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  1. Pritstift

    combine the reset with the release of new cards

    We dont need nostalgia at this point - there are cards that are completely broken/useless - improve/balance this cards will bring new energy/motiviation for the players (and no i am not just talking about amii-monument ;-D). I am sure you are aware of this but should this decision not a team decision and not just the decision of MrXLink?
  2. Pritstift

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Update for Slavemaster duo run: Treim + Prit = 10.52.0
  3. Pritstift

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    New all-time record for Nightmares End : 19.37.6 played by Lebo and Prit.
  4. Pritstift

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time Fastest Speedrun Rankings

    It is a "Riddle".
  5. Pritstift

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    New all-time record for Encounters : 11.03.1.
  6. Pritstift

    Is a hard reset really needed?

    Its true what Lebo was saying - to test some new things out it would be sometimes better to have the full map pool available. For me its no fun to test the new BFP-reward system with the starter-maps in standard or advanced mode. Even if i play there a bit a reset can happen later - progress is gone and i have to do the same on testserver again. We have all the cards - so in consequence it would be also nice to have all the maps. I dont think there is a high risk that we will split the community...may the players that just wait for reset will find some kind of motiviation to play at this place.
  7. May to correct my sentence - was a bit to short and therefore with wrong message. I wanted not to say that you will participate the challenge but that you mentioned several times in forum and discord that you are a speedrunner or like speedrunning much - and this is for sure no lie. So from "speedrunners" point of view i could/would expect that you may participate in this kind of challenge while you were also posting in the challenge thread. Anyway you did not - so maybe next time.
  8. Oh man - i am also for your suggetions to stop the communication here - to talk with you is even more pointless. Just a few words for the end. Yourself and your mates called "speedrunners" and mentioned this also multiple times in several posts in forum and discord - taking not part in a speedrun-challenge for a new map - and so you are wondering why i am asking or wondering that you were not taking part?! Thx for proofing me that i was right about you regarding speedrunning ;-)
  9. If somebody is posting that 21.38 is not enough to win because this somebody is faster compared to me and Lebo and this somebody is also writing this in discord then i could expect a time/replay that proofs this - but ye trolling around is much better than showing some nice tactics. The pve challenges were always a good event to show what is possible in pve and also in speedrunning - so if you would take part you would be a part of this speedrunning community and you could make positive advertising for speedrunning and this kind of challenge. According to your posts in this thread and your general posting behavior in the forum and discord i would expect that you or your russian mates would participate in this kind of challenge. Maybe you did not have time or motivation or you were afraid not to be the fastest or you already regognized that you will be not fast enough - whatever - its just bad that you did not give it even a try - seems like you have more motivation for already exisiting maps and not for new stuff with special rules and development of own tactics. Me and Lebo took part to have fun and show the community what is even possible without amii, enlightment and so on. Thats our spirit of speedrunning in such a challenge. We hoped for some nice competition - but ye the result we already saw.
  10. Pritstift

    Is a hard reset really needed?

    I would appreciate a small bonus after reset for the main player base that was going through the open stress test all the time and worked together with the skylords reborn team even with the knowledge that there will be a reset. This could be rated on different values you are already recording for each player (e.g. played matches, time online and so on). I hate the players that just wait for the reset and doing nothing helpful - they just flame for the date of the reset and dont see why things need to be tested and adjusted first. Even with just some games per week they could support. After the reset these will be the players that still will not play a lot and will flame about problems they may face with the game or the new market mechanics to earn bfp. The Bonus could be a single card or a booster or maybe you could choose one card out of a pool - something like this. There are a lot of options regarding cards, bfp or gold that would be fair and could give some starting motivation for the main player base to start from 0 again and to say thank you for the continoues support. For sure we also have to say thank you to your work and the project itself.
  11. Thats the way of speedrunning - be efficient as possible and finish the map in the fastest most aggresive and still smart way. I was hoping for some more replays and competition like for older pve community challenges - but community is getting smaller and a lot of players just talk trash here instead of working on some nice tactics. The duration of the challenge was also fair for everybody - there was enough time to work something out. Me and Lebo enjoyed to work out some new tactics for a new map. This map should be later in the official community map pool. Thx for the challenge - we will participate also on future challenges.
  12. Miss the time in rankings? You trolled around? Also no replay?
  13. Soooo just 9 days left - which teams or players will join the challenge? Who will be the king of the jungle Just to give you some motivation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvsQ9hYKq7c
  14. Are you serious? What kind of stupid nickname Pritstift2. Search for another unique nickname. There is just one Pritstift in Skylords Reborn = Me. Topic solved: Thx to the GMs!
  15. This statement was not linked to you esspecially - it was linked to the general discussions we had about this cards. I like it that replays will shared to the community :-).
  16. Whats the problem - there are a lot of other ways to be still really fast. Better instead of having discussions about this cards again and again. Tactics get less clear - i like it for this challenge.
  17. Pritstift

    New Map - FlameTD (coming soon™)

    Legion TD meets Skylords Reborn ;-) Great.
  18. Pritstift

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Halis stop this kind of argumentation now - you just heating up the atmosphere. You should have enough brain to understand what was the meaning at all. To make it clear for once and for all: Target: Beat all records from old battleforge for 4P maps (without primary target to be the first one for every single map) - in best case still have fastest time in Skylords Reborn for all 4P maps and were able to beat every old record for every 4P first - in worst case all/some new records will be topped by another team again but still we were able first to beat all old 4P records in total Finito! Better invest time for some speedruns instead of senceless discussions here.
  19. Pritstift

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Dude first think before write - Wanky stated first team that beat All 4P maps from the old battleforge - its completly right what he was saying. It means in total and not one after the other first time ;-)
  20. Pritstift

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    We were talking about "old" battleforge records - so its just nightmare end left from the past. Insane god you did an insane improve last weekend. Its not my target to have all records - me and my team are close to finishing speedruns - may you regognized that Treim and Wanky are not often online anymore and even me and Lebo have drastically reduced spending time ingame. -The sun is already low - all the good things have to come to an end-
  21. Pritstift

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Job done - time for pension. Just one two-player map is left O.o.. Time for reset GG
  22. Pritstift

    Synthc's Balance Proposal

    Best is to close this balance proposal here instantly. Makes no sence to start different balance discussions in parallel. There should be one place where right informations are discussed/shared. right now its discord. Thread like this one here split the community even futher instead of bringing ideas together.

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