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  1. @Halis This bug should be fixed.
  2. @Rossing I assume it was related to error: This should be fixed now.
  3. Ok. I actually fixed this bug today, so should be fixed with next client update.
  4. Did you finish tutorial ? @Darianum
  5. Don't listen to @fiki574, I got you covered @Kiralyka08 Fixed in a future client update.
  6. The last couple of days the servers have been crashing more than usual. I assume the game server crashed while you were playing.
  7. What would your guys' suggested change be ? @Aprilycan @Eirias
  8. This issue could have indirectly been fixed. Has anyone been experiencing this issue as of lately ? @Zeuthen
  9. @gencko76 That map is just broken. So broken it even crashes the game. So it's not a bug with the game, but with the map that a player made.
  10. You should no longer have this issue with the recent update.
  11. Ladadoos

    3-Deck loss

    Ok, thanks, I believe I know the issue, hopefully a client update will follow soon.
  12. Ladadoos

    3-Deck loss

    Could you please post your log? It can be found in documents/battleforge/diag/log.txt @Zenox
  13. @nerevarin Could you be a bit more precise when the game closes? The forge works just fine? How old (what specs) is your system ? Did you try all PvP, PvE, rPvE and Community Maps ? Can you also try the BattleForge benchmark, does that work?
  14. @nerevarin Could you post a fresh log.txt in here again please? Thanks
  15. Should be fixed with the update that just went live.
  16. New update is live so this should be fixed. Please report if not (anyone reading this).
  17. Ladadoos


    @Savage One thing you have to keep in mind is that the bid is an input field and therefore changeable. If I remember correctly the only thing the 5% does is just add a standard value to the input field, which is 5% higher. So if there's a card for 100 current bid then the enter bid field will be 105 but you can change it to 101 and bid 101.
  18. There was no update yet. I will write here when the next update is live.
  19. Looks like you missed a tower @Savage This seems to be very unlucky map generation. The tower was generated just outside the playable area of the map. This would explain why your construct/giant wyrms didn't attack it.
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