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Frost+Fire archetype: Deep Sea Kingdom

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Archetype ability:


Ocean's Rage -  while within 40m of a friendly structure this unit gain Rage ability.
Rage - deal more damage the longer you attack.

2 Orb creatures


6x4 Beast Soldier (medium)
Power cost: 40-60
Attack: 420; Life: 600

Ocean's Rage
Blood In The Water - this unit gain Swiftness for 6 sec when a nearby enemy unit dies.
Siege (after upgrading)


Ocean Claws
8x6 Human soldier (small)
Power cost: 50-70
Attack: 400; Life: 700

Ocean's Rage
Bottom Feeder - gain Life Stealer while Ocean's Rage is active.


Ocean's Oracle
4 Human Wizard (medium)
Power cost: 70-90
Attack: 200; Life: 700

Crashing wave - every 4 sec release a wave towards the attack target to deal 40 damage to each enemy, up to 200 damage in total. Knock back small units.
Iceberg Crush - this unit ignore usual damage reduction against frozen enemies and deal X% more damage to frozen enemies.
Ocean's Rage
Whirlpool Flux (Power cost: 40) - deal X damage to nearby enemies. Knock back small and medium units.
Rolling Waves (after upgrading) - this unit will attack faster the longer it attacks.


Deep Crab
4 Beast Dominator (large)
Power cost: 90-120
Attack: 500; Life: 1100

Ocean's Solitude - while within 40m of a friendly structure this unit take X% less damage.
Deep Stream (Power cost: 60) - deal X damage to enemies in a cone and cripple them for 5 sec. Already crippled enemies are frozen instead.
Reef's Circle of Life - when this unit dies, then it create a field in which all other friendly units are healed for X health every second for X seconds.

2 Orb buildings
(in progress)

2 Orb spells
(in progress)

3 Orb creatures
(in progress)

3 Orb buildings
(in progress)

3 Orb spells
(in progress)

4 Orb Creatures
(in progress)

4 Orb Buildings
(in progress)

4 Orb Spells
(in progress)

Tortugun WarLord screenshot.png

Tortugun WarLord 2 screenshot.png

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On 10/3/2021 at 1:04 PM, Dallarian said:

I liked steampunk more.
But perhaps water inspired faction isn't too awful.
Actually sounds pretty interesting.

Something like a frostpunk faction as the last faction in desperate fighting against the Assemblers as the final pve boss boss faction in battleforge lore,

could be excellent.


But yea, any type of sea faction would be nice too as we don't get any actual water in battleforge. (prolly cause

water is ass to animate well in engine)

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