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  1. for me it seem fixed. Global is on single map(community maps count as one for that purpose)
  2. fixed, time was not a factor disconnecting players and luck was
  3. that is crappy client side BUG
  4. Is that a problem? We do not assign leader status to player that is longest in the group, we have no such indicator, we get the first player from DB, that in theory should match the player that was longest in the group most of the times.
  5. can you still reproduce it? @BurningWorld @Yoda The Danklord @John
  6. I have no idea if someone can at least guess what the game missing, it could point as in the right direction.
  7. would be great to confirm, if it is rising with time, or with players online Yoda The Danklord
  8. It displays first player that is online and have a in the name, that can be changed but I do not figure out why it crashes world server at random. REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS is bit incorrect because it do not crash on first search, but at random.
  9. SERVER: Kubik NAME: Insane ping SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: Game REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS DESCRIPTION: Some players have insane ping and launcher waste time in loggging. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Hopefully will be provided by players. Note the ping with the "normal" launcher and the ping with "alternative / less logging" launcher. Please add also your current windows version with language, and list of other installed languages if any.
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