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  1. Seems nice! Really like this idea im gonna try some of these ^^ my self it really sounds interresting Nice done m8
  2. Hjoartendk

    The legendary forum game "count"

    1026 LOL
  3. Hjoartendk

    Donators - Thanks list !

    I love this community allready alot of donations is crazy keep on the good work Skylord ^^ ^^
  4. Hjoartendk

    Which Faction to choose for PvE.

    You have a point but i dont know if there is any type thats the "best" but i personally think Nature is all so really good cause all of the heals xD
  5. Hjoartendk

    Current Proposal: Tokens & Gold

    Thats true thats the way i like it aswell
  6. Hjoartendk

    Setting up a Stream

    Nice stream yesterdat m8 liked it a lot!
  7. Hjoartendk

    Where are you from?

    DENMARK The "biggest" country evar!
  8. Hjoartendk

    Current Proposal: Tokens & Gold

    Sounds really nice if hyped to get some BFP and spent them on some boosters
  9. Hjoartendk

    Which Faction to choose for PvE.

    For PVE i really do like Pure Nature and Fire they workd really good for me and i playd more PVE that PVP those days....
  10. Hjoartendk

    Fire/Frost deck

    I would say you should have a really good 1 orb so you can fight and win those fights so i would say go 5 1 orb units and then build you deck from there with some medium and xl counters GL
  11. Hjoartendk

    Current Proposal: Rewards

    This system is really good i prefer it more that you can buy cause then the new players dont run out and buy alot of bfp and quits the game it better if you just play to get the things and i hope they wil balance the bfp prices on most of the things

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