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  1. I have to agree. For an expert map, it was quite easy. Not in a bad way though, just not as stressful and unforgiving as some campaign maps. You can take your time and won't have to worry about making mistakes you can't recover from. You should have no trouble beating it with a deck that you can use to clear Encounters with Twilight on advanced.
  2. I don't know about the loading screen crash, but you cannot play empire solo. As soon as you load into the game you will instantly lose if there is no second player on the other half of the map.
  3. Each unit connected to the network that is not attacking supports one other attacking unit. Having all units connected to the network attacking of course leaves no capacity for supporting other units. Also, as one unit can only support one other unit at a time, you need 6 times the number of attacking entities connected to the network to make full use of it. If there are more than 6 supporters, more units get buffed until all support capacity is used. If each connected entity would buff every other entity, it would be vastly overpowered as the attack power would scale exponentially
  4. Because the game was released. It was announced from the very beginning that there would be a reset for release. The release itself was announced months ago together with the date for the reset.
  5. I think you need to let the idea of "one deck for every map" go. rPVE has different requirements than std/adv campaign maps. Some expert maps can be done with "normal" decks, others get a lot easier with a purpose-build deck. But there is one important thing to know: If you are not speedrunning, you can make pretty much any color combination work on pretty much any map. So you can freely choose the colors you want to play and then build a deck around it For Shadow/Nature: Decide if you want to play shadow T1 or nature T1. Then, decide the general direction of the deck: nature
  6. Confirmed. The nodes are now locked as they should be. I'm going to unlock them in the coming days and will post again if I have any problems. Thanks for the quick fix!
  7. NAME: Crash when trying to create game for 2/4p PvE maps DESCRIPTION: Crash to desktop with below error message when trying to create a lobby for many 2/4p maps. Note: I am a new/returning player and start with a fresh account. Not all campain maps are unlocked as no further progress is possible due to crashes. Affected maps are: * The insane God (2p) * Slave Master (2p) * The Dwarven Riddle (4p) * Blight (4p) * The King of Giants (4p) NOT affected: * all 1p maps * rPVE 1/2/4p * Crusade (2p) * Sunbridge (2p) * Nightmare Shard (
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