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Hey there people ūüôā

This is just a suggestion, made up from my own opinion and you can take it or leave it as it is.
The first thing I will mention is that I love this game, and the work the developers have made to get it up and running again.
Just so there is no doubt, i am a big fan of this game and play it almost daily.

I just think the time limits in the standard PVE maps (level 1 - 10) are too limiting, when it comes to deck building and playstyle.
Either you make an almost "rush attack deck", for those maps or you have a high chance of losing those games and get almost no reward, because the timer runs out.
This means that slow players and strategies that takes time to set up, like strategies that fokuses on healing/defence, or strategies with fokus on economy or about wide spread field control.
Those decks are kinda unplayable, if not playing either missions or pvp, because of these time limits.

For me, the PVE field, is where I want to go and testing out my decks and new card combinations, before I try them out against other players.
And 15-42 minutes really restricts me and some of the cards, for what I can test out in that little time window.
Some cards, like fx the blue 2 orb card "Juice Tank" for economy fokused decks, are almost unplayable in these maps.
Because even without the Juice Tank, the map is finished way before the powerwells you start with, (in the levels 1-6 at least) are even half way empty.

I think it is a shame, that everyone has to play kinda the same rush attack playstyle in most games, when there do exist cards and combinations for so many other strategic playstyles.
Beacuse if you start out with an aggressive playstyle for the PVE maps and that always works, and always wins you the games.
Why would you bother to try something else for the other game types then?

I really hope you will at least read and think about this
Thank you and have a nice day ūüôā

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Hey Lind400, welcome to the forums ūüôā

You are right in that currently rPvE maps are focused mainly on offense less on defense. And you are also completely right in the fact, that Juice Tank is useless in those games.

Currently, defensive strategies are mainly required for campaign and community maps.
However, in the future, there will be another gamemode, which is purely built around defense, but it is still under development. (See also Community Update #12 for more details)

For offensive strategies in rPvE, there are already lots of different options. I highly encourage you to check out the forums or the discords for decks or replays people have shared or to even ask people directly about their favourite strategies, you might discover something you really enjoy.

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45mins in a map that good players/decks manage in 10-15mins seems like a freaking lot time.

21mins in a common BG9 that can be done even with pure decks (that are nice but usually not suuper speedy) in 10-13mins is already a lot time for experiments. Else it would be like Coco said, auto wins even if you have just some random cards. And not every card must be viable in every game mode.

And this mode is still about beating the enemys.


Only in 4p 10s I'm still for 2-5mins more time, as it is hard enough with meta decks on some maps, a few mins more could enable a few other decks what would be nice. But this suggestion was already made.

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