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  1. I still think a small increase to the timer would already open up 10s for more decks (reliably). I personally don't think LS air maps are the biggest problem. On the one hand it is a rare thing to happen and still the motm that were like this were some of the most enjoying motms ever. Plus it comes to addition that even the best groups I played in usually decided to skip those if they occur randomly or if we tried them we failed hard every single time. I think a possible solution for more diversity could be a slightly increased timer and/or little more starting energy to reduce waiting game. Even if you play meta decks the timer is really harsh on harder maps. For sure 10s can and should have a certain fail rate, but just in my humble opinion it could be a little bit lower, just slightly. This changes would be quite simple and make more diversity possible. Btw were drifting off like crazy here 😁
  2. Fire enemy can also be beaten by any faction in that skill level we are speaking about. Fire is in between the other factions usually in both T2 and T3. And even for the late game high fire power bases of fire any faction has a tool. (with very minor exceptions, looking at you with my Frost Deck, Mr Fiend of Fire) And fun fact: Fire rpve even trys to counter a bit our strong fire start (meta) with many ugly M Counters. Sometimes against Fire you are even better with a non fire start yourself. But here too everything is doable. Agree in everything in general, just emphasize the high skill level we are speaking about. Fire can not only solve your problems, but also the problems of your mate, what makes it absolutely superior as starting option imo.
  3. I can of course speak only for myself on this issue, but: Not at all! Of course there can occur very easy 10s where the common meta starts and decks are a bit over the top, but this is more rare then maps that can even challenge a good team. And as a 10 team is (should be) a bunch of very good players you can still run for a good time on that easier maps - just for fun. Just a few days ago I had a set where I played with a good pal that is an really good 10 player, we both played Fire into Shadow starts - and we rolled some maps where we lost 3 or 4 games in a row to the timer. Could we have won the maps with perfect execution (and probably voice for faster communication)? Yes for sure. Still none of us did a major miss-play. It was just the little things that added up (T3/4 spawners, double T3 incomes, very close T4 with boss, T3 close to Pos4 T2, a very weak team (or rather one player) on the other lane that we had to bail out instead of receiving help from that easier lane). It was often just one slight execution mistake on our side that denied our victory in the end. And as long as you can't guarantee to win every game, it is a challenge, and as long it is fun to me. There is a thread here in the forums were Kybaka asked for just a tiny little extension to timer of 10s. Ky is an awesome good player and many other very experienced players supported this (including myself). But as long as timer is an issue even for good groups, I see no problem with the card balancing at all. The early game in a 10 can easily take 12-15mins, so even if players are taking the best possible start, they still need a crazy long time for getting T3 and then T4 on a map - and exactly that is what I like about 10s so much. While 70-80% of a BG9 happen in T4, in a BG10 most of the map happens in the early game. This early game is most enjoyable to me, because I do not only need the best possible card setup, I also need good teamplay and perfect execution of all players. And even tho random maps are not thaaaat random to people with a high experience level, there is still many factors that you just see as you encounter them. You need to react very quickly and accordingly, in addition to that high level of experience to know what happens if you do this or that. And I go with the statement of Anske here: Yeah Fire starts are superior (seeing them stand-alone) in every BG level or player amount. But as we often said, Shadow has its strength in the early RB and is speedrunners choice. Fire and Shadow work insanely good together. But see the performance and strengths of Nature and Frost also: I would make a high bet that Nature is the most used start for PvE overall. Beginners love Nature starts, they are most easy to handle and give players a good feeling. Nature can also be a good teamplayer in almost any casual pve scenario, do we need to rebalance the non-nature T1 to this level for that - I don't think so. Frost T1 is also very popular, often seen in many BGs and cpve scenarios and the Mage alone with its superior early match CC is worth the pick. It feels most pleasant to play and we not even looking at more experienced strategys like Northern Keep for invincible units, a good dmg buff that scales great into late game, the highest dps T1 archers, an incredible good tanking unit it has on T1 and the very good CC spell. I feel that every T1 has its pros and cons. And that fire is the fastest start (if seen stand alone) and that it offers more team-play options as other colors in BG 10 due to the very special circumstances in a 10 has nothing to do with a bad balance imo. Its just this special situation why it shines so bright here. tl;dr: I feel all T1 have their pros and cons and I feel it not boring to bring the same start to a certain situation over and over again, as long at it is still challenging. EDIT-PS: Don't get me wrong, if the team finds a way to strengthen other T1 colors in BG10, without impacting pvp and without burning too much dev-resources you could say nothing against that! But I fear this would cost too much resources for a thing that is not really a problem, this issue is not worth much dev time, if at all (to me personally). For me this is a non-issue for above reasons.
  4. Welcome mate! If you are looking for more community probably check out the discord server as it is usually very active
  5. You are a responsible man, or? You would not dare to play with our hearts...or? πŸ™ On topic: Great news as always!
  6. Hello Skyladies, Skylords and other Skybeings, Over a year has passed since our successful bandit hunt, but unfortunately we have to ask for your help once again. It seems that some of the unopened gold chests have been taken away by some Stonekin scum, it is of utmost importance to secure them as quickly as possible. So What is the Task? It is almost like the bandit hunt – it was simple, it was fun – let’s do that once again: play rPvE/Battlegrounds 4player, Map of the Month, difficulty 9 only pure color decks are allowed every player has to play a different color open every gold chest on the map be as fast as possible (map completion) no legendary/neutral cards allowed this time your replay must be a victory How Can I Participate? The contest is running from now on until the 26.03.2023 - 23:59 CET You just have to send in your best replay, including the player names and the time, to @Volin either via PM or preferably via Discord (Volin#8101). Please name your Replay in the format: Mins_seconds_Player1_Player2_Player3_Player4.pmv (Example: "13_37_Ultralord_nukie_Kapo_Volin.pmv") If your team has a name for meme, or whatever reason, just let me know via PM. It is important that all members of the team agree! It is enough that one player of the group sends me the replay! How to find the replay on your PC Sounds Fun, What Are the Prizes? The prizes are per person, only your highest place will be rewarded: 1st Place: 8 general Boosters 2nd Place: 7 general Boosters 3rd Place: 6 general Boosters 4th-5th Place: 5 general Boosters 6th-10th Place: 3 general Boosters 11th-50%: 1 general Booster All remaining boosters from the ranking rewards will go to a random draw, those ranked below the top 50% will be entered into the draw first! Once every player below the top 50% has won a booster EVERY participant will be entered into a booster draw for any remaining boosters. @Bengel Sponsored 2.500 BFP. Those will be split into 5*500 BFP that will be drawn in the lower 50%. In addition I will reward any contest related meme that is send to me with an additional booster if we think it is good enough to share it in the stream! When Will The Winners Be Announced? The winners will be announced via a Twitch stream co-hosted by Ultralord and me! The stream will include at least the fastest three runs, quiz questions (with prizes!) and some interesting data from the event. Location: https://www.twitch.tv/ultralord_t1421 Date: 31.03.2023 19:00 CET Future Events If you are interested in helping with these kinds of events for the community, or want to host one yourself as I do it here, don't be afraid and simply reach out! Send @nukie, @Metagross31, or @Minashigo Hiko a PM on the forum, or direct message via Discord (nukie#9354, Metagross31#1103, Minashigo Hiko#1126). They are happy to assist you with upcoming events and with sponsoring towards your prize pool! We hope you have a lot of fun with this event and are looking forward to seeing all your replays! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. FAQ: - Can we also participate with a team of less then 4 players? -> Yes, of course you can, just stick to the rules as they are and you are fine!
  7. See it exactly the same! Fire lets you work together over the 4 starting positions and no other color comes close to that. Yeah Shadow rewards with early RB, what is a HUGE advantage if executed correctly, but that is rather a speedrunners topic imo. Even more as it helps vastly to know the map to utilize the Shadow start perfectly. Also I share your inventory on Nature starts, yes they can be helpful in very certain situations, but here you also have a big advantage to know the map in advance (and utilize that as a team). Plus this comes with the downside that either the Nature starter needs to be bombed through with the help of Fire players or is way slower in a scenario where time is pressing even if you are not speedrunning at all. Plus you have less firepower for the other 3 fire-starters. Just to mention that. That is the reason why all solid 10 players usually choose a Fire start for random matches. As soon as we are speaking about motm/speedrun things may change ofc. One more reason for fire starts: Even if you have 4 really good players, every few matches one of them will missplay slightly and need some help, there's so many things that can go wrong in a BG10 T1 phase. Happens to all of us. Here you need fire starters or the player that made a mistake is blown from the map. And just to stress this out once again: Of course any color is viable, even more in perfect teams. Kybaka for example plays sometimes an excellent frost start. Seen Treim starting with any colour or a group around Donaar and Gameover played 10s even with a pure frost setup over the whole team. That is totally possible, but for above reasons nothing that is ever suiting in a random group. Same goes by the way for the rest of the deck ^^ Yeah ofc you can play almost any faction (with small exceptions) in 4 player 10s. But it will lower your win-rate drastically as certain situations are not possible when not some quite meta decks are around.
  8. For sub 12 you can run buffed Batas, pure Fire or Bandit Decks with either 2/2 orbs or 3 shadow 1 fire, driven by BH and Emberstrikes. Even "classical" BH Decks should be very fine. Not sure about Banzais, they are super strong, but perhaps too slow, idk. If you want to do sub10 things get quite special. You need a team of very experienced players, good coordination and a suiting map. Then probably you want to have a certain mix of above or all going Bandit. 1-2 Players having Plauge may help, tons of spells, most early SoW and more. I share this perhaps, even if I perform SUUUUUUPER bad, this is a showcase of a sub10 run (quite at the beginning)
  9. Very good 10 random groups just skip any LS with air-T2 immediately. This is so out of line in balancing, that you only play this as motm if you have a sane mind πŸ˜„ That's how I was taught it by the master, and that is how I see it myself these daysπŸ™‚
  10. 1. Ofc it is doable with any color. But you should know it is a bit more complicated why fire is commonly asked for. 2. 10s are not casual content at all?
  11. Doing again a lot 10s lately. Yeah doing a lot of gate keeping - and sometimes you get some most pleasant groups, but it is crazy how many people I offend because I kick them. Still I hear often that they are driven by that boosters. And today I had a rank 20 who needed a longer explaination why wheels are a kinda super bad idea in 10s where everybody usually should play a better buff via spells. I know it probably is senseless to dig this out, but I need to share my feelings somewhere to keep my patience ingame. And ofc always even before the achievement there were a lot people comming that did not understand how big the step up from 9s to 10s is. But it is really crazy this days.
  12. Volin

    I cant loggin

    Perhaps just read the text there πŸ˜‰
  13. I'll open the party at 18:00 CET on my channel with a bigger opening (+100) and we will raid to Ultralord at 19:00 CET then
  14. Volin

    I cant loggin

    Perhaps just read the text there πŸ˜‰
  15. + while the layouts can be quite unfair in 1pl they time limit if very forgiving When I did my first 10s in open beta with Stonekin decks I often needed 30-40mins for that. This was a good challenge, enjoying and I learned a lot - but that was a complete different gameplay as my first 4player 10 I remember those, a group around Treim was looking for a Nature starter for their pos4 and he asked me to join for that. My job was just some heal support, not to touch T3 and waiting for Treim to bail me out. It was a blast when we finally hit T4, often with less then 5-6min left and all those guys started with their Batas and BHs. In the first matches I often thought "damn we can't win it anymore" but still won as their decks were fast enough to deal with it. 4pl and 1pl are so different that they are very hard to compare
  16. Just read on discord that pausing the forge ("K") may probably works as a workaround here to reduce lags
  17. Yeah sure, I get your point. Still you get mine also I guess. Btw don't get me wrong here, I'm a perfect example for overestimated ranks. I have rank19 and cry when I get most expert maps as quests ^^ My request if this should be tied to rank would be: Make it not visible before 15-17 then. Gold ranks are gotten pretty fast by just hanging around in the game.
  18. Said a few days ago on Discord: Seen more then one ember rank (what is that, 17?) that had not much clue about deckbuilding and spawn mechanichs while also played a few weeks ago with a sliver rank with perfect nomad micro, spawn trapping and other signs of deep understanding of game mechanics. My father always says: Not all older people are wise, some just get old. I had not much hope when creating this thread, even more as the lead designer had this topic on the table before this, and rejected. But the shoulder I cried out today told me to open up a discussion here
  19. As the title says. It just gets more and more nuts. No changes, just delete it. Please πŸ™
  20. I tab out very often, and have therefore often issues. But at least for me it helps just to tab out and in again when I see my hotkeys don't work. May that helps you too
  21. I agree with the most people from the discord discussion: If you played it in a team on standard you would have had no problems at all. You decide to go solo and expert for your first try, no point in blaming the game design or even the people from that discord conversation. In the time you were now complaining about this map you could have played it on all 3 difficulties
  22. Not even that. 3x the exact same icon with the exact same wording are per definition a duplicate. But who even cares.πŸ₯± As you say it is a redundant non-information and has nothing to do at all with knowing what the card does. If I have 1x, 2x, 3x or 4x the info to hover that a kill gives me 15% void return has no value on the information. I dare to say it is even the opposite, it is additional non-info that only may confuse. @WindHunter Can you clarify if this is really a intended design decision or has other reasons we may not see, as it seems to be no technical limitation?
  23. I personally have no issues, but I'm playing on quite a monster of PC currently. But I would say it is quite obvious there's something going on, too many reports of the same issue. I can even accept that it is currently not being fixed as the problem can't be identified yet. But I also read between the lines "problems must be from your end" and that is sad
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