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Ice Guardian

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Hi, I think the card Ice Guardian is quite cool and stuff, but he does rely on having Ice barier in your T1 as well. Deckslots are very limited and thus this card often gets left out - at least in PvE decks for sure.
(In PvP he is still frequently used I think because he is a good Powerwell-defender - probaly due to the fact that it got this extra ability in a Skylords update: Home Advantage If the unit is played out within a 20m radius around a friendly Monument or Power Well, it will enter the game with Frost Ward already active.)

But what if he could be more deckslot-efficient? What if Ice Guardian would have another active ability, to spawn an Ice Barrier by himself? Like this:


I also don´t think this would make Ice Barrier redundant, because it´d still be useful in many other situations.

Something different that could also already help to make him more useful would be a change that he could simply always activate his Frost Ward ability, not just around buildings.

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I use Ice Guardian alot in rPvE 9 and i never found him underwhelming. In certain situations he is even better than Frost Mage for example when dealing with Lost Spellbreakers and Manabeasts. Ice Barrier is a must have card for frost t1 anyway so there is absolutely no need to change Ice Guardian.

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