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  1. Kispilka89

    New BFP Earning System: Playtime and Reserves

    I think all the economy depends on the mixture of playerbase. Veterans make more cards to auction so they decrease the prices.New players incrase the prizes because they just buy everything they need. The actually problem is because "Old" guys stop playing and dont fill the market with the same amount of cards what they bought when they were "New". Auctionhouse is like a card pool and most of the people get more from it then they fill. It makes everything expensive. I think the only non programming solution is to keep veterans playing. There should be some great thing like disenhant cards option for fix bfp price/rarity.It would fix the minimum price for "trash cards". Make flat for auctions /rarity.It would maximize the prizes for ultra expensive cards. Make a reroll ring where you can put 3 cards to destroy from the same rarity and you get a random new one. I think these things just impossible at the moment. So only card balancing left what can makes some minor changes in the prices of the auction house.
  2. Kispilka89

    Reward/Proggression System Suggestion

    Nah.Sorry. Im just a gamer with no experience about programming. But i smell good games and BF is one of them with no concurrency.
  3. Kispilka89

    Reward/Proggression System Suggestion

    Change main things is just not possible. All of us dream about a lot of changes and have great ideas just like you. The name what could solve this: War of the Elements or something whatever you want. Pick everything good from Battleforge, change things what you must to be free from EA. Collect great ideas just like the one above (orb combination passives are just WOW!) My idea: Give every card 2 Affinity and make it like only one can you use for PVE and the other one for PVP. Separated Card Pool for PVE and PVP could solve a ton of Balance issue. Start it on Kickstarter. I will be one of the supporter i promise and I know im not alone.
  4. Kispilka89

    Is a hard reset really needed?

    Make reset choosable.^^ At Login Screen :Do you want to reset your account? Yes No Everyone will be happy!!! Who did it can keep it. Who love to collecting and start everything over and over again they can. Who wait for it can join with no fear of it. Sorry for my poor english. Almost everyone. Kubik wont, probably. Its just more and more to do.
  5. Kispilka89

    Which deck would you choose for rPvE?

    I use 2 different deck on RPVE 10 atm. For full combat: Orbs: G S F S T1: Werebeasts Surge of Light Windweawers Home Soil Dryad (b) Primal Defender Shaman T2: Shadow Phoenix *Nether Warp (G)* Matter Mastery (G) Embalmer Shrine Breeding Grounds Furnace of Flesh *Resource Booster* T3: Lost Horror (G) *Infect* T:4 Grimwine *Maelstrom* Lost Spirit Ship (G) Regrowth For Support: Orbs: G S F G Remove the *cards* from the combat deck and fill with: T1: Fountain of Rebirth Construction Hut T3: Wheel of Gifts The Incredible Mo Shrine of War is insane if someone has in your group. In my opinion the best way is to win if you combine the decks with your group. A Support builder A "Devil Army" (Batariel,Bloodhorn) An LSS Crusher A Necromonger (Overlord,Grim Bahir,Infect) Are always welcome.
  6. Kispilka89

    New BFP Earning System: Playtime and Reserves

    Thanks Kubik. I take pride in these numbers^^ Just an idea. Is there a way in programming to add quests like do a specific map with a special orbs? Forexample: Crusade with 3 Fire and 1 Shadow. I think this would give us a lot of challenge and fun to achieve every campaign map with different decks. Probably its not possible but i have to ask. Thanks.
  7. Kispilka89

    New BFP Earning System: Playtime and Reserves

    Thanks Kubik. I take pride in these numbers^^
  8. Kispilka89

    New BFP Earning System: Playtime and Reserves

    The current system fast/slow is relative just like everything. I do not like to slow down things. Kubik can says my playing stats maybe i can only tip them. Its like a year i play with Skylords Reborn. Around 1000 quest done(more i bet). Its mean 333 Booster and 666*75 Bfp i got. I never made any "tradetrick" like buy things and resell or try to manipulate the market with building monopol situation with a special card. My collection is still incomplete!!! 3 promo is missing just lile about 30 cards from the most expensives.(max charges) What time is acceptable for you for a new player being "complete"If its like 1,5 years atm and you want to slow things down? Sorry for my english. I cant really understand the whole problem btw. I like to play Skylords Reborn anyway and not only for the collecting. Its like you want to punish everyone because of those who quit after they complete with their collection.Who win from this? We fill the market with cards so even the ones with less play time can get their cards cheaper.
  9. Kispilka89

    AH "extend auction" - button

    I think no one use any except long. Set the short to 8 hours. Medium to 24 hours. Long to 72 hours. Its the easiest way i think. Make longer auctions is not so usefull because if you dont sell something within 3 days then your price is just to high and you wont sell it even if you set up a month for period. Its only my opinion.
  10. Kispilka89

    Change MS can balance?

    What would happen if we give !every! Melee units +4% moovement speed and nerf !every! Ranged units moovement speed with -4%. I think its not that much to break the pve experiences but it would help a lot in pvp balance.Like there are a lot of nice melee creature what would counter something but with a good commanding melee units will only chase the enemy while other ranged units kill them. It is mostly in T1.
  11. Im noob in pvp and i accept it^^ My opinion about pvp problems. Huge respond time from my units sometimes, its like they move hard. I cant click accurate.Sometimes the travel point is near 2-5 cm from the clicked point.How to command so? I hate walls.Some map is just unbalanced. I mean the map itself gives some units huge advantage vs any other units or tactics. I still love this game and i play a lot but my percentage of played games is like 50% Campaign, 40% Rpve 5% Custom and 5% Pvp. I would like to play more pvp but i always getting frustrated by the things above after 2-3 games i stop it for weeks. Sorry for my poor english.
  12. Kispilka89


    I do 3 "strange" thing and the game works perfectly for me maybe it helps for others. I do quick relog after every single game. Find a team on chat before you open any lobby. Start to invite players when you have enought to fill the whole team. I cant tell you when did i see any kind of error message as far as i do these. I hope it helps.
  13. Kispilka89

    Unable to acces the game after login screen; Help=$

    The same problem is here. My taskbar shows something interesting btw. I heard my venti's going to work in my VGA so, I had to look after it. It is a GTX1060 O6G. It says the program uses up to 100%. It cant be possible normally. Maybe this helps you. It must be bad for the graphics card, so I stop trying in my opinion.
  14. Kispilka89

    Closed Beta Applications

    Give me a key because im boring...
  15. Kispilka89

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2


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