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  1. Basillic

    Game won't start after new update

    I've got new issues now, on startup I get this message with AV being offline. I have windows 10, what exactly do i need to check for within windows defender?
  2. Basillic

    Game won't start after new update

    I tried disabling read only on the documents folder, reinstalling the folder, removing uac.exe, trying the video to check for missing or corrupt files (which i had none of). different message that says 'Access Denied' Edit: After each failed run Bforge updater removed itself, I tried reinstalling and running it as administrator with AV of, it worked again. Is there a way to run the game without administrator access and AV on? log.txt
  3. Basillic

    Game won't start after new update

    Patcher starts up, I press play, error message 'Could not start launcher process, invalid parameter'
  4. Regular resets beats the purpose of collectors like me ... not to mention, I only get my upgrades from mission rewards, i dont buy them. They're trying to keep the game as close as possible to the original game.
  5. Basillic

    Questions about server and ping

    Ah, that explains a lot... i got very confused with the latency. My ping isn't as good as it'd generally be either considering the distance but i was more confused about the latency.
  6. Basillic

    Questions about server and ping

    ? I thought ping would be lower, was fairly certain the server was in europe. Am I the only european with higher ping ? Might be an issue on my end but need people to confirm to know first.
  7. Where's the gameserver located, are there multiple? Ingame I have a stable 300ms but seeing as skylords is likely located in EU it might be my own connection that has issues. I'm located in Belgium.

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