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  1. Loriens liked a post in a topic by MajorTom in Build in Expert Strategy Replays   
    Thanks for your effort to get rid of the toxidy in this thread and your replays.
    You find more in those 2 threads:
    Replay of me doing Soultree with the used Deck:

    Replay of our 3 man Group doing Lyr with the used Deck:

    (Too long, and some mistaskes. Just to see the general idea)
    3 Replays of my Learning Session with MephistoRoss:
    (if someone of the Groups don't want to share, please PM)
  2. MajorTom liked a post in a topic by Ultrakool in [Request]PVE Expert Replay pmv Files   
    Hi Major Tom I like your name  
  3. MajorTom liked a post in a topic by Darian DelFord in Razorleaf and Root Network   
    For a fully powered Root Network, it is a 6:1 ratio if you have a fully upgraded root anything.  The nerf you are referring to was a reduction from a 9:1 ratio and the radius in which root networks can root to each other.  I believe the reduction was 10 meters. 
    The advantage of using more than 6 supporting units/structures for a root network is the ability to spread it with a few active units.
  4. MajorTom liked a post in a topic by darklionking in Razorleaf and Root Network   
    As far as I know the supporting units/buildings split up on the active units. So for 6 Razorleafs you would need a total amount of 36 passive Living towers to get the maximum buff (not really worth it, 1-2 Razorleafs are enough for most scenarios).
    Further i would recommend you to use Treespirits as they give a better transition out of the t1, can move, are cheaper and they can be used with breeding grounds to make them even cheaper in t2 (for living towers it would be good to have a partner which has access to construction hut).
    Another good support is this t3 portal (red affinity) to give an extra damage boost and to give the razor leaf a good healing, but you also have to calculate it in on the active units side.
  5. MajorTom liked a post in a topic by gnomgrol in My Improved CardBase   
    UPDATE: We made it! This is now the official cardBase. You can check it out on the usual link in the top bar of the forum.
    Or Here:
    If you want anything added or changed or have a bug to report, comment below!
    Known bugs: 
    - Some cards are sorted into the wrong place or display outdated info in the tooltip. This is because some data in the API is out of date and there is not much I can do about it.
    1.8: - You can now sort cards in a deck using the arrow keys <- and -> - Booster Simulator now has a button to share a booster 1.7: - Added a Booster Simulator (link in the top bar) - Some Visual Bugfixes Patchnotes 1.6.6: - Added a slider to adjust card size. - Moved view maps button to the top line. - Added easier implementation into existing website. Patchnotes 1.6.5: - Small GUI edits - Made sure cards with bugged API stats still get added to all filters that they provide data for. - Deck pictures now also have a "small" version Patchnotes 1.6: - Massive clean-up and GUI improvements - Added Link Bar on top of page - Decks can now be exported as pictures to link in forum posts (or anywhere else) or downloaded! - Maps can now be sorted by player count Patchnotes 1.5: - Deckbuilding is live! Hover over the INFO text to get started. - Card links are aquired by shift-clicking now. - Decks can be ex/imported. Shift-click on any card in the deck to get a link! - Some minor tweaks to improve usablity on wierd screen resolutions. Patchnotes 1.4: - You can now choose your orb order and sort by cards you could play with it! - Double clicking a card shows a permanent link to the card. - Added Button to reset all filters. Patchnotes 1.3: - Added filters for Rarity, Affinity and Edition. - Added Unit Stat filtering. - Changed all exclusive selectors to Multicheckboxes. You can now filter in much more detail. - Fixed messed up UI for smaller screens - Renamed remaining Back to Purple Patchnotes 1.2: - Added option to sort alphabetically - Upgrades are now always in the correct order - Added Maps View, which includes Minimap previews and loot tables - Renamed Color Black to Purple Patchnotes 1.1: - Greatly improved loading speed and stability. - Tooltip is now displayed next to the card, and intelligently chooses its position to be on screen. - Tooltip now contains upgrades. Effects + where they drop. - Sorting by Orbs or Energy is now exclusive of each other. Bugfixes:- Firefox scrollbar working now.  
     See you in beta.
  6. MajorTom liked a post in a topic by Kilian Dermoth in Lost Spirit Ship Hype   
    Giant Wyrm might be stronger but Lost Spirit Ship can attack while moving, Giant Wyrm cant.
  7. MajorTom liked a post in a topic by SunWu in Lost Spirit Ship Hype   
    LSS also fires 8 projectiles at the same time once there are four or more enemy entities in range. This increases the damage output enormously and makes it a stronger XL than Giant wyrm wich also costs 60 more power.
  8. MajorTom liked a post in a topic by Kilian Dermoth in Lost Spirit Ship Hype   
    True that a Lost Souls Ship is only strong with multiple enemies around. It is really weak against single enemies compared to many other units.
    But even 2 Wyrms (energy cost: 600) win easily against 3 Lost Souls Ships (energy cost: 720). Plus the wyrms retain their damage output against single targets and can even focus against single targets in a groups, so that they have to fight lesser enemies.
    So the pure damage is NO advantage of the Lost Souls Ships, almost any other T4 unit is better here.
    Besides the ability to attack while moving there is another advantage: it attacks fast and can attack multiple units at the same time. Melee units for example can attack very slow and only unit by unit. So if you have multiple units standing far away of each other the Lost Souls Ship will be always quicker, even if the melee unit would do more damage.
  9. MajorTom liked a post in a topic by Treim in Lost Spirit Ship Hype   
    Most people play it because it is a braindead card that is spamable and splashable. With the occasional heal it is basically impossible to die or lose a map.
    People really started using it after decks fot speedrun rankings were made public and people saw LSS being used all the time.
    For speedruns its strong because the damage in AOE scnearios gets insane (iirc you can get it up to 8 or 9k without buffs/20 in an ideal scenario. The weakness on single targets can be mitigated a bit by correct movement of the unit, buffs and debuffs. You never have to stop for incomes. The unit is cheap and motivate therefor becomes a real possibility even with only Cultist Masters void manipulation.
    Against Lost Souls its good because you dont rely on ground presence at all and therefor hellhounds are no problem. Due to the limited amount of spells necassary and the mobility you can easily outmanouver anti spell zones and the Lost Dragon debuff is easily avoided with Benevolent Mo, which cant get disenchanted by Lost Dancers from LSS.
    At the power minimum its still challenging to play but once you got a few extra units in your army(which you almost always have in casual play) the unit simply becomes a faceroll t4 card.
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