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  1. I wouldn't mind if the unit lost that damage penalty, maybe with U2 or U3? Pwetty please? Also, I like that idea. All hands aboard fore T1 fusion cards O:)
  2. Nemoo SK

    Video memes

    I for one welcome our new Battleship overlord. These are good stuff.
  3. To be fair, that only applies when you actually use that power well. I think debate about Juice Tank needs to consider, that most people that could gain some actual use from the card are not the best players. Playing as a newcomer means you can easily waste lot of power not knowing map/spawns/mechanics and thus, JT can give you the opportunity (on long maps) to try again few more times without restarting the map. First time I played Mo on expert, I slogged heavily through the scenario and JTs helped me to win the map by pure brute force - I threw enough bodies at the bandits that ultimate
  4. Nemoo SK


    You can hover your mouse over locked map and it will display, which mission needs to be cleared first.
  5. Heh, you bet. I have it on my phone for several years now. Easily the best track in all of BattleForge. As for the the combination factions music? Well, Bandits are easily Thrash metal, or something like Rammstein. Stonekin - pagan metal Lost Souls - Black/Doom metal Twilight - this one bugs me, no idea. Dream Theater?
  6. That sounds like a plan. Fire could use some Thrash, or Power metal. For Shadow, Black or Death metal :^) Nature, well truly, more chill music is needed. Folk metal? Balads? As for Frost, something atmospheric sounds nice.
  7. Can we submit music request for future videos? A little bit of death metal wouldn't hurt anybody
  8. I am almost afraid what madness will come out from all the ideas. Let's get ready!
  9. I guess you are correct, though for some players (like me) it can really be a lifesaver, or at least sort of "back-up" if I fail spectacularly and my armies are completely destroyed (Ocean or Raven's End comes to mind). It can give me more opportunities to rebuild and get back to game. But yeah, I wouldn't raise it higher than E. Noticed that quite a bit of newer people (I did this too) automatically play JTs everywhere whenever possible (even in rPVE's). This probably stems from the fact that early on you cannot know/covert the power in well to the rate it drains. So people spam JTs bec
  10. It was some months ago since I last played Ascension map 1, but I was for sure one of those players, who got thrown in there with hardly any idea what to do. I didn't had Mana wings or Mark of the keeper, which meant I was struggling for the longest time with just the parasites, trying to cover my base and wells. And then it was time to push through the fortifications, which was a slog. But in the end, managed to do it. Still, from that point on I made sure to always go Map 2 or Map 3, where I know what to do.
  11. For PvE it looks good. but I would surely put Juice Tank higher, it can be a life saver on some longass Expert maps. Although I understand that it can be a bit of noob trap.
  12. This is good, I was looking for some kind of benchmark mainly. Prolly gonna check my usual run with the site as well, wonder what numbers it will spew out.
  13. This sounds neat. Wonder what would be the average number of action for the map.
  14. True that, I rarely get to play Ascension on the map 3, so makes sense I forgot. But Empire Stonekins elude my mind even more. Will update the list.
  15. For sure, those are great suggestion. I remember playing several maps with Frost enemies. Similiarly, my own first map used that faction, also with LS. Simply because of the novelty.
  16. For some while I pondered, which enemy factions are most common in BF campaigns, or more specifically, in general PVE. So, I decided the create that list. Consider this as a bit of pointless info, OR as a possible motivation for future mapmakers as to whether to use some other factions than Twilight or Bandits in their creations *wink wink*. Enemy factions ranked from most common to least (never) used: Twilight – 14 campaigns – CAN appear in rPVE (Encounters with Twilight; Siege of Hope; Defending Hope; The Soultree; Crusade; Sunbridge; The Treasure Fleet; Guns of Lyr; Nightma
  17. So based on the picture, if I had 5 treespirits all engaged in combat, it meant I was not getting any bonuses from the root network? Wild.
  18. Dope. Now just to figure out, how to solve the T1 hybrid orbs conundrum (yeah I know, source code, so probably no chance) :^(
  19. Amazing work. love all the changes. Props to all the guys, who manage to keep BF alive!
  20. Tested this strategy, except minus the Healing Well and Defenders. Instead I added Spirit Hunters and Viridya, and that was quite enough to survive the attack. Really strong combo.
  21. Good thing I decided to read all the replies, before blurting all my shitty ideas in the thread O:)
  22. My idea with the 2nd orb restriction was that the uncertainity of the combination orb should be resolved as fast as possible within the match. Of course, there are more ways to fix it - for example, clicking on the Twilight orb could bring up the two colors it is made of and make player pick, before being able to build next orb. Or neutral orbs, or any other of myriad possibilities. Shame that all these ideas are hypotethical at best.
  23. Oh, I forgot about the source code. Guess this is where the goblins come to play! I am not sure, if I understand the problem in such scenario. If someone wants to play even 4 different colors, he can. But if he choses a combined T1 cards as his first, that will only force him to play the second orb within these constraints. The other orbs (3rd and 4th) are unnafected and can be chosen freely.
  24. Bit of necrobump, but hey, I liked the quote about solving problems through small goblins! Or something along those lines... Had this idea for combined T1 units for a bit, and might as well get it out of my system. Basically it goes like this: spawning combined cards (LS, Stonekin, Twilight, Amii, Bandit...) as your first action will grant you a mixed orb. This orb acts as in the meantime as both required colors, but ONLY until you cast some single orb card (let's say, a nature one) after which the orb will instantly turn to Nature one. After that, everything works as usual. You can still
  25. At this point, it is most likely just trolling on his part, not worth attention. As for the topic at hand, I must applaud the devs on the work being made. Especially considering the conditions and possibilities. Kinda wish I could help more, but my skills end at creating mediocre maps. Oh well, some people are destined to be just the players :^) Keep up the good work!
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