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  1. So i wanted to open Skylords Reborn after finally setting up all firewall rules and stuff like that because the game kept crashing. And i was in the Forge before - means i created an ingame account based on this forum account and set an icon etc. - now after a few hours of not being at my computer i wanted to see if everything fits now and whether i can play or not, sadly now when i want to login the game tells me that my account is not activated yet and i have been sent an email to activate my profile - i did not get an email whatsoever yet i am not online to login
  2. so i was digging my way through some topics to get the game going but i keep getting the message as stated in the title - i am curios if there is a solution to that yet
  3. Delok

    your account is not activated yet

    someone help us
  4. Delok

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    i seem to be missing the launcher.exe programm to start the updater :(
  5. Delok

    Opening Tournament

    i am in for 1v1
  6. Delok

    English Grammar Test

    that was pretty easy to be fair. except the last question xD
  7. Delok

    When is your Birthday?

    i wanna see how many will congratulate you to your birthday haha
  8. Delok

    When is your Birthday?

    1st of january
  9. Delok

    BFR Minecraft Server!

    check out my attempt to build hyrule castle in the creative world it is straight ahead when you spawn tell me what you think
  10. Delok

    BFR Minecraft Server!

    i dont like this game but i have nice memories creating a house and a online life with a friend back in the days i might join and check out if i like mc on a long-term
  11. Delok

    League of Legends

    IGN: xXDelokXx region: Euw Mid lane main (assassin) plat III in season 5 and omw to diamond
  12. Delok

    Introduce Yourself!

    ah alright thank you mate didnt see that one
  13. Delok

    Introduce Yourself!

    Time for the next german guy Hey folks my name is Delok or just call me Dom i started playing BF in 2012 i think and had like no idea about pvp i just played pve and had fun destroying the easier modes xD after that game got shut down i played Minecraft with some friends but that turned out to get boring real soon so i took a break since it was summer but as soon as it got cold i was like ' damn you need a good online game again' a friend showed me League of Legends which i really love to play and i am pretty good at (if someone wanna play with me sometime -> xXDelokXx <- ) that aside to conclude this I LOVED BATTLEFORGE and that is because of all those possible strategies you could do. my nickname is from The Legend of Zelda if anyone it interested the legend of zelda is great looking forward to see you guys in the Forge or any pvp cards have a nice day and stay positive ! as well as keep that god damn HYPE up
  14. Delok

    PvE & PvP Tutors & Apprentices

    once the game is out i would like to get some help with my frost/nature deck but once i am really into the game i can probably help new or advanced players as well i am usually online between 8pm to 11pm (german timezone) ^^ really looking forward to this game

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