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  1. Just now, Dallarian said:

    @Geradon @Killhakan @Dallarian @Eirias @LetsEinfallslos002 @tbpeti @Aazrl please make sure to invite everyone to your friend list before tournament. We will use our HS tournament discord (once again)

    People that voted for rules but didn't entered tournament, please do it, you are welcome here. Also i feel little confused about that. (make new voting from discord, and i will kick everyone who isn't in tournament on what? idk ,just thinking,) Here discord link: https://discord.gg/vQtaz

    @shadowxxs77 please confirm at friday your playing or not playing, we :hype: that you will play with us.

     No sorry I won't be playing :/

  2. 4 hours ago, Eirias said:

    I did google that. I was hoping someone would explain if it was worth my time to play.

    If you like RNG, are creative and like experimenting, but also enjoy grinding (Playing for testing diffrent things etc instead of grapahics (Which are not to bad) and story line etc...)

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