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Forge hangs while updating the playerlist in a room or group

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Hi all,

thank u for this awesome last patch. unfortunaly the game hangs for 1-3 seconds in forge or menus. There is a correlation with getting new player in group or rooms. sometime the game freeze every 3 seconds, then i have to restart the game to solve this issue temporary. Other player report this new issue in chat too. Please help.


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  • PcDocOne changed the title to Forge hangs while updating the playerlist in a room or group

I do not think so ­čś×

It is performance issue with the game itself ­čś×

EA have "solved" the issue by separating players to limit amount of players per map, but in SR it was decided to not split the community...

And I doubt this decision will change with the new cosmetics, because then people would not be able to show their cosmetic to everyone...

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2 hours ago, Kubik said:

for me it is not noticeably worse than before

I'm not that knowledgeable about how the game works, but my guess is that it depend on your connection quality since it's about updating stuff about other players. For example me with 100ms distance to servers and a mediocre connection quality have lots of issues since the recent patch in lobbies and forge. 

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100ms is my real delay to game server when I run `ping server.skylords.eu`. I said mediocre because my internet is provided through ADSL connection which is very susceptible to noise and interference. But even with this connection I had no problem before the patch.

Can we provide any kind of information for you to help the investigation?

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We already have some suspect, and kind of a way to test it, even though I was not able to reproduce the issue, I was able to get quite steep memory and CPU usage rise, but only to about 1.5% CPU, with peaks to 2.7%, but my system is total overkill for this game ­čśä

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