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  1. Urgonar

    "Slow mode" for AH?

    @Support_00001I already built a tool which does exactly that but to make it useful I would need a link to the server data which won't happen.
  2. Urgonar

    Problem with launcher(0xc0000007b)

    I also had this problem and like Kiwi said it is originated in the directx 9 installation. Try to reinstall directx 9 but in my case it didn't work. After 5 hours of research I finally found the problem: The "xinput1_3.dll" was corrupted. You have to download and replace it. I used the following site for it https://www.dll-files.com/xinput1_3.dll.html Don't press the fat dowload button on top, that is a useless tool demo (no malware just useless), scroll down and chose the correct download from the list. The funny part is that the DLL's for 64bit are located in C:\Windows\System32, where you need to replace the "xinput1_3.dll". The Folder C:\Windows\SysWOW64 is for 32bit. I think Microsoft wanted to troll us here. Please also make sure that your game files are located in C:\Programs and not in C:\Programs(x86) since this is also the 32bit folder but naming it x86 is more confusing (thanks again Microsoft).
  3. Urgonar

    Skylords Reborn Official Loot List

    Very nice list but I found a few mistakes: - Lightblade (Shadow) is missing, instead there are 2 Lightblade (Fire) listed (Convoy and Blight) - Decomposer is completly missing - Nox Carrier (Fire) is missing while Nox Carrier (Frost) is listed which is non-existent (Bad Harvest) - Stone Tempest (Frost) is missing while Stone Tempest (Nature) is listed which is non-existent (Convoy) - Dying Breed (Nature) is listed two times (Sunbrige and Nightmares End) [Edit] For the following cards only u2 and u3 are avaiable on Advanced only Maps but the u1 on other maps are missing: - Frost Shard - Lost Vigil (Shadow) - Lost Spirit Ship (Nature) - Sylvan Gate (Frost) - Evocator's Woe (Shadow) - Soulshatter - Grim Bahir (Fire) Last thing is that you have a copy of the 4 player maps list in the sheet in colums Q:X which does nothing. Thank you for your effort and see you in the forge
  4. Urgonar

    BF Music Parodies

    @Eirias Nice! I'll try that, but don't know if my mic is good enough to record it in acceptable quality.
  5. Urgonar

    BF Music Parodies

    Should be similar to the original tempo.
  6. Urgonar

    BF Music Parodies

    I think I would be able to sing that. @Skytrias I will need a instrumental first of course. So if you are able to make one it would be great if you do so
  7. Urgonar

    Story time!

    ate the chess board
  8. Urgonar

    Your favourite ship!

    Death Ray Just played vanilla and pure shadow so later on it would be Grim Bahir I guess
  9. Urgonar

    Booster options

    I like the idea of different costs for boosters but remember you cant tell any BFP values because we dont know the value atm. In my opinion faction themed boosters arent a good idea because you would gain specific cards for your main faction to easily as mentioned before in other threads . For the different boosters I suggest to have a low chance to get a better first card everytime. The most expensive booster would have a very low Chance (for example 0.5%) to contain a promo card as first card the next one would habe a very low Chance to conatin a rare etc. but I agree with the idea to only have one booster with cards from all editions also.
  10. Urgonar

    Favorite little guys

    I loved Nox Troopers with their big boom
  11. Urgonar

    Bosster Ratio

    [quote='WhiteMage' pid='9372' dateline='1437766208'] Well we will see how it will turn out. i just wanted to give the ingame economy some more discussion and posibly have some peope come up with some possible suggestion on how to keep it ballanced so newer players wont have too much trouble if the marker will inflate. [/quote] The market will regulate itself. The only problem I see is when you can grind BFP to eternity because the hardcore players could trade cards on prices which are out of range for casuals. In this case the hardcore players would control the market totally (even more than they will anyway) but this won't happen due to the fact that there will be caps and you can't farm BFP 24/7, so in my opinion there won't be a problem with the economy. Furthermore if the droprate of rare/UR/promo cards won't be changed later the amount of these cards will always be in relation to the amount of players. In old BF the promos were super expensive after it got f2p because no new ones got in the cardpool but the amount of players got much higher.
  12. Urgonar

    Bosster Ratio

    Of course there will be more cards ingame if more players join the game but the market will not be flooded because for more cards in the AH there are also more customers to buy them. In WoW it's another issue because with every expansion you got new materials wich are worth more as the ones from the expansion before. In BF we don't have this situation so you can't compare it. I don't think prices will rise alot because the value of BFP won't go down unless the devs want it to. So if 1000 people are playing and earning 50BFP per day, getting 10 cards per day (just sample values)it makes no difference to 10000 people because the amount of cards/BFP/auctions per player will be statistical the same like ladadoos said already.
  13. Urgonar

    Card collection when starting/General Game Ideas

    [quote='Drakebrishinger' pid='8950' dateline='1437594865'] There should be a starter for each faction, so we can choose which faction we want to start with. That way there is more variety than everyone starting with the same deck. Also, give us some starting bfp so we can but a couple of boosters. That way we can make use of customization at the beginning. [/quote] For someone who didn't play the game before it wouldn't be nice too choose one color because he wouldn't know which one he prefers. BFP at the beginning are also very difficult. Everyone could just make a bunch of accounts and get thousands of BFP. This only would work if trading is locked til you reached a certain level and even then it's hard to balance.
  14. Urgonar


    Whatever I don't think it's that terrible if you want to find a card you can so it doesn't matter that much
  15. Urgonar

    Gallery of MIMo !

    Thank you very much for this nice work it's awesome I love it +1
  16. They would just shut the server down and steal the new ideas/content to add them to their code and bring their own servers back up
  17. Urgonar


    I found some bugs on the filter and sorting system: Abomination is Amii and is displayed as Twilight (if you filter for editions the icon on the card is correct) Brannoc is Amii and is displayed as Renegade (same as above) Protectors Seal (Lost Souls) is sorted next to the Twilight Protectors Seal if sorted by color and not in the Lost Souls part
  18. Urgonar

    WindHunter's Commentary

    Sounds nice I'm glad to see this in the future +1
  19. Urgonar

    Spam Accounts

    Well that's true but I believe bfp farming with trading is not relevant in this case because it has only affection to the market not on multiaccounting but on the other hand multiaccounting of course affects the market so it doesn't matter what we are talking about it' all the same topic
  20. Urgonar

    Spam Accounts

    Actually we were talking about multiaccounting but the discussion has gotten out of hand a little
  21. Urgonar

    Spam Accounts

    [quote='Jenga' pid='8362' dateline='1437436761'] While this is a good point, I'm not sure that a fair comparison can be made between this and the original game which allowed you to simply buy bfp with real money. There was no cap to how much you could buy. And now in this game, there will be no real money use so the currency to get bfp will only be one's time they put in. If someone wants to spend 14 hours of their life a day grinding bfp then I say let them. As long as it is a fair ratio to those who don't spend nearly that amount. Diminishing rewards would be a great solution in my opinion. Have a soft cap perhaps, that when reached wouldn't prevent bfp gain but slow the gain comparatively. [/quote] I like your idea of a soft cap I think that would balance the whole thing a little bit. I also agree with your point of letting people farm if they want because in fact it is fair that someone who puts more effort into the game gets more out of this but I think it's very hard to balance the "gap between poor and rich". I think in some time the casual players have hardly a chance to buy good cards from the AH because the players with much BFP could buy them and sell them for a price so high only other players who farm all day can buy them. If buying an UR needs 100 hours of farming I think casual players would be averse to play the game. But this is another issue discussed in other threads. [hr] [quote='ladadoos' pid='8365' dateline='1437436978'] [quote='Urgonar' pid='8364' dateline='1437436855'] [quote='ladadoos' pid='8360' dateline='1437436582'] I have a very short and simple answer to that: people enjoy different parts of the game (Traders, Speedrunners, PvE'rs , PvP'rs etc..) [/quote] Of course but how can you enjoy a part of the game that didn't exist before (BFP farming) [/quote] BFP Farming? That's basically a trader. Trade to get BFP, "BFP Farming". There were a lot of trades that were trading to make a lot of profit to gain a lot of BFP. Sometimes, they would also collect all the cards in the game. [/quote] I meant BFP farming with the new system of getting BFP not trading.
  22. Urgonar

    Spam Accounts

    [quote='ladadoos' pid='8360' dateline='1437436582'] I have a very short and simple answer to that: people enjoy different parts of the game (Traders, Speedrunners, PvE'rs , PvP'rs etc..) [/quote] Of course but how can you enjoy a part of the game that didn't exist before (BFP farming)
  23. Urgonar

    Spam Accounts

    But there are already rewards for playing. Did you play the original BF for BFP? I don't think so because it wasn't possible regardless of trading. So why isn't it enough to geht exp and tokens and pvp ranksand upgrades and maybe trade with the bfp you got in the last 10 hours. I wonder why you want bfp farming so bad although you loved the game how it was. What did you do before when playing 14 hours BF and couldn't farm bfp? In my opinion the most important thing shouldn't be that you can earn as much bfp as possible more precisely it shouldn't be important at all. Of course BFP are fundamental for the game but I prefer the playstyle where you just get them over time and don't have to think about how you can make the most profit. But this is just my opinion and I respect each other equally.
  24. Urgonar

    Spam Accounts

    Ok so multiaccounting should be prevented because it would be exploited for earning more bfp than considered. The solution for this is the opportunity to earn as much bfp as you want on a single account? In my opinion there is no right or wrong way and you can't prevent multiaccounting without allowing farming and vice versa so I think a cap is a nice compromise because for the most people I think it is enough to farm to the cap and the other ones are either nice and don't change their account or they do it but like I said before you can't have the perfect solution.

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