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  1. ok, as I mentioned it is quite a minor...ehm...issue. I just thought it was a 5-minute task to implement. Of course I've never seen the source code and surely accept if it would really take time.
  2. Hello, It is not a crucial thing but it would be really imformative if you insert the original task into the ingame mail's body when a daily quest or an achivement is completed.
  3. Well, no. Thanky you for this info. But it is a bit confusing because I was able to make such kind of quests playing lower difficultly maps before last upgrade. It would be nice if you insert this criteria to the quests' description. But, thanks again letting me know these criteria
  4. Name Daily PvE quest issue Description Daily PvE quests that say do something in campaign or random mode do not work properly since last upgrade. Actions do not count in random maps. "Rush for Random Riches", for example, became unable to make because of this. Reproducibility Always happens. To make it happen, just play a random PvE game and watch the quest's progress.
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