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  1. On 3/17/2023 at 3:59 PM, NanosoldierNL said:

    - When i reroll 1 Quest. all the Quest give then the amount of BFp of the lowest BFp-rerolled Quest.

    - i am not sure but i think this happends alway.

    Maybe you can provide us with a screenshot or video of it actually happening?
    As I read this, ALL of your quests' rewards changed not just one. That does not seem to be intended by the wording of the patch notes. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Trando said:

    Hello, not sure if this is the right location for this but normally i believe Skylords to be a very selective game, while speedrunning oracle a bit i found it alot of pain, that it involves randomness, meaning the spawning location of the 4 wagons, which render 15 out of 16 starts to this map completly useless, because you want a specific order in which the wagons appear, and others are just plain insta reset. So my Idea would be to fix the spawn of 4 of those stone locations, so that first you need to clear all parts of the map and second it is fun again to speedrun this map. Is there a reasoning other than time that speaks against this? Would love to hear feedback for this

    I do get that this randomness is annoying because it is only discovered later where these locations are.

    I could imagine we can briefly reveal them for 0.1 seconds at the start of the game and hide them right afterwards again. This should leave a visual clue of removed fog of war on the minimap where to expect them, allowing for instant restarts.

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  3. 21 hours ago, Timatijs said:

    Hi folks!

    I was thinking about one achievement "Harder, better, faster, stronger" and there is a catch or maybe something else

    Its says to achieve rank 3 in any leaderboard, but the problem is, I think, any leaderboard should be counted, also counts as 1 player doing 4 player maps and duo maps and rpve maps. For example, it shows me that My highest place is 4th place, but Im top 3 on some maps 😞 That achievement feels a bit scammy for me, but still good job dev team ❤️

    Hey, simply play siege of hope according to various speedrun guides, anyone can get rank 1 there.

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  4. I never liked the life stealer default in DE. Would prefer to change it to the structure used on something like Twilight Brute and establish that as new default:


    Außerdem stellt jede verbündete Entität %7% % ihres verursachten Schadens an Lebenspunkten wieder her.

    Also tooltip is wrong iirc, I don't think monuments get the effect (if pvp approves, I would say let's add that 😛 )


  5. NAME: Stonekin Grinder's Damage Distribution remains active for former allies after his ownership changed.

    DESCRIPTION: When a Stonekin Grinder [ID: (2000)515] is next to an ally he transfers part of the incoming damage to himself. After being mindcontrolled into a new team, the passive damage distribution still takes damage into account that is inflicted onto his former allies.

    REPRODUCIBILITY: Always. Have a mind controlled Stonekin Grinder stand next to a hostile unit, that is being damaged.

    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This is a bug report to archive an issue reported by Xanax encountered with Primeval Watcher and Stonekin Grinder (515) in Bad Harvest. His replay is attached.

    Replay by Xanax Minute 17 onwards.pmv

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  6. On 9/7/2022 at 8:37 AM, myraezel said:



    i am a native german speaker and my english is good enough i guess? 😄

    I never did such a translation job, but i think i should be able to do it.

    I am quite new to Skylords Reborn, but i played the old Battleforge a lot back in the days.

    If u want we can give it a try 🙂



    Hi myraezel,

    please join the translations discord https://discord.gg/WMqvMVYgCH and send a message there, so you can be assigned a trial role. 🙂 

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