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  1. Ufonek

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    6/10 this is not my type of music, but good atmosphere and I really like the image
  2. Ufonek

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    10/10 the guitars sounds very instrumental
  3. Ufonek

    Achievements for BFR

    Just to answer you guys. Yea I m indeed couple are more fine, especially if it is based on certain element. As I said, these are ideas and some of them needs count balance not to be too boring or too easy. I mean like 4-100 sounds fine in most cases or just x. For Superiority, there was a 2-players map with switching gates (dont remember the name), where enemies were almost infinite at one place. So I didnt care much about small units, meant count as 1. I saw ufo - just make 12 spirit ships and moove them around, guess that s what we did on most maps. Egg or chicken - why would this be impossible? In the forge, you can kill any unit by any unit, cant you? I really didnt mean pvp :xD Master of the shadow element and Master of the frost element - would probably need some balance, but I cant really test it. Would like to see you guys doing this in stream xD Maybe I would add coldsnap+ shatter ice and Infect+buffs and nether warp for more healing and maybe core dredge and satanael, not to run out of rare charges. With Ironclad, Maelstorm and Death ray this seems too easy to me. If not, on B6-8 you really can do it. B10 with certain element? Sounds like funny one too (and maybe the name would fit better). And Portal nexus achievements would be too much fun:)Anyway, there could be thousands of them. And even 2 more from me: Ally - play 4 2v2 pvp games with your friend Real friend - send 100 bfp to your friend
  4. Ufonek

    Achievements for BFR

    I bring some ideas. This game could be so much more fun with achievements. I would also like, if it earns some rewards for completing them. Enlightement - collect all promo cards Lonely Hermit - complete all 2 and 4-player maps on expert difficulty solo Skylord - collect all cards in the game exept promo cards Watcher - look at map area, where your ally requested attention Master of the Forge - kill all card creatures in the Forge Sniper - one hit kill a boss unit from full health Cheater - destroy 100 wells and 50 orbs by Firedancer (no comment) Master archer - sell 25 master archers Popcorn - kill 100 xl units with shatter ice in pve Superiority - kill 70 enemies under 30 seconds or 100 enemies in 1 minute Trader - trade a card for a better rarity card Demon hunter - kill 250 brannocs and 1000 Ahbone Pyros in pvp Shadow thief - spend million power in Aura of Corruption area in pvp mode Frost thief - kill 20000 frozen units in pvp Fire thief - kill 1000 orbs by Stampede ability in pvp Nature thief - Mind control 200 creatures or drain 30000 power with Energy Parasite in pvp Stonekin thief - control 1000 enemy buildings with Matter Mastery spell I saw ufo - make 12 Lost Spirit Ships at once in a game Unforgettable - unignore 20 ignored players Unforgiven - defeat 20 people, who defeated you Dragon`s breath - conjure up Fire Dragon, Giant Wyrm, Lost Dragon (both affinities), Northland Drake (both affinities), Skyfire Drake, Wind Hunter(both affinities), Mana Wing, Grim Bahir, Swamp Drake promo and skycatcher at once Never lost hope - Let Rogan Kayle s health drop to 100 before winning The king of the Giants map Stampeded - heard "a monument is destroyed" 1000 times in pvp Bookmaker - win 20 bet auctions Overpowered - max upgrade all cards Developer - add your own created map to Battleforge Dont touch my vagon - complete Bad Harvest solo on expert Wizard - cast million spells Egg or chicken - kill Forest Elder by easter egg Gold-digger - open 1000 chests Discount on alliance - save million power by using Magic link Master Harvester - kill 1000 orbs by Harvester and summon 1000 Skeleton Warriors by Harvester Respected businessman - sell 1000 cards Factory owner - sell 5000 cards President - sell 10000 cards Teacher - win 500 pvp games Terminator - win 1000 pvp games Godzilla - win 2000 pvp games Invincible - win 200 pvp games with tutorial deck Miracle - kill 100 units using Incredible Mo s ability (the wrathful mo) Pyromaniac - kill 1000 xl units by Ashbone pyro Gold medal - reach first place in any map at the end of the month Dragon slayer - kill 2000 flying units in pvp Promo slayer - kill 500 promo units in pvp Testing deck - let enemy kill 2 wells and orb before beating him in pvp Construction Worker - build 100 wells Destruction - kill 1000 enemies with void power Frost guardian - kill 1000 enemy units with your Ice Guardian having shield Disaster - deal billion damage to buildings by using spells Slaver - steal 1000 L units using Amazon, Nightguard or Parasite Swarm ability in pvp Master of the shadow element - beat battleground level 9 using only Dreadcharger, Harvester, Blood Healing and Shadow Worm Master of the frost element - beat battleground level 9 using only Master Archers, Ice Barrier, Home Soil and Avatar of Frost Cannoneer - kill 1000 units by towers buffed with Blessed Installation Negation - Disintegrate 10k enemy units Demolition expert - destroy 1000 buildings, orbs or wells with any building ability Bomber - kill 1000 orbs with Spitfire and so on...
  5. Ufonek

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    8/10 cool band
  6. Ufonek

    What games do you play till BFR is ready?

    I was stucked at Diablo 3 for some time, but then I m bored so I played Risen 3, had some fun and get bored, so I played Mafia and finished it, so I played Trackmania and get bored and realized, that Battleforge was 1000 times better than any other game.
  7. Ufonek

    pls nerf/balance

    Hi Skylords. I have suggestion to balance cards. WILDFIRE. I know it isnt easy to play as fire, but this card is totally destruction especially of 2v2 matches. The spell is OP. It kills all t2 for 90. It even kills t3 unit. Okay, if you are lucky and quick you can half avoid it (I mean ensnaring roots werent cast). But what makes it really strong is damage doing to wells/monuments. I suggest to reduce the damage or disable damage to buildings. Let s make a funny example: You are on Fyre map, all 4 players built 2 wells and started to build 2nd orb. The opponnent (fire and nature) starts his attack on center, going to take possession of your middle base. There s enfoncer, amazon and firedancer going to your base. But your playmate s second orb wasnt fully built yet. So there s scorched earth casted on his orb, which dont let him to play t2. So you play nightclawer to get rid of firedancer and 2 shadow mages to kill rest. Your playmate does what he can so he plays some archers. And now guess what - yeah wildfire. All of yours and your playmates units death, your playmates orb killed and both powerwells half damaged. Your playmate advised, started to built his second orb at other place. And you miraculously killed opponnets units, but there is deep one, firedancer and enforcer on it s way and fire player also builds rallying banner right in front of your wells. So you cast aura as your last hope and some units. You managed to killed opponnet s units and your playmate built his orb finally. But you cant get rid of the rallying banner at all. Once the aura dissapeared, you started to play some units to kill the banner and repair wells. But after your playmate plays lost reaver, there s roots + wildfire casted, and your units and wells are killed with no chance. This is really annoying and there s no defense to counter this. Once wildfire is casted at your wells, you cant play any units, because all will die instantly and it does massive damage also to your wells. Let s add some firedancer and you can leave. So this is my favorite to balance pvp. Let me know your experience with this spell and see you at the forge soon. -

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