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    Video: Slave Master

    Fire + Metal and you have my heart forever! 🤘
  2. Only in this case better time wins. But all good mate, you came up with a great idea, didn't want to drag it down. Was just my very personal opinion
  3. Though it has effect on some longer maps it is never a life saver. In the most cases it drains your energy when needed in early game and gives you energy in late game when having enough anyways. If it was needed on any longer map all not-frost splashes would be not playable, which is not the thing. Think it is quite well placed in F. That does not mean it is not playable after all, but it is suuuuuuper niche and not optimal in almost any scenario. Cause even a frost splash would perform better without even on longer maps. Imo the only good thing JT is good for in most scenarios is for building up 120-pop armies w/o any energy management at all
  4. Great idea, though a bit sad that time gives this a second component which makes this, even more then other contests, a shoot in the dark. But don't get me wrong, the concept remains wonderfull! One question, playing a unit/building is an action too, or are spells the only card that count for that? EDIT: What is btw. about raising wells?
  5. We've had seen on the deck tierlists that one tier up/down was mostly a personal preference, same for me here for some cards. But this looks a world better to me! First things that came to my mind, for me Frost Mage, Coat, Shard, Ice Age, Witch and Shatter Ice one tier higher. One down at first glance would be for me Stormsinger, Hut, SoM, Sage, Lyrish, Wintertide and all building protectors from your B-tier. But as we are speaking about 1/20 parts of a deck and not about complete builds as in other games this is very much about personal flavors. But thanks to @KserSke for bringing the topic of tierlists back on the table, as @Metagross31 cut it perfect starting this some time ago - the discussion of such lists is always a big fun for many people!! Fire tierlist when? 🤗
  6. Just this. @KserSke Always love your content and watched almost every video. Sometimes I had small disagreement but this list is... strange 😀
  7. Any mentioned T4 are viable imo. LSS weren't touched since OB as far as I know. At times they where a bit overrated in memories to old wheel stack "strategies". Still not a bad unit, if you stack some and support they are pretty decent. Bloodhorn are one of the strongest T4 around - never a bad choice. Stacked Death Rays are the strongest damage dealers shadow has, even without their ability. If you support and micro the Leech Guns they get insane strong. A single Grim Bahir isn't that strong, but they are quite cheap and it is easy in such a deck to stack a bunch of them quite fast. Double Shadow (Boosters) plus the Breeding Ground support this perfectly and mass Bahirs aren't that bad. Support those further with (energywise) cheap Grimvine or Overlords and you have a pretty decent and big army in no time. The crawlers spawned by the Bahirs got buffed a bit and should not be underestimated. They deal nice extra dmg, can be used for Offering and make this option most tanky. Alone the above options are 4 different decks to me. Though build on the same core they may give all a quite unique playing experience and are all worth to be build. Other options you ask: Always! If you just change a few cards or one orb of this core deck you will find many other t4 options. In 2 Shadow/2 Green for example Primeval Watcher spam is a funny and viable option. Void Maw aswell as Necrofury can be options, both got buffs and are nice units these days. When one of the Green Orbs can be also Frost or Fire you got many options: Emberstike spam, Banzai Lords, Comstructs and Gemeys are the most obvious. All of the mentioned can make a lovley deck and all are worth to make a deck to me.
  8. Ah the guy that never returned to answer any question? Then I just put this thread under "trolling" too. At least for now
  9. Just afraid of any changes because of no reason or do you have any constructive feedback?
  10. Bahir was more an off meta pick too. Completly go with @Metagross31 answer
  11. From a meta perspective not much or nothing changed. Banzai is a similar but different deck, Wasteland is nice but has no slot in meta decks imo. From that point my guide is still valid for 10s, but still a more advanced deck I guess. For 10s a red start is recommended until real expert levels of skill and knowledge imo
  12. Oh no not again please... I'll say gently that this is probably the only true thing about the above post. But I haven't played much against fire since patch, and so far only in my static premade group, so can't judge it conclusively yet. Perhaps fire has indeed been trimmed too much, but to deny alone that fire rpve was out of balance is already absurd. Sorry, but I wonder - on the one hand fire is way to easy, so you must be one of the best rpve players ever around. On the other hand you play on the inner position and are slower than new and clueless player that has to fight at least 2 extra units and give him the time to clear T3 alone. Something is wrong with this story. 🧐 However, if this is your requirement, I don't think you understand balancing. Everyone agrees that the jump from 9s to 10s is too far - but it was never the goal to create a faction with Fire that is harder than Lost Souls. Balancing comes from balance. And don't get me wrong, I actually like to fight Lost Souls. But it is a considerable denial of reality paired with strong egoism to see this as a measure for the general balancing. If 9s are obviously too easy for you, a player like you who found Fire way too easy should just play more 10s.
  13. Makes sense! Never thought of this in this scenario
  14. Yeah that was mainly my point. Additionally as I was told by some players that it should count for achievements, so I was unsure if it was maybe a bug with the newer ones. If you feel that being kicked out of the match is too harsh and that playing it to the end just for fun is the way to go, who am I to speak against it.
  15. 🤭 Thats why I always say that I'm not good in testing things - you are right ofc, checked this to hasty
  16. Possible, I have no clue tho 😞 Live Weawing and Revenge are probably something different, as they say "transfer" and not "reflect"? If not, those two don't have true dmg
  17. Hey, don't want to spam threads today, but I have another issue for discussion: Is it intended from balancing view that Twilight Evil Eyes reflection is true dmg (pierces shields, hope I got the correct term here) - I think that is harsh! I've seen many veteran players stumbling over his reflect alone as it can deal insane damage, but today for the first time I recognized that his reflect pierces shields as I played a pure Frost game with a friend. Just wanted to open a discussion on that. Perhaps many even don't know this as I could imagine. And if we would have a consens on this I think the change would be easy to implement, at least I could imagine that. Don't hang me if not, then just let's bury this topic as it is nothing big.
  18. Hey, perhaps I'm wrong, but wasn't it the deal that even if you get inactive the match still counts for achievements. I mean if it does not count for that (as far as I know it does not count for quests either), as you get now reward, does it even make sense that the game warns you? Then the game could just kick me out as staying in the match does not make any sense, or do I miss something. Put it on purpose not in the bug section as I might oversee something or I might not be well informed enough PS: Don't ask me what I did 2,5h there - I just had a "meeting" and held the game open ^^
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