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  1. Flrbb

    Mission has no ending event

    Nah, don't get me wrong. You do not need more randomness. But a map could have lots of parameter to add randomness to. With that "few" combinations I assume that there are not many parameters they add variance to. For example, you could have a set of pre-defined camp layouts with just one orientation. Or you could add randomness to those camps (let's say an optional additional unit of each kind) and rotate it, too. Assume there are 5 different kinds of enemy units to add (or not to add) per camp and a total of 10 camps to which this modifier could apply, as well as 4 possible rotations then you would get 2^(10*5)*4 possibilities alone. Well, at least if my math is right. 4503599627370500 alone on this minor change. That would be waaaay more than the previously mentioned map count. What brings even more variance to randomness is the general layout (pathes) with a map. There easily could be an almost infinite number when you move each camp a bit to increase/decrease the distance between two camps. So this seems not to be the case - looks like given layouts to me. Which is what made me wonder and made me to write my above comment.
  2. Flrbb

    Mission has no ending event

    Only 2^15? Would have thought it is even more randomized!
  3. dunno if there was a update yet, but until today it is not fixed
  4. Flrbb

    3 - Offering (Green) Counting bug

    Same old (known) bug from original BF...
  5. Flrbb

    Estimated time for release?

    Looks painfull. Probably you have to study computer science for that.
  6. Flrbb

    Offering help for rpve lvl 10

    I was used to play lvl 10. Even then it was hard to gather 4 people for that difficulty. But nowadays I did not try again. When are your usual uptimes? Maybe we can get 4 players together.
  7. Flrbb

    Estimated time for release?

    So, either you just edit some databases, or you can at least see parts of the code lines and alter/add them? I am only a spare time programmer, but somewhat interested in general technical possibilities...
  8. Flrbb

    3 - Wrong Gold Count

    NAME: Wrong Gold Count (somewhere) SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Upgrade Screen REPRODUCIBILITY: just once DESCRIPTION: See attached Picture. And Additional Infomation. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: yes, explains most of this bug... ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Happend after a multiplayer match, which did not finished (I think that was because of one Player got a disconnect earlier). Basically we did won, but the game did not end. I quited the match (not the game), so I recieved no loot, exept some Gold from the chests (I guess). Probably this Gold was not be taken into account. After I restarted the game, I had the same amount of Gold diplayed in the upper Corner and the upgrade did work.
  9. Flrbb

    3 - Wrong Gold Count

    In that mission you do not have to kill everything. We did tear down all the walls completely. The win condition usually triggers when Jorne&Rogan disappear. The condition for a lost match is, when Rogan is down to 0 HP. I did not enable the "save all replays". So everything is lost. maybe you should make the saves as a default. If I am not mistaken, the end of match was not much (like 5 minutes) before the bug report. Cannot remember any names. Also, that bug was common/known in original BF.
  10. Currently, the end game statistics (2nd tab) are showing your values, the total and the best value and that player. If you have e.g. killed the most enemies, the you'll miss some information on how many less another player has killed. What about to add more columns to this table? Like, showing each players values, but no sum (at least I wouldn't miss that column). Also, at least for non-pvp games, there are some rows which are uninteresting. These could be removed when not playing PvP.
  11. Flrbb

    Estimated time for release?

    Just wondering; If you have no code, how do you alter the game?
  12. Flrbb

    Modifications to end game summary

    Just a quick example for rPvE: Claimed orbs and wells are allways the same.
  13. Flrbb

    3 - Wrong Gold Count

    Map was King of Giants.. cannot remember much else. At the last set of orbs we were only 3 players. Reaching the end of the map, killing everything... We waited a minute or something like that. Then I quit the match. Edit: If you need specific information then ask...
  14. Flrbb

    Modifications to end game summary

    besides, what is the meaning of the first two values? well, I do have an idea what one of These values is. but then; what is the other...
  15. Flrbb

    End game statistics

    This might be a bug, but maybe it is a design choice... When at the end game statistics/upgrade rewards, and the game leader creates a new game you are emediately transferred to the new game overview to chose your position. This means, you cannot view the end game statistics anymore, also you cannot save the replay and so on. My suggestion is, don't transfer players to the new game, but give him a message "..has created a new game".
  16. I have played each campaign map on easy mode and almost each map on advanced, now trying expert level. Means, the lowest difficulty is quite boring to me. I do not want to brag about this. It just means I am not interested in any open games from the first difficulty level. Therefore I like to suggest an option to hide any open games from the world map (the sum per campaign mission) - not the map specific overview, of course.
  17. Flrbb

    More Buffs shown on the Screen

    +1 Each party member do have the same buffs. Right now I cannot think of a buff that appears in that upper left corner which does not count to all players. (At least in non-pvp) So one symbol per buff would be enough - leaving space for up to 5 different buffs...
  18. NAME: Gained Upgrades as reward to Cards/Uprgrades I allready own SEVERITY: 1, maybe 2 LOCATION: Post-game (when you get your rewards from campaign) REPRODUCIBILITY: Tried just once but it is very clearly a bug, which is new since the last update DESCRIPTION: I do own the Swamp Drake upgrade Level one, dunno if I own level 2 and 3 also. Level one is applied to the card. As reward from Crussade I got all upgrades, no gold. I am quite certain that I do own all Upgrades from crussade by now. In the upgradescreen none of those is visible. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: attached. It explans everything better than words. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: - The swampdrake is just one example. This is related to all(?) cards
  19. Flrbb

    Guns of Lyr Expert

    There are several waves coming. But they are triggered from different effects while playing. The following might not be 100% accurate, but it should be close enough. 1. Lets call it a "constant stream". This is the basic attack of enemies. I do not know how they are triggered (by time or after the last wave was destroyed), but basically after you killed one wave you'll have a short time to recover and then the next bunch of enemies do come. After (roughly) 5 minutes, if I remember correctly, there is a decent "upgrade" to the enemies which are coming. From now on, you'll face some units which have a spell blocking aura. Also, enemies are up to "L", so they hit quite hard. As all (?) of them are not ranged, flying units like Mana Wings are a good way to go. There are some more "upgrades" to this enemy waves, but they are not as crucial as the first increase, just because your mates on 3 and 4 should be ready when these hit your wall. 2. After each of the countdowns runs out, there is a bigger wave of enemies (up to XL units). 3. This one is the final wave. After you killed all the dragons and everything big the Twilight has on its side no other (null, nada, zero) enemies follow from that side of the map. If on both side all units from this wave are dead, you have won the game (you do not have to clear all the camps). They spawn as soon as a certain building is destroyed. These two buildings can easily be identified. Near to the starting places of player 1 and 2 is a wall, which your units cannot cross, to the corner. There are lots of buildings in red (fraction-wise) and just one in orange (or the colours are vice-versa). You can ignore all the red stuff, only the orange one counts. As a side note: usually players 3 and 4 have to kill the 3 bases to the left and right side of the map to open up the gates to reach the orange building. With some tricks - e.g. Rifle Cultists - you do not have to open the gates, because you can destroy the orange building over the wall. This speed up the game play. Another side note: after a period of time, if the 6 bases on the left/right sides are not destroyed, they also emit waves of monsters. If players 3 and 4 are really fast (most are not), you finish before these waves are coming. Anyhow, position 1 and 2 are quite easy. But you have to plan with T1 only. All you need are some towers, some units to mount the wall and maybe some crowd control or spells to inflict damage. On the other hand position 3 and 4 need a specialized deck. No a specific one, but it has to fit this map and strategy. With that and some planing even positions 3 and 4 are at best medicore.
  20. From a non-nature players perspective: Its a nice bonus to have. Like, another good team player. And whatever your fraction is, you are not meant to have heals on t1. So a good plus. With one downside; with a bit luck you've done your first camp until the nature player starts attacking (because the built time takes quite some time until it is ready to use). If there is some pressure from t3 and the nature player is still standing at his t1... not good. From the natures point of view: Recently, I tried it myself. (To be honest: it was not upgraded at all.) You get a constant but slow heal. This, again, is a nice bonus to have. But it does not help you if one specific unit is under attack and will die soon. Then you'll need Surge of Light anyways. So I would question the overall use of it.
  21. NAME: Cards with 0 buyout in AH do not display when sorting by Buyout, but will be displayed when sort by price SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: AH REPRODUCIBILITY: I guess allways DESCRIPTION: title says it all, see attached immages for clarification
  22. The building has two effects. That 20m aura, which is quite nice when you have to defend stationary (for example Empire), especially combined with Dreadnought and/or Silvian Gate (? dunno if that is the right one). Also, this aura can help you out when charging Deathrays (when they fly over the building) The other effect is a global thingy. You need two Healing Gardens anywhere on the map to have that effect constantly activated. By its own it does nothing. But as Treim said, it buffs every other healing ability. Use Regrowth on a bunch of almost dead T4 units. Without Gardens you hardly see any difference on their health bars, with the effect all units are completely healed.
  23. As far as I know, the Fieds shouldn't be selective. Maybe you should report it.
  24. In rPvE, to have a slight motivation to reach your T2 first, you should add a gold chest to each orb at those wells/orb. Thus, there will be some sort of race whose name pops up first. But each T2 would need a chest then. This would lead to more gold (and also an easier daily quest). To compensate, you could lower the gold given from those chests and also rise the amount of chests needed (maybe from 7 to 10, dunno).
  25. First, I would build up two different decks for random pve and campaign missions. At least within a four player random generated map you hardly will need any tower. (You could use Kobold Inc. to summon Wolrd Breakers, but that is a differnt story.) A big plus for your towers, though. Not more than a tower in each tier. Also, read the description of Juice Tank very, very carefully. The wells will last longer, thus giving more resources. But the given rate per time does not change. This means, unless you plan to play more than (roughly, because it depends on the capacity of the wells) 25 minutes, you will not need this card! Ice barrier is mainly for supporting Home Soil. Cobold Labratory is another card is another card I like to question. You strengthen your defense, yes. But is it that important to fill up a slot? Well, I do not have enough experience with that card but that is why I wouldn't use it. :/ I do wonder why Chrystal Fiends do not heal a Constuct. Are you sure? For most (basic) needs I'd use Skyelf Templar instead of the Kobold Engineer. He tends to run away too easily. You asked for advice on spells. Frost has not much to do with void (except Shrine of Martyrs), so take only what you really feel needed. I will point out some interesting ones: Home Soil (expensive, for more damage) and maybe Glyph of Frost (if you need some crowd control on T1). Coldsnap (very common crowd conrtol on T2), Matter Mastry is an interesting card, but expensive. Some people swear on Stone Shell, I do not use it. A Frost Shard is handy (instand freze, plus death). Another good one is Shatter Ice. Either use it together with Coldsnap or with Maelstrom. Northland Drake does not deal much damage, nor can take much, its special ability is hard to use (at least for my take). Core Dreadge is a good unit and fun to play. Most forst players do use Avatar or Rageflame (but both are expensive). The cheap alternative would be Stone Warrior. In my opinion, frost and stonekin have not much to offer on t3. In t2, for two frost orbs I like to name War Eagle (together with Ice Area Shield) and maybe White Rangers. For Stonekin I suggest Razorshard (green). They are cheap, do heal themselves and everything around them when in siege mode. These plus a decent t1 or Defenders if you like will give a good t2. I'd say Agrssor is a some sort of a mobile crowd control. They are nice, but cost a lot of energy and do not deal damage - but their knock back is really, really good. As you allready own Chrystal Fiend; yes, use them, too. Typical T4 units would be Wyrm (dunno, why you do not like them, they are easy and uncomplicated), Gemeye (prefer the purple one) and Grinder (any affinity) or Grimvine. If you stick to Construct, I'd use Battleship, too. Both are slow, but they fit together. But I cannot recommend both to you, when you want to play random pve. Maybe this wall of text will help you.

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