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  1. @LagOps If we end up being able to support more than 5 $50 tiers, we can always look into that later. It's not something that's forever set in stone, but it's the limit we're sticking to for now. If we require more high-value donation slots then we may add those in the future. The $25 tier calls for meetings that are intended to be private. Streaming said meeting would take away most of the privilege of being in said meeting. Also note that suggestions in said meeting will not at all be guaranteed implementation or increase authority in development discussions. As for your alpha/beta
  2. I've been setting up a request a while ago to make a new BFCC with new graphics and a lot more options, but I still need someone willing to code it. I can provide all the graphics necessary. Check out my thread and maybe we can bring the wonderful card creator back into our realm.
  3. Araxes took one look back at the burning remains of what once was the guarded passage to Akylos. The smoke and teal flames gave away his position from miles away. Hopefully it would not attract too many fire troops. Ruthless and direct violent onslaught wasn't really his style anyway, but the only way to get things done as soon as it concerns stubborn fire guard patrols. Frost defenses, however, that would have been a completely different situation. They had machines of war, frozen cannons and high-impact ice spikes ready to immobilise whatever gets close. Fire troops just had their rage, thei
  4. @Defqon looks good to me, simple and not too strong abilities, mainly a lot of knowledge. I can accept this @5MERTN1K Looks okay enough now. I'm going to class you as a tiny shadow worm being part of the nature faction. You seem very underpowered and I am intrigued by how you're going to make a story out of this. Hope it doesn't grow out of hand, we'll see how it goes. For now you're accepted.
  5. A loud, lowly echoing laughter resonated through the Broken Mountain passageway. As sharply and clearly as Araxes could hear, his senses barely required any effort to listen in; even a long-deaf kobold could have clearly identified the clumsy yet surprisingly loud snickers and war cries of a Wrecker from miles away. And that would not even be taking the cavern into account, amplifying the sound to an extent which seemed more than tenfold. "That's right, run home to yer wee ice cream parler, we'll stop by for tea one day, ya hear?" he roared in the distance, following by more laughter. Un
  6. @Eddio Your characters and their abilities are very fitting to the lore and nicely balanced, way to go and well accepted! Looking forward to seeing some storyline with those two! Also nice knowing you read up on stuff ^^ @anonyme0273 Nice character, strong but very well acceptable abilities. Do remember that calculations in fighting are very simplified and your mathematical formulas will not be that influential or judged on balance. I assume you simply take into account that depending on the region as well as the time spent channelling, your shields take a certain time to build up and bre
  7. @5MERTN1K I don't think I can class you as having all factions. Your abilities are too many and way too strong, especially creating everything from nothing and destroying from the planet. This isn't a sci-fi RP and your character seems barely BattleForge-related. There's a lot of stuff about galaxies and other planets which will really not have a lot to do with the story or setting. There has to be a lot that needs to be fixed about your character, I'm sorry. @Lukegriffin02 looks good to me. Your abilities seem well balanced and your character seems solid. Size of a castle seems huge, but
  8. I have processed the poll entries and cleaned up both the signup thread and the story itself. Please check it out. The new RP is now go! For those who want to start over or still need to send me a CS, now is the perfect time to make a post in the signup thread!
  9. OOC: The Elemental Clash has now been cleaned up and revived. Some people's posts have been cleaned up due to inactivity, others want to start over. Please re-read the story so far and let's continue our epic tale!
  10. The RP as well as this signup list has been cleaned up to only contain the people who are still in and who are accepted. @Kiwi Nice character, not too complex, abilities are balanced. It's nice to see a not overly complex character, also a female one too! Also nice to see that your character is sane You are accepted. @Dzodin Despite taking damage whenever you use it, be careful with your cloak. It is a very strong ability, make sure not to overuse it and I consider you as accepted too. @Malzawar Your abilities aren't too strong, which is made up by the immunity to the Twilight
  11. I'm aiming to get the RP back on track between now and the 9th of August. Stay tuned, I'm working on clearing things up, checking Character Sheets, and starting cleanly with a fresh mind on the RP :)

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      That's why dinosaurs went extinct. They were waiting for link to finish fixing RP. <3

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      with those 5 rep, you're in perfect position to test with a top score

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      I misunderstood RP and rep

      i understood: i'm aiming to get the rep system back online.

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  12. This is true, but it would be really hard to play a character without a will or mind or thoughts or motivation. This is why I altered that part of the Twilight lore. It could just be a new strain of curse.
  13. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you're still in and/or still want your CS checked for the thread's revival, please check out this topic. If not, your CS will be archived. Every CS posted AFTER this post will be considered as fresh, new applications and are not at risk of being wiped.
  14. OOC: IMPORTANT NOTE: Please vote in the thread over here if you want to keep participating and/or keep your storylines! I am reviving and cleaning up the RP, please be wary and gaze upon my mighty new thread:
  15. Greetings Skylords, Skyladies, Skyfolks Maybe a few of you remember the BattleForge roleplay that I had going on a while ago, which unfortunately died out a bit due to personal circumstances and people not having enough time. I've been long since attempting to revive this thread, and I therefore think it is a good idea to have a look at who's still in. For those who don't know, The Elemental Clash was a thread in which people would participate to create a collaborative story set within the BattleForge universe using BattleForge characters, each with their own abilities, strengths and
  16. There's already an announcement over here, please refer to there for further information: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/announcement/24-giveaway-normal-play-stream/ You need a forum account. Not a twitch account per se. /closed
  17. Yeah I will be. Real soon I hope.
  18. I really need to find some time to revive the official RP thread, then it'd be awesome to have you join and see who's still in
  19. Necroing is not going to help you with that.
  20. 8/10 can't really go wrong with Adrian von Ziegler. Simple yet emotional, I'm into it. I find this entire soundtrack very comforting to listen to. This is one of the more tense songs
  21. Aside from all the dragons, I'd go for Deepcoil Worm. It was my first expensive card, and it's just such an iconic and beautiful card for the game. Really suited it well, always gives me a lot of nostalgia. Northstar and Cluster Explosion do a lot for me, too.
  22. Greetings Skylords, Skyladies, Skyfolks Ever wondered what kind of personality you truly have? In psychology, there's a general 16-category personality model called the Myers-Briggs model (MBTI). It consists of filling in a lot of questions that will determine your personality based on whether you're Introverted/Extraverted, Observant/Intuitive, Thinking/Feeling, and Prospecting/Judging. There's been a lot of research on this over the past few years. I personally did a test on this about 8 years ago, and another about 2 years ago for game audience research and player profiling. I've notic
  23. Check if there is a DirectX 12 update available in Windows Update. If it is already up to date I am not sure what you can do, other than what you already tried :/
  24. To me this doesn't look as much like a general graphics driver problem, more like a DirectX problem. Apparently dxdiag doesn't give you any problems but I'd consider reinstalling your DirectX 12 driver (rather than just your graphics card's driver).
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