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Found 36 results

  1. iRoDiieK

    Starter Deck

    In the final version, will the current starter deck be changed to the official deck that was received when creating a new account on the old battleforge? These were the cards you received when creating an account: I ask this because the currently decks received when creating an account are not good.
  2. 250-100 would be best imo (ur choice tho), rarity system is already very bad, most likely this change will make things only better, cards would be more affordable and people also will be less disappointed from high price (booster & cards). players will have a bit more freedom and overall i think the game would be more enjoyable also if possible lower the first achievement quests required to get a booster or increase booster count, not by a lot
  3. Hello skylords/ladies. first of all, amazing job on the game, you are really doing a grate job! Secound. I'm getteing more and more frustrated over some changes over the last couple of days. Who the hell have added a 200 power restriction to the Twilight curse card? it's practically useless now in PVE. As shown in the links below, there where no such things, in the old days, nor in the game, as for what I have tested it. where did it come from?! Best regards, Nanks. http://www.battleforge.nm1.pl/cards/cardbase.php?i=results&page=44&card=8401&action=delete#8401 http://battleforge.wikia.com/wiki/Card:Twilight_Curse
  4. Mirohslav

    failed Remove Upgrade Dosent Work

    When i try to remove example for my Crystal fiend.. i wanna sell this card so i go to remove upgrade and i click to yes and it dosent work no error message.. need help pls
  5. Hello everybody. You know i never could understand what the Damage information was about, that one in the bottom left. First exempel Bae.. i mean Frost Mage. It says 360 S(with Bow icon) and it says that she deals 57 damage to each enemy unit every 4 seconds. 14.25*60 = 855 Damage per Minute Frost Mage Picture Second exempel Forsaken: It says 360 M(Bow) and text says every 2 seconds each units deals 6 damage. 3*5 = 15*60 = 900 Damage per Minute Forsaken So what does that nummber means... 360 and that S or M (maybe Range ?) and than the Bow which is probably means that its loong range but than we have this unit Green Dudes with a star as an attack Icon. So weird and confusing. Helpfull site for info https://allcards.skylords.eu/cards.html Thank you for Help
  6. The problem started today, I tried to change my deck since I got new cards from boosters. I can go to Edit Deck Mode, save it, it properly shows in my deck, but when I load into any map I can't summon/use any of the new cards I added. I click to summon, plays the sound of placing a card, but doesn't take any energy, only the card loses a charge. Then after I relog it changes my deck back to how it was, or if I make a new deck it just disappears. When I click ready on any map and I use a new deck, it changes to the Tutorial deck.


    Hi all, Pick your top 3 of things you want the most in upcomming updates!!! 1. air deck: giving additional bonnusses with fire 2. water deck: giving additional bonusses with frost.. 3. earth deck: giving additional bonusses with nature 4. abomination of all 4 current ellements (1 orb of all) 5. more 4 orb bosses 6. more neutral ultra rare units 7. a pay to way section (beside the regular game) 8. more starter units 9. at least one healing spell for pure fire, shadow and frost 10. making a own senerio campaign map. 11. just keep the current optional. only expent shadow/nature combination and maby like a frost/ fire one 12. more grinding options beside t9 and t10 dungeons 13. more multiplayer campaign maps. Additional choises: more air units/ more ground units more campain maps
  8. Theprogrammers

    Who remembers the most card names

    I remember: Ashbone Pyro, Juggernaut, Mo, The Abomination, Brannoc, Sky-Fire Drake, Mountaineer, Wildfire, Church of Negation (my favorite), Unstable Demon,and Fire Dancer.
  9. So what if right you could introduce a new element into the game, an element that would include its own set of cards and its own abilities, advantages and disadvantages. It doesn't even have to be an element since we have card sets like Undead etc so could be a class set of cards. I think a Light element/faction would be a cool addition to the game, the element would be similar to Nature and frost in terms of ability and use of units. I imagine the use of paladins and centurion/sentinel type of cards/characters that would be used. It would also be a nice little opposite to Shadow (Story wise i guess as well as card wise). What Faction/Element would you introduce into the game if another faction was added, what would its benefits be over the other factions and why did you choose the faction that you did?
  10. Hello fellow Skylords, this game mostly revolves around PvP matches, so it is sad that many cards with cool effects can not be used in PvP, because of their number of required orbs. It is rare that tier 3 is reached in PvP battles, not to mention tier 4. I have never seen someone having tier 4 cards in their PvP deck. So my suggestion is that many high tier cards change when they are used in PvP. By changed i mean that their effects stay the same (with nerfed values) but their tier goes down by 1 for tier 4 cards and maybe for some tier 3 cards as well (just if the the tier 3 cards would not be too OP in tier 2). Of course this comes with a nerf of the base stats and dmg of their effects. If the Devs do not want to make it too complicated i would set a percentage, which the cards lose of dmg, stats and effective time (for something like cc or buffs). I know it is much work but this would allow the players to find new cool combos and tactics. Maybe then there would be more people whom play pure element decks. Your Battleforge veteran, Yima Ymir
  11. Before i start i did try to find a topic on this matter and i couldn't if there is such a topic plz redirect me to it. I was a huge fan of the game from the beginning as i see most of the other ppl on this forum r, and im glad there are so many of us. I new the game (battleforge) had much more potential then it achieved in the long run, and im very glad this project has been started. I think SKYLORDS could become something great. Now to the topic. I think that many of u would agree that the game (battleforge) in the beginning was super original and fun, and had grate quality (balance), but as time passed less attention shifted from quality and moved to moneymaking. The main way the game made money was through selling cards which could only be bought with BFP (cash), which is already a very faulty business plan for such a games. So to continue to make money the they started pumping out new expansions left and right with unoriginal cards an serious balance issues, they shifted form quality to quantity (for me it was mostly lost soul edition ruining it all)!!.. Almost non of the new cards had original frames they were rebuilds of previous card frames with only color changes and sloppy new animations. In my opinion and i think many of u would agree that the game was loosing its originality, its "battleforg - yness". In my opinion Renegades still had some original cads like the AMAZON, FOREST ELDER, THUNDER WAGON, NETHER WARP (added real amazing mechanic in the game) and some others as well, while the Lost Souls expansion was utter nonsense, all the lost units where rebuilds form older cards, i think except for GRIGORI. That was the great fall in quality. Im talking about the quantity over quality situation i mentioned previously. So i propose to start the game with only the original cards set, an later start thinking about the expansions which are far inferior in quality and balance. They don't help the game reestablish itself and even harm its reputation as something original and genuine. I think we should keep the updates that were later implemented as well as the balance changes for example the Trample mechanic that was changed for M units that where mounted (it was pretty original), but only with the original cards in the game. If it were me i would first release only the original cards and after a little while maybe the Renegade cards, but would never let the abomination that is Lost Souls ingame (without major changes). But thats just me )))
  12. mrtamtamia

    which card gives you the most nostalgia?

    which card gives you the most nostalgia when you look at it or remember it. mine is either avatar of frost (it was the first "expensive" with high power level card i bought) or frost mage.
  13. Fyrios

    Best cards in the game (?!)

    So I wanted to know what you guys think could be the best cards in the game. Since "best" is a bit of a loose term I made up 5 categories. Give me what you think is the strongest in PvP (1), strongest in PvE (2), Funniest one (3), Most versatile one (4) and just which holds a special place in your heart (5) You can mention one card in each category or do a ranking in each category if you feel like it. I mainly want to know what you guys think
  14. The official Fansite-Kit Grabbed it just before the shutdown: https://www.file-upload.net/download-12290814/Fansite-Kit.zip.html All Cards First it contains the big image file from TBO. Based on this big file, I have created single files for every card, which are also part of this zip, you can download here: https://www.file-upload.net/download-12290813/Karten.zip.html Chronicles (German) Just before the end of the game I have created this PDF file and uploaded it on the offical board. I guess only a few people could obtain it, so I just reupload it here again. The whole chronicles as pdf: https://www.file-upload.net/download-12290789/Chronik.pdf.html The audio of the chronicles: https://www.file-upload.net/download-12290788/ChroniclesAudio.zip.html Loadingscreens+ (also German) This file contains the loadingscreens of every map and some other stuff, like the ingame map: https://www.file-upload.net/download-12290819/Ladescreens.zip.html I dont know which of this stuff was already posted, so sorry.
  15. Lord NullPointer

    The New Cardbase and More

    Hey everyone, After many hours of work I present to you, a work in progress, Cardbase. http://cardbase.bfreborn.com In its current state, the following things are available: An overview of all cards with appropriate filters available (will improve) An overview of all maps Details for each card (Including data like upgrade and ability information) Details for each map (Including data like loot tables, descriptions, minimaps and even walkthroughs) A JSON API for all the data above. For details: This will expand overtime adding more information like lore and characters. My goal with this site is to have one point of information, instead of dividing it over different sites like AllCards and wikis. Now add credits where credits are due. Thanks to @MrXLink for filling the database with data that I could not extract automatically or was incorrect. For any future changes to the actual data of the site you can contact MrXLink. EDIT by MrXLink: Thanks from me to @Kiwi for having ideas which resulted in me working along with this. Thanks to @Dawn for the existing AllCards database, yes, I ripped your google drive file, it was a major pain. Here's an example page for Guns of Lyr
  16. Tanktiger

    API for Cards and Decks

    Hey Guys, i had an idea for a api to view players cards or decks and create, update or delete decks. With this API there can be build Apps or Sites to administrate the decks. Why? Its easier for the players to manage theyre decks and read about the cards when they are in the train or something else. When i am at home, i want to play and not to read, so for me its a little bit frustrating to build the decks while i could already play. What does the API need to do? First, there will be a security question. I think, every player will get a unique access key and must enter it the app (or we take the login data and do oauth, if something similiar is already developed). The following methods are needed: List Cards - GET with accesstoken - List all cards the player owns List Decks - GET with accesstoken - List all decks the player owns Update Deck - POST with accesstoken, deck ID, array of card ID's - updates a deck with the cards Create Deck - POST with accesstoken, array of card ID's - updates a deck with the cards Delete Deck - POST with accesstoken, deck ID - deletes a deck I know that the developers now have other important things to do but when the is released and they have freetime, i would love to use a API like this. I think this would be a very good Feature for Skylords Reborn
  17. voltoth

    early access Battleforge-Like?

    Greetings, Skylords. I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this, I only just noticed it myself, but there is another Battleforge-Like game currently on steam for your fix early if you're interested. It is in Early Access so the usual caveats apply (it isn't finished yet). However, what is there is solid so far. (Unit pathing can be a bit of a pain on tight corridors and over obstacles though) This game is called Golem Gates. Check it out if you're interested. I'm definitely having a lot of fun with it, even against just bots. That's all for now folks. -Voltoth
  18. I had an interesting idea. What if we had units that interacted with power after spawning? Obviously, the mechanic of generating power is overpowered already so the units must come with a downside. That downside being bad stats and a high cost. Imagine a PVP game. One player plays a 300 cost (random costs) power interacting unit that will generate 50 power after one minute. The other knows that it cant live anymore so he sends a 100 cost unit to kill it. Because of its bad stats, the 300 cost dies and the first player now has a huge disadvantage. 200 power difference and the enemy still has that 100 cost unit. There are four categories. -Generators -Boosters -Replenishers -Others --- Lets talk about generators first... They generate power... That's it. They have the worst stats but that's really it. They're just wells without a limit and easily killed. --- Secondly are boosters. This one is probably the simplest because there is a card I can compare it to. Juice tank. Really, its just a unit that sits beside your wells and increases power gain. It's stats shouldn't need to be that bad because of the restriction it has on it. The restriction being it can't leave a well's radius or its effect is useless. Also you don't really want to attack with it because the stats are bad compared to other cards of the same cost. You think there isn't a difference between these units and the juice booster but there is. They can move to different wells, they can also defend. The big thing is that they can move without a power cost, which makes them a unit. They also should cost more since juice tank can't. --- The third category is a strange one. Replenishers. They're generators but very specific. Replenishers replenish the power in a well. They have worse stats than the second category but the stats are better than those in the first. In my head, I'm imagining a shaman healing a well's power. --- Lastly, the others category. These are for the cards that are random. Like a 300 cost card that replenishes 150 cost on spawn but has the stats of a 200 cost. If you look at it simply, it looks like a 150 cost card with the stats of a 200 stat card. It looks pretty good. But when you look at it more deeply you see that it costs 300 power and the 150 only comes back during its spawn. If you played that card in a PVP game, your first orb would have already been taken. This card is very similar to breeding grounds. --- Anyway, that's it. There's definitely some problems with this but community suggestions can fix that. (If I took your idea, sorry.)
  19. fifcio20

    Cards for social promotion

    Hey, I got an idea. How about giving special cards from giveaways or liking facebook page?
  20. salenstern

    A small warning.

    Just a tiny suggestion, nothing too major. Back in the old days of battleforge, there were tons of scammers. I, myself, was scammed. It didn't feel really good. The trick that got me was "My trade system doesn't work. Send me your grimvine over the mail and I'll send you a forest elder!" I just started the game. I waited for a day before I realized what had happened. Scammers usually have multiple accounts, never doing the dirty work on their main acc. So banning those spare accounts won't really stop them. My suggestion is to ad a little warning. If your sending mail and it has cards on it (or bf but I don't remember if you could send bf), a little message will show up saying something like "Warning, you have some/a card(s) attached. Only send cards to people you trust. If you don't know the player, use the trade system. Are you sure you want to proceed?" With this, the newer players will be less susceptible to scams and will further demoralize scammers. Of course, if you're sending mail and you know what you're doing, this may be annoying. In this case, there could be a button that disables this message from appearing. That's pretty much it. Tell me your thoughts. (If I stole this from someone, I'll take it down. Sorry.)
  21. SwiftCore

    Buying Cards?

    So, ive got an idea. What about you being able to buy cards with BF Points? I think its a good idea, so you can get better cards sort of faster, but at the same time, your giving them money to help them out with the game. Im not sure if anyone has posted something like this already, but i think its a good idea. So lets say, "The Overlord" was how ever BF it will be, so you buy/earn BF and get the Points and buy separate cards, not ones that are in a pack. I think it would be good if you can buy separate cards. Thanks.
  22. Squishyboi

    Card Rarities

    Are the rarity(as in the % of you getting it in the boosters) of the cards stay the same or are you going to buff it up a little bit. if not what's going to be the price per 1 booster pack. PS. I just joined yesterday.
  23. I'll start the ball rolling with; Tier 2 - Moon (Skylord of Shadow) Tier 3- Lord Cyrian (King of the Moloch) Tier 4 - Ravenheart (Artifact Dominator) Who are your favourites? (Spells and Buildings can be included) Go! Reasons why; Moon - Because of the power Dark Art Lord Cyrian - Mainly due to the life and power of a 3 Orb card @ 380 pool power Ravenheart - Because of the Harpoon ability helping damage and stun enemies
  24. YaBro0

    Random Cardpool for Everyone

    After I made the suggestion on stream I thought about all posible consequences and change some thinks and tried to clear up all possible questions or problems. Also I realised that my Oral Talent is actually to low to discuss in a non native language. So here I tried to explain my Suggestion. Suggestion - Every month, everyone will get a cardpool of one of the 4 colors (nature, fire, frost, shadow) randomly (not everyone gets the same, for everyone it's random) - The cardpool contains all T1 and T2 cards of the randomly selected colour - All cards will be on U3 with all charges - The cards can be used in PvE, PvP but not in Tome PvP - The cards are untradeable and their only use is to play with them - After one month you'll lose those cards and get a new pool - The activation of the cardpool is looked until you play a certain amount of time, around 10-15 hours (to prevent smurfs and don't overwealm beginners) Explanations (The following is only a quote) Since the majority of the people are mostly active in PvE and not PvP I can understand why so many tolerate a high amount of time to get BFP. So I will try my best to speak for the PvP players, because they are not that happy with the way the BFP rewards are going. In my case I don't have a problem with collecting my cards again with an easier access to BFP. However I have a problem with it if the time until I can finally play my beloved PvP in competitive ways again is too long and maybe no one cares to play it anymore. But what is too long? Of course everybody has to decide this for himself and it is clear that a mainly PvE player is willing to invest more time in things like grinding than a PvP player, because his favourite gametype is implemented in grinding far more than playing competitive PvP modes. What I and many PvP players fear is that either the amount of time you have to invest to play competitive PvP is so high that nearly no one is willing to do so and that the "good" PvP players are not decided by skill but by the amount of time they invested in the game, because they simply have better cards than people that are actually better in terms of skill but don't invest that much time. To make the amount of time you need to collect a competitive PvP deck which has everything it needs better to understand, I'll try showing how much time you need based on the old card values (which will most likely stay the same compared to booster costs) and 5 hours of playtime to collect BFP in the value of 1 Booster (5 hours for 1 Booster was set by a discussion in another Thread). The cheapest Decks to have are the splashdecks and of course the Pure decks are more expensive. The cheapest deck to have with all core cards is Fire/nature and costs (with 17 cards without T3 fully charged) 2500 BFP. For a Pure deck I picked shadow, because I rememeber the card values best and it's the most expensive one. Pure shadow (with 17 cards without T3 fully charged) costs around 12000 BFP. So for 5 hours of playing you'll get 250 BFP by old value (I know some say they will cost 500 BFP but with higher booster prizes card prizes will rize also). 2500 : 250 = 10 10 x 5 = 50 hours of playing till you can buy the cheapest full competitive deck. 12000 : 250 = 48 48 x 5 = 240 hours of playing till you have the most expensive full competitive deck. So we meet up in the middle by around 145 hours. I know that Pure Shadow has harvester which is special case but keep in mind that you will buy other cards on your way to be able to beat certain PvE maps so you will not be able to spend all you have on your PvP deck. That amount of playtime is only set by people which already know what they need. So until a new player realises that he wants to play PvP, starts understanding what he needs and collecting the neccessary cards, he will have to invest way more time and lose interest in mainly playing PvP. The scenario you set will most likely destroy the PvP section and mainly focuse on the PvE part and the PvP as a fun side part since only very very few players will go through the pain to collecting all neccessary cards to be competitve in Rankings. I know some will say nothing is set but the chances are high and I don't want the PvP section to become a lonely wasteland were only 40 old PvP highranks and some PvE players who come for a visit some times start playing. The difference between a main PvP and a main PvE player The PvE players goal is to solve a quests and complete maps in changing diffultieswith various decks and tactics. Therefore the quest system is perfect, because he needs to do what he likes most to advance further. (getting upgrades and BFP) The PvP player want to compete with other, measure his skill and be successful. He wants to claim higher and higher ranks while having the same equal chances like everyone. But to be successfull and qual (having the chance to claim ranks due to skill and not cards and upgrades) he is forced to do quests before beeing competitive. In this case it doesn't matter if those quests are PvE or PvP based, because his interest is not simply playing PvP but playing a fair PvP with equal chances were skill decides the winner. Just imagine a tennis match were you never have serve. Even though you love the sport, you won't like playing it competitive, because you don't have the same chances of winning. You are stuck with people who are worse than you under normal circumstances and can't advance further even though you have the skill to do so. Closing the gap for Beginners We all should know that this project can't live on for to long without new players, therefore we need to make it more Beginner friendly in every aspect of the game (PvE and PvP). Since Battleforge was once created to force people to buy content to be successfull, it's clear that the gap between Beginner's and experienced older Player can be enormous. Older players don not only have more knowledge and experience, they also have better cards and more upgrades. Of course we should never close this gap completely, because this would result in lesser interest in PvE since a main part of PvE is the journey to become better and earn BFP and cards. But giving everyone this cardpool the gap would be closed a little more while still giving the experinced player a advantage he earned for playing successfully. Also Beginners have some kind of testing chance. The process of finding beloved factions and their valueis much shorter and therfore new players will most likely keep more interest in the game. Why only one Pure faction? Like some of you might know, Battleforge started very unbalanced, because one of the creators main focuse were on the creation of Pure decks, which should be superior and contain simple reasons to play them. Fire (Attack), Frost (Defense), Nature (Control), Shadow (Sacrifise; that's actually what they said...). These decks are very well balanced compared to each other. However it's the synergy within the splash decks which became superior. Around 80% of the PvP rankings played mainly with splash decks and every PvE Map in the game is cleared the easiest with a splash deck. Of course Pure decks are not much weaker than splash decks but another reason for their rariety is their price. Because the creators focused on creating Pure decks in the beginning, they knew whta cards were neccessary and made them harder to get. Therefore Pure decks contain the highest amount of Rare and Ultra Rare cards, which makes them so expensive. This would decrease the price of Pure decks a little and also add a little more variety. Economics/Market Place Now this is imo the biggest issue people could have with this suggestion. But wait, it's not as bad as some might think. The easy access to T1 and T2 cards will almost definately leed to a little decrease in price of those cards in the beginning. At this point it is in my eyes very important that the card pool cyclus is not too short, becasue this could leed to even further longer lasting decreased prizes. Imagine you are a new player and you get a shadow pool.You really enjoy playing it but next month you get a completely different faction which you enjoy not as much. So you have to wait at least one month to play your favourite again and the chances are high that you need to wait even longer. Would you really not buy T1 or T2 cards anymore? I guess you would. While casual gamers are not forced to participate in the market anymore, they will be debauched to do so. Think about that people will still get BFP rewards, while playing with this cardpool. So they will most likely spend it for playing their favourite main instead of just buying a T3 or T4 with you can't be sure if you can use it with your next random cardpool. The first way is to get free and start owning those cards you started loving and lost again. Little sidefact from me. With 77 Rare and Ultra Rare cards T1 and T2 contain much less than T3 and T4 (139 cards). Also T1 has not a single Ultra Rare card, which means that the economic impact is the smallest with those tiers. Also T1 and T2 have most of the time the biggest value when it comes to actual gameplay. Therefore it would be something great if those cards had easier access in the AH. Any questions and issues with the suggestion will be added in the starting post and we'll try solving them.

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