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  1. I'm one of the victims, last time i logged in was before patch, and then didn't play for 2 days ( i might have logged in for a quick trade with my brother, but maybe that was before patch too ). When i logged in yesterday to play, i just had my daily bfp boost at 0/550, and daily booster discount was already used it said ( even tho i didn't login on that day nor have i played for 2 days ). My quests been piling up, had 6 when i logged in, one maybe two quest was from before patch, and one of them had progress already. So haven't done anything special really. Today logged in, and stil
  2. Seems fixed. Tested with leaving match, logging out, closing in task manager. Game server didn't crash
  3. On the second video you can't join that lobby, because it's a ghost lobby, or it's actually full. It says 0 open slots. The first vid. Servers are currently down so can't test, but i don't think that's a bug. You are alone in a 1v1 lobby, when you hovered over the "launch" button the text popped up and clearly said "not all participating players are ready". I don't think you can start a pvp map alone. Readying up always gives you the "deck locked" sound. Now reproduced all you did in the videos, and nothing happens to me. So for me none of these is
  4. Azta


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      The weebs will cleanse this world

  5. Me and Eddio got the same in today's testing. After we done 20-20 card trading. We got this same message right after trading cards, and we both get it each time we log in the forge currently.
  6. Bruh where are youuuuuu


    You need to get Absolver

    1. sylvix95
    2. Azta


      hm? You are not Eran :thinking:

  7. BATTLERITE?????????

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    2. EranShoval


      I'll play it when it's f2p looks like a nice game

    3. Azta
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      @Ultrakool Why would it be blasphamy? It isn't B)

  8. Eyy bozz Papa Franku really good, was listening to his songs just recently
  9. Hopefully i will finish working before it starts :3
  10. As "last stream" he meant latest I'm sure they will do more stream in the future. You can still watch the old streams to get some infos, and see some ingame footages If you have problem watching the videos on twitch, you can watch it on their youtube channel.
  11. Timeshifter in my 2nd pack :3
  12. Once buy is fine for me. But paying every month to be able to play, no thanks.. It makes me feel like im forced.
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