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  1. That’s intended so we hide the server ip abit. I’ll let the devs know about the server tho
  2. i didnt realise you speedrun difficulty 1 :3
  3. Thanks for the report, the issue has been looked into, and will be fixed soon.
  4. You need to enter the correct pass on the first try. You need to enter the correct pass on the first try. It’s an issue that we have fixed on the test server and it will be coming to live soon
  5. We can’t say since it’s quite intensive to implement, and then it needs to be in a stable state to be able to bring onto the live servers
  6. Dropbox and Onedrive creates problems for BattleForge, delete the BattleForge folder in Dropbox—>documents and use your local drive document folder
  7. It does work though, I’ve linked this thread to multiple people and they got it to work
  8. So erm just to clarify does it happen often or occasionally? And have you noticed anything special or conditions when this happens?
  9. I think you need to delete the BattleForge folder in documents Save your replays if you want to keep them.
  10. It seems that way but in fact upgrade requirement was already in discussion before this thread
  11. Run the SkylordsrebornUpdater.exe not the patcher
  12. You can still open a daily booster if you want generally, we are just giving more options to players by not forcing them with a booster Yes
  13. All of the code for quest system is done server side, this has nothing to do with the actual game code. The only thing done in the client is to actually display these quests, which is what you see in the quest interface. That is inherently different to the actual code of the game, such as in the client, which contains stuff like game mechanics, AI behavior. This code is obfuscated and encrypted in a way that we still until now only have limited knowledge of its contents. Not to say that it isn’t possible, but things like 6vs6 pvp or 12P may be very close to that. BattleForge was not
  14. Hello this should be fixed shortly
  15. + even more playtime rewards if you play longer than 60 mins
  16. While that seems like a good solution, there's many factors to keep in mind, such as quest balance and other things. Such a change does not necessarily solve the problem, as players will feel forced to complete that quest and possibly queue just to throw and get the reward. The only solution I see is to reduce the actual barrier to entry for PvP for new players, as well as having a healthy influx of new players that are keen to try PvP, so that they would first be matched against each other.
  17. We also don't want to force people to play PvE and wait so long to be able to upgrade U3 cards.
  18. Ultrakool


    It’s certainly possible. In fact there’s already a clan right now in the game, it’s called the {GM} clan But I’m not sure how feasible it will be to have everyone create their own clan. Certainly good for thought somewhere down the line
  19. Ultrakool


    You will actually need to create your profile again at reset :3 meaning you can name yourself whatever you want There’s also been a lot of thread discussing clans, maybe you could have a look. As for developmental possibilities regarding clans it would have to be something to be discussed
  20. There are a lot of ideas in the works (in discussion) to combat this already, but we have nothing concrete yet.
  21. There exists still a practical relevance for lower rarity upgrades
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