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  1. I have this nickname for about 10 years. I created my first ever WoW character but i had no idea how to name it. So i looked around the room and noticed sticker that said "Modex", sounded kinda cool so i took it. Other players didin't mind it, easy to remember and anyone can say it. Later i found out that the Modex is name of clothing store in my country ("mode" translates to "fashion", x is added to sound fancy). Also it has something to do with US air forces. Funny story, the first nickname that i tried to enter was "Nazis" (in latvian it means "knife"), it took me a while to und
  2. This is amazing. I can't express how happy i am to play this game. Even tough it i have to wait more than i can actually play and even if it freezes after couple of games. It is still much better than not playing at all. Great work!! Keep it up!! Minor suggestion that you probably have recieved from others allready: Is it possible to add some sort of queue to login screen. It is best life improvement since dawn of mmo games and this game needs it too. As some other user on this forum have said: "This server stress test also stress tests its players." It is all good since
  3. By reading other people comments i can say that you are the only one who expresses such an opinion. I understand that announcing and then postponing the release is more than annoying, but if you have experience in battleforge server reverse engineering that could help fix current issues and bugs then everyone including staff would gladly accept it. I compare reverse enginering to changing car engine sparkplugs... trough the exaust pipe.. (it is not designed to be done this way). Otherwise i can only suggest to take a deep breath to let your emotions cool, because this isint the first ti
  4. Thanks guys for update. To be honest i am not dissapointed that release has been postponed again, maybe I am little bit exausted from all the , but that is okay. It only shows my (and probably others) dedication to see this project being released in its best shape possible. Deadlines are stressfull for everyone, I hope Patreons and everyone else understands that this whole delay is equally annoying for us the players and for project staff. Forgot to mention that even big game companies have serious issues with announcing release dates and then postponing them. Just look at the Val
  5. If all goes well with OB release then i don't mind if you take another 5 for jack and lapdances. Edit: Forget what i said. Lawsuit with EA is not worth the booty.
  6. Even huge game companies do this crap. Actualy i am guilty of doing it too. I could compare this whole thing to telling when exactly i will finish my 10 floor house of cards, i can oneshot it in 3-4min or i might sneeze in the midle of and start again. You just can't be precise with these kind of things. Also.. This is equally annoying for both parties, devs have to deal with weird last minute bugs and we have to deal with weird release dates and lack of information.
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