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  1. I also had this problem and like Kiwi said it is originated in the directx 9 installation. Try to reinstall directx 9 but in my case it didn't work. After 5 hours of research I finally found the problem: The "xinput1_3.dll" was corrupted. You have to download and replace it. I used the following site for it https://www.dll-files.com/xinput1_3.dll.html Don't press the fat dowload button on top, that is a useless tool demo (no malware just useless), scroll down and chose the correct download from the list. The funny part is that the DLL's for 64bit are located in C:\Windows\
  2. Very nice list but I found a few mistakes: - Lightblade (Shadow) is missing, instead there are 2 Lightblade (Fire) listed (Convoy and Blight) - Decomposer is completly missing - Nox Carrier (Fire) is missing while Nox Carrier (Frost) is listed which is non-existent (Bad Harvest) - Stone Tempest (Frost) is missing while Stone Tempest (Nature) is listed which is non-existent (Convoy) - Dying Breed (Nature) is listed two times (Sunbrige and Nightmares End) [Edit] For the following cards only u2 and u3 are avaiable on Advanced only Maps but the u1 on other maps are missing
  3. @Eirias Nice! I'll try that, but don't know if my mic is good enough to record it in acceptable quality.
  4. Should be similar to the original tempo.
  5. I think I would be able to sing that. @Skytrias I will need a instrumental first of course. So if you are able to make one it would be great if you do so
  6. Sounds nice I'm glad to see this in the future +1
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