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  1. WAIT? seriously? Is there someone who can confirm this? Because with the card being so cheap, and having such an amazing ability for free, it seems pretty darn awesome even without the ability being free, it still seems pretty cool, definitely gonna have to test it out once the game comes out
  2. I mean... not only walls but all Enemy buildings lol, so red is definitely worth it on some maps, like I said earlier, this card is very situational, and one affinity will be better over the other depending on the map.
  3. I finally did what I should've done ages ago, deactivate my *** Facebook lmao

  4. depends on the map which one is better, in maps where you need a strong defense, Blue affinity is best, but in maps where you wanna use it as a basenuker, red is best. Either way, it's a situational card and I would only put it in my deck when I'm on a map where I'll be in one of those 2 situations.
  5. I think @Loptous is just very busy or something, since I haven't seen him online in ages, and all his threads are dead atm. I'm sure he'll be back eventually though.
  6. I like Stormsingers better. Also I really like this Idea, would help out myself but I'm just awful at writing XD
  7. I came up with this name when I was like 10-11, it's a mix of my name, Ben and my favourite pokémon, Latios, since Latios is known as the "Eon pokémon". it had a nice ring to it and it just stuck to me. these days I always use the username EonBen online, and in games I often shorten it to Eon, which is what a lot of people have been starting to call me as a nick as well.
  8. 1452 I'm bored and got nothing better to do
  9. wish granted, but now you can't login anymore. I wish Shadow/Nature (Amii) got more cards.
  10. This is amazing, Thanks a lot Bolrader! and Congratz on becoming a part of the team :]
  11. useless card, Rioters Retreat and Bandit Launcher are so much better T2 Bandit Towers, cause both do really good damage and are able to attack ALL units while Sky Defender is useless against everything that's not airborne. There is not a single reason to put this card in your deck imo. 0.5/10
  12. Easily one of pure Fire's best PvP cards, just set up a rallying banner near the monuments and wells of your opponent and there you go, you can start spamming fire dancers and use other units to protect them. On top of that the insane range also allowed it to cliffdance, which is just super annoying to deal with, if that can be nerfed, that would be amazing.
  13. I've always seen it a giant White Wolf so yeah XD imo it doesn't look that Feline
  14. I like them and they are useable, however there are better swift units for Nature T1 (Swiftclaw and Amazon) I do remember that there was a pure nature player (forgot his name) who loved using Werebeasts in PvP but that's all I ever saw of it. in PvE it is useable though, definitely while in the beginning. I give it a 6/10. There is Forest Elder which is basically a giant Wolf so there's that XD
  15. would you maybe suggest using a different L counter in T2 ?
  16. Didn't feel like looking further for a different one, cause like I said, it's viable, but not used that much, I'd probably not use it simply because of not having the room for it in my deck. And btw, for those who don't know, you can decide who Wanderer casts the shield on with the same way you decide who shaman targets with it's heals, so it's not random at all.
  17. I have seen Replays of people successfully using Lost Wanderer as a Suport unit to give Reavers and other units contstant Ice shields making them very hard to kill, only problem would be actually fitting it in your deck, so it's probably more for T2 heavy PvP decks. click here for a PvP Replay with successful use of Wanderer.
  18. For now this is all the help I'll need, though I'm sure I'll be needing more once we can actually play the game, but since I can't actuall play to try and improve yet, that'll be all for now.
  19. 1427 this really has gotten to a high number XD
  20. oh, off course XD missed that cuz I'm a bit on the tired side atm haha
  21. I thought people rarely went t4 in pvp though, since it's normally not that great. Did some really use Rifle Cultists? XD
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