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  1. Хей! А где мне писать?!?! Я хочу общаться с русскими! Зачем блокировать? Я специально создал тему для общения русских игроков.
    Hey! And where can I write?!?! I want to communicate with the Russians! Why block? I specifically created a topic for communication of Russian players.

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    2. BurningWorld


      "Sucks that's ru-community are fucked here. Communication? Not on this forum."

      Yes because the skylords staff, especially hates russians. 
      I mean you see all of the other non-english posts like EVERYWHERE :o. German posts, dutch posts, french posts EVERYWHERE, but no russian posts.. I totally agree :thinking: 
      Too bad noone in this forum speaks english, only the russians have to speak english, that sucks yes! 


      Ok ok enough of me being salty and mean, I like that you want to communicate with your people in your language, but also think about the origin of the rule to only communicate in english. Afaik the origin of the rule to only communicate in english was that the community ain't be divided into nationalities, like right now russian german english french and whatever people are playing and talking to gether. If you'd start posts and topics in foreign languages the community would divide and that'd suck! :-) 

      Rip grammar my english is not ze yellow from ze egg. 


      Ah btw one more thing, you can ask in english for russian players or check it out here: 

      And create a group conversation, with all of the russian people, in the message system of this forum :-) 


    3. IronManOne


      Чертовы расисты! Сдохните!

    4. Eddio


      Google translate said you said racist but how is it racist if we all have to do it? I won't even talk about what you said after that.

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