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  1. @LagOps nah mate, I meant that for me Avatar TLA feels more like an anime for it's style, settings and that little special that i cannot define . Have never really given thought about it, whether it is an anime or cartoon. Tho I personally prefer to keep it in anime list I personally take this matter as cooking: If you make ramen, it tastes, looks and feels like ramen, then it is ramen! No matter where you come from.
  2. #Lawyered Oh and also if a japanese guy moves and makes an animated series in US, does this make it an anime, and also vice versa. Imo this topic is subjective and it has no black-or-white border My top 3 would be One piece, Avatar TLA and Sword Art Online 1st season, i think. Even if they are not the best in artwork or most thought through, I feel that emotionally they took me furthest. +SPOILERS(just in case)+ Especially One Piece Merry-Go's funeral and Ace's death scenes
  3. My momma! Special effect: When she raises the flipflops in the air, your atk and def points go to zero Jokes aside tho, idk. Some DevilMayCry bosses were pretty hard but i don't remember their names. And altho they are not bosses but the SanAndreas train mission pendejos when you had to drive by the train and let BigSmoke gun them down, idk why but it took me hours to do it and sometimes i just quit and started other missions instead All we had to do, is follow the damn train, CJ! xD
  4. Hmmm, quite....weird? Searched mudavunts and got my error images that i posted and bunch of @anonyme0273's and @InsaneHawk's profile pictures/avatars, lol. Kinda dissapointed tho
  5. 2174 Well, for the glory of lord Santa, ofcourse! >:D
  6. Oh and @Treim, What have you done?! Now all my neighbours hate me! Revived my memories of this litttle gem
  7. 2172 Must resist...the urge to.... break the combo.....UGHH!
  8. Nice song, but a bit slow for me. Tho still 7.5/10 Here is my new favourite
  9. Hey, I'm Artur aka mudavunts(translates roughly to mudmoustache), a 22 yo. chef from Estonia(most of you don't know where that is tho ) Have been gaming since I was probably 6 so it's about 16 years now. Have been in tons of guilds in various games also leader, vice and div leader in some. Inbetween of gaming and working I spend some time in gym and also gather with friends to play tabletop games or cards xD Just got a new pc and am hyped over the good old BF!
  10. Haha, giggled a fair bit Also when you hit your toe against a table and walk extra far from other objects just to hit the other leg's toe against something else.
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