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Can we get new achievement-locked avatars?

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Maybe it can use some of the new SR artwork that you guys made. I feel like it can be appropriate and a secondary drive for getting the achievements done. People can have a promo mana wings avatar, but that doesn't mean they completed the achievement. Also it's not like it would have an effect on gameplay or economy.

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As you probably know, you can select your avatar to have the card art of every card in the game (including the new cards) already. The other artwork (for example, parts of the wallpapers) are mostly used on the small icons that go with Achievements, but are not actually profile avatars. This might be something to look into. 

While experimenting with achievements in the last patch, we ran into issues that some people really like unique challenges, but if we lock ingame content behind them (for example, boosters), some players feel forced to do things they dont like doing just for the sake of the rewards. Rewarding non-economy rewards is indeed a solution, and something we plan to do more with in the near future. 



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