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  1. Hello Skylords, Skyladies and other Skybeings. Welcome to the sixth official cPvE event! We hope you will have a lot of fun with this event! Everything you need to know: Event - cPvE 1player, Faction Battle Map - The Soultree Difficulty - Advanced Date - 06.06.2022 - 19.06.2022 Restrictions - Only mixed faction units and buildings! (Bandits, Twilight, Lost Souls, Stonekin, Amii) (for details, see below) Goals - All Lyrish Defenders must survive, collect all gold chests, win
  2. Finally a random draw for me ! Congrats to all the winners, can't wait to watch your runs! (Btw, i never noticed that the positions of the stone camps were random o.Ó)
  3. until
    Greetings Skylords! We have an important announcement: There will be a server downtime for upcoming Saturday - Downtime will start at 17:00 CEST - Downtime could take up to 6 hours - Forum and website will also be down, keep an eye on our Discord to stay up to date.
  4. Metagross31


    Event description will follow soon.
  5. Very nice, congrats to the winners! I am a bit surprised, that noone got a 1 point run. Btw: Who won the Juicetanks for the last place?
  6. Hey everyone, thank you again for participating in this contest and thank you again for your patience. Attached to this post, you find a .zip archive containing all the replay submissions. Here are the final rankings for the expert difficulty all colors category: 1. LEBOVIN, Wanky: 48m 0.4s 2. Donaar, arabika: 60m 56.5s 3. EcHo24, alexx-serg: 74m 36.7s 4. Eirias: 85m 21.4s 5. Donaar, Gam3over: 87m 19.0 6. AntoXaa, WBRus: 142m 59.5s 7. Dorukking: 148m 0.17s The boosters for the winners will be sent out within the next days. See you all in the next event! Of
  7. Hey everyone, the rewards for the Convoy event (excluding the ones for the fastest expert times) have been sent out! If you did not receive your rewards or got the wrong rewards, please notify me as soon as possible. Kind Regards, Metagross31
  8. Hey everyone, sorry again for the long delay and thank you all for your patience. I have finished analyzing the replays. So you can expect your rewards to arrive in your mailbox very soon! I will also try to find an opportunity to properly show off the fastest expert replays during this week. Regarding fastest expert replays, I will for now only send out your participation rewards, not yet the rewards for rank 1-5, in order not to spoil the rankings. If you are part of one of the teams, that submitted four expert runs and do not want to wait until the reveal, please reach out to
  9. Metagross31


    Forum post will follow soon.
  10. Signup is still open until 6th of May 2022.
  11. Is this also the case for the already existing repeatable achievements?
  12. Stonekin Warrior actually fills an important role in Stonekin PvP as prime XL counter (It can even oneshot Juggernaut with its ability). So doing a complete rework might leave a gap in that regard. I like that one. By the time it freezes the enemies, other cards already would have killed them. Maybe blue one -> freezes units and they take full dmg and red one -> freezes units and buildings and buildings take extra damage while frozen?
  13. I love the idea of giving the nodes some unique buffs and immediate effects. However, the current proposals sound too similar to Wheel of gifts imo. Since they probably won't stack, it discourages players to play WOG on this map, which I think would be rather sad, since it is such a unique card in the nature toolset. (I am aware though, that it is usually not optimal to play it) Thus, I would like to see some more unique effects, such as the shadow one. An alternative would be to have the nodes constantly do effects in their area to help with the defense (e.g. freeze the attacking wav
  14. Hey everyone, thank you all for your submissions. The event has concluded by now. It will take some time though to go through all the replays. So please be patient for a little longer, you can expect to see results around the second half of next week. Until then, Metagross31
  15. That ideas was actually already mentioned and discussed in the past on the balancing Discord server. Iirc, there are technical problems with implementing them however.
  16. Frenetic assault, Knight of Chaos and Amok might be affected as well.
  17. Now just make Undead Army T1 and grant ground presence and we are talking 🙂
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