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  1. yea i cant do this everytime i try there is an error i started over about 5 times watch the videos and yea nothing will work well what ever
  2. i dont rlly think it is anything that you can help with it is just how my computer accepts the files i have to do extra work to make the work
  3. i still have no idea how to do this it is probally because every file i download is messed up for some reason
  4. i guess a 2v2 but it dosnt rlly matter to me
  5. well maby there might be enough donations and they can buy it who knows
  6. and how long will it take for them not to have copyrights on it? or is not copyrights just the fact that they own it and stuff like that?
  7. but i really dont understand why they cant make money off of this ik they made a deal with ea not to but they left the game for dead so why cant they make money off of it im so confused
  8. Can you still donate to help support atm?
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