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    Pure shadow pvp

    Shadow Insect is a possibility, but requires high micro and a low ping. Otherwise the clunky ability + lag will be quite a pain. I had way more success in the CBT phase with it than right now. Fallen Skyelf combos well with Shadow Insect as you can burst down L units like Virtuosu with its ability. So either pick both or none of them as consistent dps suffers from cc as a hardcounter to this card. Shadow has pretty great Anti Air anyways so it's not like Fallen Skyelf is essential in other areas. Satanael can be very strong, but requires alot of buffs to be played around. You need B
  2. RadicalX

    Cannon tower spam

    Okay I watched the replay and it was pretty much the issue that I assumed earlier. Your void level lowers itself by 250 from picking up T3 and this makes Eruption for Cannon Tower trades more than effective for your opponent. What is more important though: You mentioned, that you outplayed your opponent and were in a good spot to take the T3. That wasn't actually the case. You lost T1 by a wide margin and this shows in the power scaling. You did well in T2, but still you were slighty down in power at the end of your T2 (1805 vs 1824), so there was no lead at all during the time you went T3. Si
  3. Multiple decks are quite easy to aquire, as alot of cards are used across all decks (Hurricane, Roots, Burrower, Kobold Trick, Lavafield, Nightcrawler, Darkelfassassins and so on). So once you finished your first PvP deck getting the second one will be much easier. Farming the stuff for my PvP decks was still a painful grind though, but for me it was just unpleasent because we had to spam the same thing over and over again. Spam RPvE to get gold Spam Soultree Expert to get gold Spam King of Giants Expert to get experience for the upgrades Repeat From my perspect
  4. RadicalX

    Cannon tower spam

    Would be useful to see the replay in order to give you more effective tips on how to deal with cannon tower spam. Usually an investment in every single base is very expensive and grants you alot of tools to either pick out one base that is unprotected or brute force through one single spot with Virtuosus since the power pool is split up onto a defence in multiple bases. Also you may want to check if your T3 timing maybe ended up being the problem. It shrinks your void level by 250 and if you do this too early, you end up struggling against a strong T2 spam. So this means even trade
  5. @Hirooo get in here @Toggy Thanks for doing these tournaments! It's awesome. I don't like the map pool though. Yshia is just the worst PvP map that exists in this game. Playing Pure Fire + X there is a default win. Also I think Turan > Zahadune & Danduil > Nadai as starting maps, but that may just be my personal opinion. Just don't pick Yshia into the fixed mappool as the map is not fair at all.
  6. Twilight Brute was used in Fire Nature mirrors and against pure Fire, because both do have attack patterns where Ghost Spears do end up struggling at certain power levels. Especially Scythe Fiends + Wildfirespam in late T2 are insane and Twilight Brute was offering more reliable dps against that. Not worth the slot for me personally though. @ImaginaryNumb3r I wasn't exactly referring to the twilight units itself, it was more about the transformation ability. I mentioned the strong T3 as Bandits can cut a big amount of deckslots in T2 to play 4-5 card T3s. The T2 stays bad ev
  7. I think there were players for all 10 basic colours, that managed to hit rank one at a given time. But this isn't exactly how I'd define success. A deck is being used successfully from my perspective if the deck has actual win conditions and the players ends up winning, because he is using these win conditions. I will give a very simplified example: Take a look at 2 of the most popular matchups Fire Nature vs Shadow Frost. There are 2 simplified win conditions: The Fire Nature player has the upper hand in mid/late T2 while Shadow Frost is superior in T3. Let's say T1 goes even and so does
  8. Prepare yourself, Phasetowers are coming! Btw: After a disconnect a rematch should also be possible if both players agree to it. Sometimes you dc after having a clear lead, where even the opponent realised, that he was losing.
  9. Would be available for some content creation too. Not sure if I will be able to upload on a regular base though, since I also want to keep my own channel. Maybe we could set up little PvP tournaments (with like 4-6 players to make organization easier) and simply cast the games for the channel. This will give us alot of material to show while at least from my perspective tournaments/community challenges were the most enjoyable things to watch. A high ranked player clash in a bo5 or some elegant solutions to expert PvE maps were the things I enjoyed watching the most.
  10. You can always hit me up when I'm online. I'm trying to set up PvP lobbies as often as possible. When we are more than 2 people we could also set up some spectator lobbies which is quite nice.
  11. I mean it's a viable choice for sure. It helps against pure Frost and Fire Frost to an extend, which are somewhat the hardest matchups in the game for pure Fire. Comes down to personal preference if you like to have this safety card for these matchups (they still remain difficult to play against in T2) or if you like to have another card for T3. Giant Slayer won't be able to defend everything there on his own. I prefer to play a very long T1, so I can drag out the early game to rise the void level. This allows me to almost skip the T2 stage, so I can finish things in T3 with Juggernaut.
  12. I fully agree, that's what I was looking for. Sadly it's hard to find the accurate replays from my replay folder with thousands of files in there. I guess I will invest more time into finding more and better replays. Also agree about the editing part. I guess I will take some time for other section parts and maybe Eirias could support me there aswell
  13. Thanks for the offer! Would be great to do this together. Explaining stuff like the void was something I intended to do in these bonus videos. But with a proper structure and better editing we can make this tutorial much better.
  14. Welcome Skylords Community, today I want to introduce the start of my PvP tutorial series. This is going to be a section for newer players that are interested in PvP. Since there are not many sources, that introduce you into the world of PvP I just wanted to offer something, that maybe useful for some new competitive players, that are interested into this gamemode. Since I tend to make walls of text I decided to go for a video series this time, which is hopefully a little bit more enjoyable. I will add more and more videos over time, so we hopefully end up with a full tutorial series whe
  15. Yeah, for the traditional nature T1 he is quite essential and you need at least one charge for him, because he is the core unit in nature mirrors unless Treespirits are played.
  16. @doomsword1 If that's your concern don't worry. There won't be any changes any time soon since there are different priorities than balancing right now. Also these changes are mostly minor ones, that don't change anything in the current game. It just makes some cards/decks a little bit less weaker since some cards aren't used by any person like most anti air turrets to give probably the best example. I've seen cards in the AH that noone would buy for the lowest price possible, because noone wants to play them at all. Big changes do require alot of time (maybe with a special testing server)
  17. Alot of good and interesting points! @Navarr I agree with you, that most cards would need a rework to be fully viable. That requires much more work though compared to changing some simple numbers. I also do think your Shatter Ice idea is better than mine. I just don't believe that Emberstrike would be op in 2v2. Earthshaker (+Bloodhorn) will remain as the superior T4 choice and even that is just semi viable. @Mirosius Adding pure faction cards at some point in time would be a great addition for the game. I guess it will take some time up until this gets possible. The
  18. Feel free to point out everything you don't agree with. I'm fine with discussing everything I've mentioned here since I don't want to go overboard with any suggestion here. Regarding your points: In PvP I can assure you, that Strikers are useless even with their looter ability. For PvE I admit, that I'm not that experienced at using them. I guess the looter ability buff has proven, that Thugs and Strikers are somewhat sensitive cards regarding balancing, so I can understand your point here. That's why I went only for the -5 energy cost buff. Slaver's abili
  19. I haven't used Northern Keep that often and its ability sounds useful in certain situations, so I was simply unsure about what this card can do when it's buffed. While Ice Shield Tower definitely has some underwhelming combat stats for PvE, his ability is quite useful in PvP and the card is even used in high ranked pure Frost games, because it allows you to survive Phasetower pushes while receiving a decent synergy with your War Eagles later on (the Shield is quite big for 20 power).
  20. With the recent events of implementing the reward system, grinding and the open stress test I got to feel again how underpowered some of the cards in Battleforge were. While there were definitely some overpowered cards there were also alot of super underpowered ones, that never got any attention. I would argue that at least 10-15% out of the cards were almost unplayable. Most of the time you would pick some op cards, build up your deck and start farming tokens, while some cards will be left behind for like ... forever. I'll leave this thread as a simple idea for possible future plans since I'm
  21. The swift spam against Frost is somewhat tricky if there is a respectable distance between the main base and your power well. If both players execute it correctly the Frost player will lose a power well but maintain relevant in the game. I recommend avoiding Lightblade at all. Additional well + Light Blade + Taunt = 195 Power. There is no way to win a combat fight with Master Archers anymore and too many Ice Guardians are also a problem, because they never catch up to the swift units that will simply run around your bases. Even if you kill the taunted Scavy, the other ones will run into your m
  22. Great idea! Would be nice to have that again since battleforge.gr & bfcards.info aren't working anymore. What's missing in your description would be a PvE section I guess. Some speedruns and creative decks are very interesting to watch in that section. I could try to make a replay compilation out of the matches I've played. But I think I saved up to 3000 replay files so that will take a while
  23. Worms are the fastest units in the game and do have 50% dmg reduction during their movement. The additional Siege dmg on Coredredge and Deepcoilworm is somewhat nice. It is true though, that the T4 ones are underwhelming. Here is my ranking 1. Core Dredge: Red affinity has 100% Siege dmg & is probably the only worm that is viable in PvP, especially in 2v2 that thing is crazy good once you micro well 2. Deep Coil: Siege and fast movement are decent for PvE, especially against big armies you can use the dmg/knockback mechanic of its movement animation to max
  24. Just something in general here: What about creating quests around some of the community maps? I think, that some of them are very well done and fun to play. I always had no motivation going through these maps in detail though, because they didn't give any rewards. Changing this would be a nice addition for the entire PvE section in my opinion.
  25. I'll just go through the most important things with this deck. If you need more information feel free to ask. T1 Glacier Shell is missing. Building protects are quite important to keep your powerwells and orbs alive, which are the most important objectives in the game. I would also recommend playing either Lightblade (purple) or Glyph of Frost in T1. They will help you in certain scenarios and provide alot more safety in many scenarios in the early to mid game T2 Mountain Rowdy out: Slow meelee units are quite weak, because you can kite them Phalanx out: Sa
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