks everybody!
  2. Try extracting the files with winrar instead of daemon-tools
  3. Update: fixed the problem. Solution was to redownload everything and extract all over again. As I did this various times, I did not think it will succeed this time, but it did. I think it was a problem with the archive, or with daemon tools, resulting in a corrupted game. Hope this helps.
  4. Sithonic

    1 - *Solution* Launcher Play Button Does Nothing

    This is connected to: and
  5. This is weird, I dont know why its showing such a general error.
  6. Same problem for me, same log, but with client version BattleForge Final Build: 397096 . [INFO][Direct3D 9]: Start Scan [INFO][Direct3D 9]: Found Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M [INFO][Direct3D 9]: Support Hardware vertex processing [INFO][Direct3D 9]: Support SM 3.0 [INFO][Direct3D 9]: End Scan [INFO][app]: BattleForge Final Build: 397096 (Retail branch) [INFO][app]: CPU GenuineIntel family 6 (P2, P3, Pentium-M, Athlon) detected. [ERROR][BASE]: Unhandled exception error. Crash dump written. [ERROR][BASE]:
  7. Sithonic

    Game won´t start after play

    Same problem for me, after clicking play in the updater, battleforge.exe launches as a background process and after 2 seconds closes. No screen or error message whatsoever.
  8. Tried that, still not working. Also tried launching Windows in safe mode and starting the game, that didnt work as well.
  9. Thanks for your reply! I understand that, but regardless, it does not solve the problem.
  10. Hello! I have the following problem - After I unpacked the game and copied the updater with both my firewall and antivirus off, I launched SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe. After it finished, I clicked play. Instead of launching, Battleforge.exe launches as a background task in the task manager for 2-3 seconds and then closes itself. The game doesnt start at all and no visual screen comes up at any point. I tried all of the methods that were described in the troubleshooting guide. I am running Windows 10 x64 bit, GTX 860m, 16gb of ram, latest GeForce drivers (as of 14-sept-2018). I ran everything as admin and tried in compatibility mode. Also tried deleting the Battleforge folder in Documents, as well as disabling the readonly flag for it. Both antivirus and firewall are disabled during the whole process. Help will be much appreciated, I tried everything. All of the signs point to either a block by the antivirus or the firewall, but I can confirm that that is not the case. I assume regular updates of the game are rolling out, so this issue persists today aswell, 14 sept. Thanks in advance, Skylords! Konstantin

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