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  1. Thanks for your effort to get rid of the toxidy in this thread and your replays. You find more in those 2 threads: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/5172-dwarven-riddle-replay/ https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/5261-the-guns-of-lyr-2-players-farming/ Replay of me doing Soultree with the used Deck: 20190130_183106_11103_PvE_01p_ViridyasMadness.pmv Replay of our 3 man Group doing Lyr with the used Deck: 20190202_220007_11302_PvE_04p_EnemyAvalanche.pmv (Too long, and some mistaskes. Just to see the general idea)
  2. At least i now know the reason for the missing response on my Replay Request Thread: It seems to be a mixture of competition and missing consent of the other Players in 2/4 player Maps. Which is OK, and i understand why you won't automatically share your winning tactics. But wouldn't it be great for the community if some Groups voluntarily share replays of the rankings like above 10 or 20? (Maybe bad runs, or early runs where some additional key information in missing) (Or Groups which get a Map done nicely, but don't mind their Ranking) So the best groups can kee
  3. no problem with login here and bug is fixed!
  4. I very much like that idea! My blaster canon needed about 10x 3 BFP auctions do get sold. And like you i don't want to have cards in my card list i will never use.
  5. NAME: Trading Booster crashes Client SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: Forge REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS DESCRIPTION: If i drag a booster into the trade window Client crashes to Desktop SCREENSHOT: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Tried before and after 16 CET Server Update, at least 5 times
  6. Thank you Ultrakool. To be honest i didn't expect to get no Replay File at all. A few are hidden in other Threads and difficult to find. Maybe people are just shy to show their mistakes? To reiterate what i'm looking for and why: Replay Files of Multiplayer Expert Maps done by multiple Players (not Solo, or Duo 4 Player Maps) done the "normal" way. This is to help our group and others to see working strategies. I can only find Youtube Files of People doing awesome things Solo and not entire Groups. In addition you only have one Point of View in Youtube F
  7. We just started doing expert. First map we tried was Guns of Lyr and could not establish the defense fast enough. I have a replay doing Lyr as Duo using Churches and Wordbreaker, but one defense has Church only and the other side Razorleaf only. So for this Map i like to see other tactics than the "standard" using Church/Worldbreaker/Phoenix. And which position does clearing the way for the Technici, or noboby? After that we tried Bad Harvest, and here too we could not establish defense fast enough for the Gold Weagon. And which Position defends which part of the Main
  8. I am one of those security guys: using Razorleaf front, both Root Nexus directly behind, followed by Heading Gardens and Sylvan Gate. If there is space i drop a Hammerfall (blue) for the shield too. Now it is unkillable I think my intention regarding late game was not clear: I like to use 12x T4 for the endgame and the Treespirits interfere because of the unit limit. So i either have a partner for the T4 rush, or i must kill the Treespirits and build Living Towers instead. In that case i better build Living Towers directly.
  9. Thanks for your tips, using both now! Just as info for other players: If you need a big army late game you must swap the Treespirits with towers as they block your max unit size. In that case you better build towers directly.
  10. Morning fellow Skylords, i'm searching for replay pmv files from the Open Stress Test. We are a group of 3 players trying to manage the 4 player maps in expert and fail, and i think we would fail with 4 players too. Advanced we managed all, but the difficulty rise in Expert is steep. Youtube Replays are not helpful, because they are mostly special Solo Replays. And you get only one POV (Point of View). We like to have pmv files to see how it is "normally" done by choosing each player POV. This thread is mostly targeted to 4 player maps, but i take anything i
  11. Thanks for your Cardbase, using it every day. I saw some errors according to Linked Fire. On Razorleaf and Living Tower only max 3 entities (on U0) are being used. That was nerfed in 2010, so where your data comes from? Is it possible to extract actual data from the client files?
  12. Hey there, i want to use a Razorleaf with only Living Towers and some Root Nexus in my Root Network. So the Question is: How many Living Towers do i need for maximum Performance? In another Thread i saw 11 passive Units and 1 active Unit, but this information may be old because of the Nerfs in 2010-12. i already know that the Living Towers must be passive, so out of range of Enemies. On the Razorleaf and Living Tower you can see: Linked Fire Up to 3 entities connected to the root network support each other enabling more powerful attacks. On both you can bri
  13. I like my LLS very much, but only use the Green One. As nobody seems to use the Crystal i want to share some Insight: After using the green (Heal and Damage AOE) Crystal i saw improvements in my rPVE. The Damage is substantial and i need Regrowth less. Downside is another slot in my Deck: Armored Tower If you Upgrade it to U2 it has 3000 Life and a Crystal uses 1500. So you can use the Crystal Twice for each LSS. At the last bases of a rPVE 9 i normally have 5-6 Green LSS and if i activate all crystals in the middle of a base i rarely need a heal.
  14. Thank you all for these valuable insights
  15. I read several Threads about the godness of Lost Spirit Ship, but i don't understand the worth. My Giant Wyrm kills each Enemy faster than the Spirit Ship. In the YouTubes i saw everyone only builds Hordes of the Spirit Ship, and no one uses the Crystal. So why the Hype?
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