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  1. Knows probably exactly as much about warcraft as me..
  2. 729 What a boring number But someone has to give love to 729 too!
  3. Cold, rainy, but beautiful north germany :) I can speak English (I suck at writing in forums or in comments tho. I speak english in about 90% of my daytime and many say I sound like I am from london lmao)
  4. I allways asked myself what mana ("manafarbe" is german for "color of mana") looks like. It´s often shown in a blue color (in UIs of games), but can any kind of Energy really have a color? Just look at Air, heat.. they don´t have a color. But on the other hand i allwayss connect mana with nature. Not only trees and stuff, but also Rocks, Fire, Water.. everything! For me mana is something beautiful, but also something I can´t explain why I love it so much (yes I know it doesnt exist in the real world). Some day I came up with the name. I used it as a user name in a forum. When BaFo released I used it there. Manafarbe was my account/slot where I had all my cards, all my stuff, it was my life. I went with other names which are "panekomo" and "Dominating Pancake". Both with their own stories. But at the end I went back to "manafarbe" on many platforms. This is the name I connect with BattleForge and all the good memories about the time I had with the game, but also the bad times I had in RL during that 3 years and of course the logout message when the servers got shut down. I will allways keep this name in a special place in my heart and will go on with it as long as I can! PS: I hope my english isnt too bad..
  5. As I said in another thread.. Harvester in PvP.. T2 monstrosity! 300 energy is a lot, but you only need 1-2 of them to rule over he battlefield for quite some time. For PvE.. Voidstorm.. no comment..
  6. I am so proud of you! And I so so dfamn hyped. To be serious, I cried a little. :( @WatcherOfSky: Ill hop on the hype train if you don´t mind!
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