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  1. Hjoartendk

    new account BFPs at the start?

    This is more balanced than the other one
  2. Hjoartendk

    Lost Drake: A Lost Souls 2 orbs Dragon

    sounds as a good idea i like a drake more than a flying woman xD
  3. Hjoartendk

    First thing you wanna do

    Playing all the quest cause i need a fresh start and need to play them again cant remember them
  4. Hjoartendk

    Battleforge Lore

  5. Hjoartendk

    Card combos

    XD Yep you did
  6. Hjoartendk

    new cards that me and my brother are working on

    Its a nice idea you have going but remember that the devs said that the first thing they are gonna work on is the Game it self and get it out and running smooth and then maybe they will look into adding new stuff but it will take some time GL
  7. Hjoartendk

    new account BFPs at the start?

    Thats actually an nice idea but we cant say anything to it its op to the devs but the idea is great! really nice idea
  8. Hjoartendk

    New to the forums

    The way you get into alpha is being active and helpful to other players and maybe you have a chance to get pulled out hope it helped you
  9. Hjoartendk

    App on Mobile Phones

    Oh really i didnt know XD lets see
  10. Hjoartendk

    Card combos

    Dreadcharger and nasty surprise if many small units
  11. Hjoartendk

    new account BFPs at the start?

    Thats true and it needed to be that way cause its a free 2 play game and you should not be able to buy anything when the game is free
  12. Hjoartendk

    App on Mobile Phones

    Hey Skylords Yesterday i was thinking about how awesome it would be to have an App on the mobile where you could write in the forums and write to the friends on the forum and look things op cause i sometime speak with my friends about this game and they want to know someting about it so i was like we need an mobile app So that was my idea i know its a bit short but there can be added alot more things to the app, the only thing that is the problem is that we need a dev to make it to an mobile phone. ^^ Cya Skylords
  13. Hjoartendk

    Battleforge Lore

    Nice job finding these lores im gonna look into them and read the lore again cause i dont have anything else to do and i miss the game so yea But really nice job doing this
  14. Hjoartendk

    Fire pvp

    XD haha its normal to die as @shotty says to a combo cause theres nothing worth to making a combo and its useless

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