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  1. Even official servers suffer from disconnects. And this is not just for BF. Any game can suffer from it. Pathetic? Pathetic, is a person who enters the forum for the first time and publishes something like this topic. Are you paying to play? Did you donate to receive "BF points"? I BET NOT. Don't judge others' work man. And if you want to criticize, post something constructive. This kind of attitude (YOUR) adds nothing to the game community. A topic like yours does is just the opposite. And if you find it easy to create something, apply for an "EA authorization" and try recreating the game yourself.
  2. Upoo

    Suggestion His/Her -> Their

    I just used quotes as a way to start the conversation and not argue about both terms during my text..... Since I did not want to talk deeply about the subject (believing it to be controversial) and it could generate misunderstandings, ESPECIALLY FOR I DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH FLUENT, but rather use a translator.
  3. Upoo

    Suggestion His/Her -> Their

    "gender", "sexual option". Use of "comprehensive" language is complex. I believe the staff has not commented yet due to the complexity of the matter. Whereas, changing such "text" in the game may please some and annoy others. Never, but NEVER. It is possible to please everyone. I will not enter merits, because I am not here to judge: P, so I used the "quotes".
  4. Finally, after 10 days i have a computer again <3
    Back to the game tomorrow oh yeah!

  5. Since the beginning of my journey in the BF, I wonder about this. Are single color decks viable? Currently I'm using a deck that is practically (nature), only with 3 exceptions (magma hurler), and two other constructions (I do not remember names, both stonekin). My question is, are unique color decks viable? My focus is purely PVE, complete the entire campaing (in all difficulties) and later random maps in difficulties greater than 6. Another issue I raise is ... decks containing a pure color, would they be cheap? Or ... would they have their highest value because of the use of only one color?
  6. Upoo

    Refresh in PvP needed

    Since there are limitations, I believe it is not possible to make a "moba" within the BF. However, I imagine it is possible to implement "functions" to create a "similar" game mode. Correct me if I'm wrong. But in the introduction, we can only use certain cards after a certain "event". Perhaps, if you implement this kind of "limitation" on a custom map, it might be possible to create something like a moba. And as if there are only 2 resource types in the BF (orbs, and the other one there that you spend to summon each unit, which I've forgotten the name now and I'm feeling silly about it). I will put by points to try to argue more "explained" what I imagined. a) The player would be free to set up his deck. b) However, you could only start each game with tier 1 cards. c) The neutral monster fields scattered around the map would release the use of tier 2 cards, as well as the monuments for "orbs" would be in the jungle. d) Once a neutral field is defeated. The player would have access to a certain type of card (tier 2 cards), but could only evoke such units with the second monument, which in order to achieve this, would eliminate a monument site that would be guarded by units. e) Another type of "reward" that I believe might be possible would be, after eliminating certain neutral fields, the player gains some unit (once all monsters in the neutral field die, the player gains control of the finished unit). ) This could be prepared just as there are in some missions, would leave such a unit in the neutral field "standing or locked in a cage" and after all enemy units are killed, you would approach and gain control of such a unit. But it should be a higher unit than you would control, for example if you eliminate a windweaver squad you would get a unit of 2 orbs. I hope you have clearly explored my idea (I thought well after reading the topic to try to argue briefly). I tried to search the memory for things that already existed so as not to add complex mechanics to the game. But only, to "slightly" modify some existing xD.
  7. Upoo

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    Does the game db keep a deck log? or something like this? Or ... is this kind of information obtained through the players? I am not doubting this information. It is just a doubt. Edit 1.0: Is there a way to know the most used cards? Like a "top 10"?
  8. I started alone on skylords, but decided to invite 4 of my old comrades to play with me again. My brother, 2 cousins and a longtime friend. We have a habit of meeting on weekends and playing together. My point is, the fact that we are all 5 under one roof (we will not always be the 5 in the same network) but when we are .... is there a possibility of taking some punishment for being on the same network? To avoid any kind of allegation, we will not make any exchanges between us. We just wish we could play again together. Because any online experience is always better with friends, so we can get together, have a few beers and have fun for hours together.
  9. My sincere apologies.
    But sometimes what I say may not be completely "understood", my native language is not English, and everything I type here will be what I learned during the time I play online, and / or with the help of some program that do translation.

  10. Upoo

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    The problem with any kind of change is that it will always be impossible to please Greeks and Trojans. Always someone will be dissatisfied. Opening a topic and asking for a vote for changes may be good, but anyone who "loses" the vote will be irritated. "Maybe," one possibility would be for staff to evaluate internally what changes really should be made and just come here and post when they are made. After such changes are made, stipulate a trial period and see if they have been well accepted by the community or not. And if the reception for them was good, keep them in the game.
  11. Upoo

    Need Help Dowloading

    There is no need for premium acc in mediafire. I downloaded my zip file in mediafire with no problem.
  12. Upoo

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    I have no extensive knowledge of all the cards. This way I don't know which ones really "need" some balancing. However, I believe any such adjustments should be made as soon as possible, as this will allow us to test the changes during the beta. And I also believe that any changes or voting for changes should be made here in the forum.
  13. Not necessarily, I believe we should be limited (to 1 booster per day as a reward), just as it has been done as a reward for playing 30 minutes. However, I believe that this reward could be improved, so I suggested the following: "One way to change it would be as follows: Keep the 30-minute reward for the booster, however, for every 15 minutes thrown after this 30 requirement, add a prize to the player. Limiting the rewards after 2 hours of play. " This additional reward up to 2 hours should be BFP. As for the part of the text that made the quote, was my suggestion as to the daily missions, which I believe should not force players to do something they do not like, so I suggested that it be "win x maps" or " play x matches ". For this type of mission we can all complete, without anyone being benefited, whether new or experienced. And as for the rewards of these daily missions, I believe they could be the way it's been done, 50-75 BFP, or even a small amount (if the first suggestion were to be taken, which would increase the reward on a whole).
  14. I think this way ... (And I hope you do not throw stones at me for this) the text in parentheses is a saying that we use a lot in Brazil, I hope it does not sound very strange. I believe that the rewards should be "equal", not to benefit many newcomers and also not to benefit the more experienced. In spite of the fact that the novices "need" more boosters in the beginning of the game because they do not have so many letters. These should not acquire a greater amount than those who are already in the game the longest and battling daily. On the other hand, those who have played for a long time and are "experienced" should not benefit from this either, since they have been playing for a longer time and are more likely to complete more difficult challenges and obtain better rewards for this. In this way, I believe that the rewards should be equal for everyone, with the extra for victory (SMALL) just as an extra bonus. An example of a change to the rewards, I believe the daily playing 30 minutes to win a booster, should be modified. One way to change it would be as follows: Keep the 30-minute reward as the booster, however, for every 15 minutes thrown after this 30 requirement, add a prize to the player. Limiting the rewards after 2 hours of play. Nothing extraordinary, but something that keeps the player interested in continuing to play, and from this were he could play whatever he liked. Be PVP, PVE, rbg, or whatever. As a daily mission, just win "x" maps, or play "x" matches. This would be the right kind of mission to come every day, nothing that would force anyone to do something they did not like. I hope my point has been clear. It is not easy to try to argue using a language that you are not fluent in.
  15. Upoo

    What do you do in life?

    I work with government biddings, I'm a crier.
  16. Upoo

    Looking for help to make Maps

    I've never worked with battleforge maps ... But ... let's say I have a very strong creative side ^^ I'll watch the video on this topic and try to stay active here [if anyone is still interested in making maps] I already have a slight idea for creating one (but I do not know if there is something like this). As soon as I leave work (today) I will post a small sketch of what I have in mind.
  17. Upoo

    What do you Love?

    Cheese bread is something very unique .... The "flour" that is used has a very laborious preparation, and those of good quality are usually made on farms by small farmers, so it is difficult to acquire. For me it is easy to acquire, because I live in a small town and here several still produce the flour by hand. But ... every time I make the "family recipe" I end up eating from 20 to 30 .... haha
  18. Upoo

    What do you Love?

    My fiancee, my 2 dogs, my 5 cats. Games (they keep me healthy) Pizza, cheese bread (something only who lives in brasil can understand)
  19. Upoo

    Where are you from?

    Brazil And for us is "Brasil"
  20. Upoo

    DROP RATES (%)

    Well, i see 2 "guides" in the forum, talking about drops of cards and upgrades. First is one link to a spreadsheet containing the list of drops from all maps. And the other is this link "http://allcards.skylords.eu/" I'm trying to drop a "shaman"... Last night i played the "encounters with twilight" a few times, and no drop..... I know i played just a few times (5 or 6), but... there is any kind of site/spreadsheet where i can find the %% of drop of any card?
  21. Upoo

    DROP RATES (%)

    Let me see if i understand it right.... The maps don't drop the card, but the "upgrade" for the cards? So... if i want a shaman, i have to try my luck in a booster pack or buy it on auction house? And now i understand the drop rates. i have to put 1/xx [1, card i want] [xx, other cards droped in the map]
  22. Upoo

    loot for comunitymaps

    My fault, I misunderstood the information. xD Just ignore what i said. Smile and wave.
  23. Upoo

    DROP RATES (%)

    Thats the spreadsheet i mentioned in my post. But sadly there is no drop rate :| So... i have to keep trying right? Anyway ty xD

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