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  1. Confirmed. The nodes are now locked as they should be. I'm going to unlock them in the coming days and will post again if I have any problems. Thanks for the quick fix!
  2. NAME: Crash when trying to create game for 2/4p PvE maps DESCRIPTION: Crash to desktop with below error message when trying to create a lobby for many 2/4p maps. Note: I am a new/returning player and start with a fresh account. Not all campain maps are unlocked as no further progress is possible due to crashes. Affected maps are: * The insane God (2p) * Slave Master (2p) * The Dwarven Riddle (4p) * Blight (4p) * The King of Giants (4p) NOT affected: * all 1p maps * rPVE 1/2/4p * Crusade (2p) * Sunbridge (2p) * Nightmare Shard (
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