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  1. pabi

    Economy, quests, gold and rewards

    I can't say anything about balancing boosters, since I was able to finish 3 maps and got only 2 of such boosters (with barely anything inside), so my insight isn't really valuable. But since it's a problem maybe let's change daily to the small booster and quest reward to be standard booster instead? But regarding the gold/upgrades from maps: it would be lovely to look into rewards you get from rPvE vs those from standard PvE maps/PvP games. At this moment some 1P standard maps are taking about 40 minutes for 2 updates. I won't mention 2P/4P maps, where you may not get anything at all. At the same time, with completely basic deck, you can do 4P 5-6 rPvE like 2-3 times and just buy all those upgrades instead of grinding those. Also would suggest to look into daily questing system. In many games creators moved from "we choose quests for you (randomly or not)" to "you have a group of quests designed for all possibile actions you can take in the game - just pick 3 of those and have fun". I remember a lot of people in the original BF game were like "we're playing only PvP/only PvE, we don't like the other option". Why to force people to do something they don't like (i.e. for me this would be "play 4 PvP games"), when we can encourage to do something, they like spending their time on? "Spend 15 minutes in any game" is great, since it affects both PvP-only/PvE-only/"don't care" type of players. Now let's maybe make other quests a choice - for example "play 4 1P standard maps or 4 1vs1 PvP games" and "play 2 2P/4P/12P maps or 2 2vs2 PvP games". Just an idea though.
  2. Ok, need to meet her again, because I still don't think that it should affect such large number of units (80%+ of both armies). But thanks for explanation, I don't know how, but for sure I never met that boss when Phenomic was still in charge.
  3. LOCATION: 2-player level 5 map (we chose map of the week, but that from what I heard doesn't work) REPRODUCIBILITY: At the moment it's pretty hard to repeat due to constant disconnects. Also if weekly random maps doesn't work, then it may be quite hard to reproduce. DESCRIPTION: During the final fight with Viridya/Moon-type (not sure which) boss, only part of our creatures were attacking her. From the group of Juggernauts, Magma Hurlers, Windweavers, Drones and Giant Wyrms only Hurlers and Wyrms were attacking. The rest was walking around and doing nothing against her, even when ordered to attack (but a second ago and later they were properly attacking other units/buildings) SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: - ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: -
  4. pabi

    Closed Beta Applications

    First of all I'm kinda impressed you are going to go through all of our stories here So about me - my ign is pabi, I played Battleforge quite exhaustive since the first closed betas available to random lucky ones till about 2012, when I just found better ways to spend my time. It's not that I found Battleforge bad game or something (although at this moment there were some unfixed exploits on some maps and some cards which were pretty irritating for me), but I simply collected everything I wanted to collect in that game at that moment - had all cards, all upgrades, soloed each map that was able to be soloed. I managed fan-made polish BattleForge site. I translated all cards and their abilities, as well as map objectives to polish language, so our younger players could have an easier understanding of what is going on around them. I won some of Community Challenges, including "I work for Phenomic" title in one of them... I'm not bragging, I was just pretty awesome at that moment of my life As for PvP - I tried playing 1vs1 and I suck completely (which is ok, since I do exactly the same in any other RTS game there is), but I wasn't that bad in 2vs2 while teamed up with some of (imho) better PvP players from Poland. Nevertheless PvE will be rather my focus. I have standard work, studies, life outside of PC, so I could be able to play I think up to 1 hour each day from Monday to Friday and 2-3 per day on weekends. I know it's not much comparing to people able to play for 20-30 hours per week, but at least you'll get someone who knows how the game looked like and behaved in more proficient than casual way. Discord user: pabi#NineTwoSevenNine (sorry for the form, but I already wrote my whole number once in a standard form and was spammed by some bots, so want to avoid it). Cheers
  5. pabi

    Shrine of War card

    Normally I'd agree, but not sure if transfering power between players by Decomposer + Furnace of Flesh combo still works (I stopped playing about a year before closing of servers). If yes, that would be the most op thing here. Going into T4 after 2 minutes... Actually I never saw any info if that combination was a designed one or that it shouldn't work this way.
  6. pabi

    Open Stress Test Information

    I just have to say that it would be lovely to have open beta started exactly 9 years after the game was first released in EU Honestly I don't know how I remember that date, but even have my BattleForge t-shirt on me today
  7. pabi

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

  8. pabi

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    reply to this topic!
  9. pabi

    [Official] My Improved CardBase

    Hi Guys There are no hints, so maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I think there are some issues here. I use the standard setup (so everything checked, "Sort by Orbs" and "Ascending"). I then pick Nature-Frost-Nature-Shadow combination of orbs (T1-T2-T3-T4) with "Only show playable cards" checked. Few questions now: 1) Why is the order of cards changing, when I change from Frost to Nature? When Frost is picked at T2, I have Treespirit at the beginning, and when Nature is picked instead, I have Spearmen at the beginning. I mean it doesn't greatly affect the card list, but it's still strange and in my opinion shouldn't happen, since those cards have exactly the same Orb requirements and changing Orb types shouldn't affect their order. 2) Why Twilight cards are presented to me, while I didn't pick Fire orb anywhere? 3) Why I have cards like Grinder shown? I'd expect to see cards which exactly work with my combination and while Grinder is indeed 2 Nature, but also 2 Frost (which I don't have), it shouldn't be shown to me.
  10. pabi


    I don't intent to go into specifics, but sadly it takes only few minutes to find old guides explaining how to make those cheats. Hiding behind "maybe no one will see, maybe no one will know" it's the worst thing anyone can do when trying to resurrect a game, which had those cheats available from day one to it's end. If they want to start a good game, they need to implement a secure response to existing cheats and exploits before the game leaves beta phase. And by good game I mean a game people aren't leaving because of large number of uncontrollable cheating/exploiting (including bad programming of existing cards, units and whole maps, which leads to incredible speedruns ruining the game).
  11. pabi

    Current Proposal: Rewards

    As for daily quests - wouldn't it be better to increase number of quests and let players choose 3 by themselves? Well, a good example is with Guild Wars 2 - there you're able to pick the area you were interested in. This way PvE players could choose only to play PvE options and PvP players played PvP. Lately addition of new guild houses started a rage from PvP-only players, because it forces them to play PvE, which they just don't want to do. I think it should be up to players which daily quests they want to do. So quests shouldn't force them to "play 2vs2 game" or "12P map" or "play Swiftclaw 10 times". They should be neutral, allowing any player to finish them in his or her own way. For example: (dunno about the numbers, just examples) 3 PvE daily quests: 1) Get at least 5000 gold from chest on any number of 2P and 4P maps 2) Successfully finish at least 2 different maps on any number of 12P maps 3) Attack at least 400 times with any range unit on PvE maps 3 PvP daily quests: 1) Deal at least 4000 damage with your Swift unit to enemy player's creatures or structures 2) Play at least 5 2vs2 games 3) Win at least 3 games on different 1vs1 maps
  12. pabi


    Let's start with cheat - first of all you have to understand how it works, because the game itself enables it. So if you copy the game, you copy the ways to go around it. There are 3 main elements the cheat is addressing: 1) 150 limit - which can be easily found by CheatEngine and changed into any other number, because it's not stored on the server, but checks it locally. 2) limitless power - As you know, when in the Forge, you can summon units for free, play spells without any delay, etc. What the cheat does it it mimics this behavior on a normal map. This can also be done via CheatEngine without any bigger problem. 3) map visibility - again, this is enabled by replays and "fog of war" removal possibility. It also can mimic this behavior on normal map and again it's enough to use CheatEngine. It takes about 5 minutes to teach someone how to use CheatEngine to find those three addresses. Also the method doesn't change after game patching, just each address may change, so it's really easy to find the new one again. As for checking the replays - well, keep in mind that at the best BF moments there were several thousands of players playing at one time. Each of them made a replay. And there was no single possibility for devs to check each and every replay recorded. Also Phenomic isn't (wasn't?) a really big studio, so for sure they had no resources for that. Regarding doing maps on cheats - you could easily summon normal windweavers and shaman without the cheat, then activate the cheat and put for example giant wyrms into play (they weren't counted by the game as summoned, no power was used and returned after they were killed), which cleared almost whole map. In the meantime you could just turn off the cheat, get some power wells, orbs, summon some normal creatures, but since 99% of enemies were destroyed, it was a piece of cake to finish the map. The cheat caused desync only, when another player was on the same map as you. But since almost all PvE maps were soloable, there was no option to set automatic anti-cheat application based on "player is soloing 4P map" statement. So yeah, there are multiple options an anti-cheat system could record - like damage dealt to creatures in some time (if you spammed healing spell 20 times in 3 seconds it may appear that your WW have more health than your Grimvine), time in which you aren't doing anything in comparison to your finish time, time you reach certain power wells on each map, etc. Those replays could be recorded and sent to devs for further investigation. The funny thing was that those options were suggested to Phenomic devs. I don't know if they didn't care or they thought their anti-cheat system was the best system ever or what... the fact was that there were people who used those cheats through the whole time without ever being punished. Also some pro-players used them and other methods (like boting - used to level up PvE rank, when new ones were added), some of them even accidentally recorded them.

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