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  1. The issue you are having is different than the issue in this thread.
  2. We have rolled a hotfix for this. Please restart your game to retrieve this update. We believe it was happening because there were too many players in the rPvE section, and the game couldn't handle all the information. Let me know if anyone still experiences this issue.
  3. I have created a new subsection called Development and have moved your thread
  4. Greetings Skylords, This is a quick message to announce that we are looking for an extra web developer to join us! As a web developer you'll work mostly alongside @freund17 on new web tools (or improving current ones). This includes internal tools (for example moderation tools), but also account management tools to be used by all players. We are open for both frontend and backend web developers, but we currently have a preference for backend developers. Listed below are the requirements the ideal candidates for these positions would have, in order of importance (starting with the most imp
  5. Unfortunately the installer is detected as some type of harmful virus, even though it is not. Why it is being marked as a virus is beyond me, and believe me, it is extremely annoying for us considering we've put thousands of hours to make everything work properly and then there are issues like these. We don't do anything harmful and never will.
  6. @ghostsree Could you please provide a screenshot where I see "I vow" written but the button is still disabled?
  7. @TubaltYes, the wipe already happened. You can start playing the game again without resets
  8. In the future we might completely remove the collecting of rewards via mails: it is annoying and not rewarding. Instead, there could be a "Claim reward" button that directly adds the rewards to your inventory. This would indirectly fix this issue. As for the issue itself, I suppose it is only an issue for quests, because once you complete them you cannot see them anymore. This is unlike achievements, where you can lookup what the description is by looking at the title of the mail with the reward and using the filter options (filter by name) to see the achievement in the achievements list
  9. The plan is to do the first reset (december 16th) in the morning, server downtime (december 17th) in the evening and release (december 18th) in the afternoon. These are our goals, but we might deviate if need be (there is a reason we didn't specify them :P). All these times are in CET by the way.
  10. Greetings Skylords, Skyladies and Skyfolk, We are about one week away from release and with that we would like to share our schedule and plans around release. This way you know what to expect. December 16, 2020: We will reset everyone's progression in preparation for the reset on actual release day. This allows us to make sure our systems work properly after a reset and to potentially fix any remaining issues that could be caused by resetting the progression of all our players. A progression reset means you will lose your gold, BFP, cards, boosters, PvE and PvP ranks, friends lists,
  11. Could you please provide us with your log file found in `Documents/BattleForge/Diag/_log_proxy_latest.log`?
  12. The server went down for an update. We are doing update notifications on our discord server, so feel free to join there if you would like to be notified for this! In the future we hope to also post updates on the forums more often. Thanks for the report though, because the fact that you saw error code 71 (and not a friendly error message) is a bug that we will fix
  13. The fix for this should be live now. I will move this to resolved.
  14. The update with this change is now live. I will move this to resolved.
  15. @JohnnyRico Yeh, I will change the descriptions to include the difficulty requirements. Thanks for the feedback!
  16. @JohnnyRico Did you play on at least difficulty 5 or higher?
  17. Thanks for the report. I have fixed this (you won't get introduction as a possible map anymore) and it should be there in the next update!
  18. You can select your quest pool using the dropdown and quests you reroll should reroll into quests of your current pool.
  19. Have you tried changing the ingame resolution? What resolution are you on now?
  20. What RuneSeeker said. Another option that we have is to make the random chosen map as equal as possible for all players for a a given quest, instead of choosing it random per player. So during a certain week, if someone gets the quest "Play map X on difficulty Y", we can make everyone have the same map for that quest (as much as possible, because not everyone has all the maps unlocked). This map would then change every week or few days.
  21. Shouldn't be too bad The more I think about it the more I want to start working on one (and to be honest, this modifier feature)
  22. What about the player starts with a random deck? Not completely random of course, but a random deck that satisfies a few conditions to make it playable.
  23. We added a 16x and 32x speed for replays feature. Thanks for the suggestion!
  24. There would be no nice way to prevent players from starting a match with T4. How it would work, is that if you finish a match that matches the requirements of a quest, then you finish the quest. Just like all other quests currently work.
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