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  1. Let the flame begin. NomNom I dont think that any of this players are able to take the title "best pure fire player" if i was able to beat them every single time in a pure fire mirror. They are maybe one of the strongest pure fire players but definitly not the bests. cDKiLLrOy played the best pure fire and fire t1 in the "last years" of BF with distance - before he started to play pure shadow. In this position hiroo would take the title as best s/f player in the last years. RadicalX stays an old but gold player with good skills and great understandings for every combination of colours if we th
  2. i meant another aspect in his post. I would respect it if you can choose any other thread for posts that are outside of this thread theme.
  3. i appreciate your kindness but i can't comprehend your opinion
  4. i didnt saved any replay against 2on2 mates and i dont think that you saved games where i beat you in t1 .
  5. @MephistoRoss good job Most of the top german players streamed on twitch and saved the clips their like obesity. killroy, hiroo(+YT) & co. oRoss
  6. I work on it. But i'll post it 1-2 weeks before the server seems to be online. Otherwise makes no sense. Greetz
  7. Last 2 days to vote. Poll system is over tomorrow.
  8. You cant ask me because my deck would be only scavenger, sunstrider, eruption & maybe a cheap mortar. Thats everything for 100BFP and should be enough to reach Legend(Maybe higher in the last months of bf) . At least with 100bfp its better to play without useless cards so you cant waste your energie into it. 100% disadvantages cuz wrong play seems to be not positive for a matchup o.0
  9. [quote='Eirias' pid='8725' dateline='1437545986'] [quote='ndclub' pid='2176' dateline='1435338143'] [color=#0b0c0e][font='Courier New', Courier, monospace] ___ _ ____ ___ _ _ _ ____ >>>>Alternative Cheap PVP Deck Different players have different playstyles so this is another cheap deck if the other one does not suit yours. =-----= |T1| Scavenger Sunstrider Wrecker Makeshift Tower Eruption Surge of Light |T2| Fire Stalker Skyfire Drake Ravage Mauler Curse of Oink
  10. [b]Do you want to see a beginner/noob pvp guide with many pvp explanations incl. fire t1 deck analyse or do you want a much more higher stacked 1on1 PvP Guide for experienced players how to get a clearly efficient & high advantage/rush&beat/rush&advantage4t2 with Youtube&Replays(After BFReborn relase) against every single color Guide? :blush:[/b] best regards, xHighTech
  11. First of all thanks to all for the feedback. [quote='ladadoos' pid='7910' dateline='1437343442'] I don't see a reason why anyone would not want something like this. Anything helps. As a fire player that didn't PvP much, I will be looking forward to this. [/quote] I only want to see how many people are activ and interested because i would invest a lot of time. [quote='tbpeti' pid='7905' dateline='1437342511'] If you need an experienced player just give me a shout. ;) By the way my answer to the poll is a definite yes, because altough i was an eperienced player with shadow t1 - als
  12. [quote='Orge' pid='7892' dateline='1437341563'] The amount of people playing fire (or shadow t1) was very high. Maybe you should do a frost or a nature guide, so "lower skilled" players/beginners could relay on that and dont get forced to play fire itself (because the would read the guide here). Anyway, any guide is imo a good idea! I dont wanna to pull you down! [/quote] I reached #1 in 1on1 and 2on2 with fire splashes. Thats my color and that is the reason why i offered my experience to you. A lot of player played fire, but who really knows how to handle it?
  13. Im thinking about to create a guide for t1 fire against every t1 color. i would do it with some other experiend pvp players. Do you want to see a guide for the upcoming game? You are able to vote 1 time in the poll above this post. Let me know what you think about it. :) Poll status: http://bfreborn.com/forum/polls.php?action=showresults&pid=11 [b]Do you want to see a beginner/noob pvp guide with many pvp explanations incl. fire t1 deck analyse or do you want a much more higher stacked 1on1 PvP Guide for experienced players how to get a clearly efficient & high advantage/
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