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  1. can you put this file to game's directory (same folder as `BattleForge.exe` and `LauncherTest.exe`), and run `LauncherTest.exe` proxy-test.dll
  2. based on your description I would more likely guess ti to be an network issue. But what I can say for sure is that it have nothing to do with .net, because game itself does not use .net.
  3. does it at least create logs? "Documents\BattleForge\Diag"
  4. did you change any settings? try to rename/delete the config "Documents\BattleForge\config.json" if that will not help whole folder "Documents\BattleForge" P.S. Why you think someone would ask you about minimum requirements? I am more worried, we will need to add maximum requirements at some point.
  5. kind of it is much more complicated than that, and I do not really follow what was released yet to main server and what not. But simplification can be that 1280 mean allow DX 11 or lower, 1025 mean allow DX 10.1 or lower, 1024 means allow DX 10 or lower, 768 means DX 9.0c (or lower part get really complicated here) And one thing we changed is default value in case the number is not know by BF, from fallbacking to 768 (DX 9.0c), to 1280 (up to DX 11). (so using 65535 result in either 768, or 1280, based on if that change is live already) problem is that all of these implementation
  6. you can go to a config and try: "maxshader": 1280,, or "maxshader": 1025,, or "maxshader": 1024,, if any of these 3 values will help. config is "Documents\BattleForge\config.json" I believe your current value is "maxshader": 768,
  7. if you wanna try graphics settings, try everything to min first, and if that helps, it might be some setting, but not sure if you can find it because settings in this game are kind of crazy most settings do not have direct GUI option, but are disabled /enabled based on combinations of other settings
  8. there is clearly no issue on the low level so it might be "just" an UI freeze and I do not think there is anything we can do about it.
  9. I checked 6-14 minutes in the third match, and there is nothing that would suggest there could have been lag in seconds, so maybe it was only UI lag and there is no way for us to do anything with that.
  10. There is 6566 lines, for 3 matches, in which one it did happen? Do you remember the time?
  11. Well so far no one bother to try every setting min/max one at time to find out which one(s) cause the issue is that even thou you have VSync enabled to 60 FPS, it still pushes 100s FPS, unless forced by driver not to. You can be the one who tries to figure this out Everyone else just quickly give up on that, because it needs undetermined trigger, to break FPS limit, you can just be in forge, but afking (literally no input) does not trigger it. Or you can just force frame cap in the driver P.S. one more thing, it does not happen to everyone, and as far as I can tell the
  12. Why you think highest settings shouldn't be the problem? What FPS are you playing on? (if much higher than refresh rate of your monitor you found the source of unnecessary heat, because BF have "broken" FPS limiter, in some cases you need to force FPS lock in the driver)
  13. saving that information to the replay client generates would be a really hard thing and the game would not show it, so that would be another hard thing. And faster speeds can in theory also help speedrunners when map is easy enough, but long, and there is only one spot at the end that can make the difference. My implementation idea did not even involve the game knowing that the speed changed, and that is not technical issue. maybe game designers? ImaginaryNumb3r and Eirias?
  14. Technically it is super easy to implement the change of speed, and apply (or not) time multiplier for time based rewards. The two biggest problems was already mentioned, and other problems I can think about are just variations of slower speed make it easier to do X, faster speed make farming even faster.
  15. oh now I get what you mean. @fiki574 I think the backend api returns same number for both, and another thing I noticed when checking is that it sometimes return HTTP status code 304, but also body "{"COUNT(*)":159}" at same time the UI shows "NaN"
  16. these looks like different numbers. "three times" in single minute?, or 3 days in row?, or 3 weeks in row? I do not know how often it refreshes, but my guess would be 5 or 15 minutes, and auction count not changing for hours would not surprise me, especially at this hour. Did you try to create an auction, to check if your auction will appear?
  17. preventing that would be really a simple filter if "Promo X" is in deck disallow adding "X" to the deck, and vice versa, it is only design decision, not a technical problem
  18. And I would like "promo = skin" instead of "promo = different card" but that is not going to happen
  19. not really it contradicts my theory, that people having this issue have only 1 audio device.
  20. First of all you should explain what you mean by "play on mobile". Because there are multiple ways this can be technically understood.. As was mentioned above "streaming". I can imagine at least 3 technical solutions for this and none of them have a reason to not work. (If you would have PC, I can recommend moonlight-stream, because I personally tested it with BattleForge, and it works without any issues, if you ignore control scheme on mobile phone without keyboard and mouse) Next options are playing directly on the phone. And first of those is obtaining one of the few x86 compati
  21. After a lot of trying I was able to reproduce the issue. And now I have some theory why it could be so hard for me to reproduce. I have 1 question to you to confirm that: ( @Headbanger @cannonRabbit1234 @salatinator and anyone else who can reproduce this issue) What audio devices do you have normally connected (when the issue happens)? (when you press the speaker button in the taskbar you see name of the device and volume slider, if you have more than 1 clicking on the name will show the other options) When I finally reproduced it I have connected 3 audio devices: my monitor ha
  22. I did not say you suggested it I just checked if they have some free version and found how expensive even the most basic version is so I can not help with the LabView part
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